Friday, March 16, 2012

My week in bullets;-)

I am (slightly) overwhelmed with my to-do list at the here is my week in bullet points;-)
  • Our financial year end was at the end of February.  Because it is a NPO, we have many different reports that need to be sent to different organisations regarding our year.  So for me it is a hectic time.  Getting the books done and finalized in order to be able to move on to the new financial year.  I was literally buried in paperwork.  At times like these I bitch and moan about my work as surely this couldn't possibly be part of my calling.  Surely He knows that I would much rather do counseling or play therapy with the little people in our care.  After a lot of moaning my DH usually tells me that I am a good steward of the finances at the Mission and yes...that it is part of my calling.  So since the beginning of the month it was head down and working.  Yesterday the final reports were posted and year end could be done on the books.  GOOD I only need to catch up on the all the admin and bookkeeping for March.  I tell just never ends.  (moan over.promise)
  • Bianca is now formally on maternity leave and is becoming very uncomfortable now.  The baby is due in a week and weighs 2,7kg at the moment, which means she is going to have a tiny little baby soon.
  • DH's nephew was killed last Friday, so yesterday he left for the long drive to Sasolburg where the funeral took place today.   
  • Yesterday was one of the worse days of my life.  We had to sit around the table with the social services and decide the future of three girls, ages 12,6 and 2.  The mother and father has had so many chances to sort out their lives.  Two months ago the mother upped and left (again).  The father struggled to cope and the 12 year old girl ended up playing Mom to the two little ones.  The father is abusing pain tablets and was as high as a kite last weekend.  On Sunday he also just left.  This is not the first time the rug has been pulled out from under these little girls and it was time to call in the social services to see whether a solution can be reached.  Sad thing is that all the children's homes in the city is full to capacity. We have also heard such horror stories linked to these homes.  There is also no data base of  good foster parents (never mind that they will be expected to take all three children).  That means the children will have to be split up and put into various different homes. After much debating the children were placed in our care as "a place of safety" for the next six months.  The parents were called in and told that they will both have to go to two different organisations where they will be expected to follow the programs for six months and reform their ways.  If they fail to do so, or if after the six months they come back to the mission and mess up again, the children will be removed and placed in permanent foster care (sadly, possibly separately).  I came home so emotionally drained and with such a splitting headache that I got straight into bed.
  • I have enrolled for an awesome online class called "The Art of Wild Abandon" and haven't even had the time to do one of the tutorials.  Maybe this course will help me get my wings to fly where art is concerned.
  • Yesterday it was reveal day for Sketch 3 at Scrap Africa.  Here is my layout based on the sketch:
Supply list:  Cardstock:  Bazzill; Printed paper:  Prima; Iron-on title: Prima; Vines: Prima; Page Pebble: Pink Paislee; Other: Doilies that was misted with glimmer mist and trim from my stash.

Go and check out the Scrap Africa blog and take part in the challenge.  There is an awesome scrappy prize to be won.

Oh yes...then just a little layout "Little Lady" has been second most bookmarked  on 2Peas for the past three days.

Have a lovely weekend.



  1. Hi Lynette! Gosh, I got such a lump in my throat after reading all of the above and I have to tell you that I have the utmost respect for you. Between the lines I could pick up a whole lot of things about you but what I love most is your compassionate nature. My heart bleeds for those kids and I really hope there is going to be a happy ending for them. Bless you Lynette and I will be watching this space and I am so happy to "know" someone like you xx

  2. thank you for your lovely comments on Wed's pics of the kids!

    I love your bulleted lists.

    Yip, your life sounds hectic and your hubby is right :) (you know this) Even when I was SMACK bang in the middle of my perfect will of God, there were still horrible things to do :)

    The kids' story breaks my heart! Not surprised you had the headache.

    And so sorry about the death in the family!

    Let us know when B goes into labour so we can all pray :)

  3. This is a beautiful layout, Lynette and a really great photo!! I love those pretty flower sprigs you added and they give some awesome texture to your page!

  4. I am so sorry to hear about DH's nephew and those poor children... I can't even imagine how hard that was to deal with... I loveeeeeeeee your lo!! You are truly a BEAUTIFUL woman... inside and out and loveeeeeee the quote!! And congrats on the 2p's shout out!

  5. So sorry to hear of your husband's nephew. Life sure sounds busy for you. Your LO is lovely! Such a wonderful photo of you! Congrats on your feature!! Very exciting!!

  6. Sorry to hear about the bad news this week! Hugs.....
    Lovely layout, I especially love the soft tones and sweet details!

  7. Thanks for making time to read and comment on my blog even though you are so busy. So exciting to be getting a new grandbaby soon though amidst all the turmoil. What a blessing!

  8. Lynette, I am sure your creative outlet compensates in a way for your day-to-day stressed life/work. Beautiful layout once again with a special sentiment. Congrats on your toot - well deserved as always.
    PS: Everything of the best with the new grand bambino on the way.

  9. Dear Lynette,

    So sorry you had a rough week, hope it will get better. How sad for your husband's nephew, will add them to my prayers. I feel awful for those poor kids, how sad they can't have a good family home and be loved. My heart breaks just thinking of them being seperated. My dream was to adopt siblings one day if we had the money and bigger house. Especially the older ones since the babies get adopted quicker. Will pray for them as well.

    Congrat on your l/o at 2peas, all your layouts are beautiful. So nice that after all the hard things in your day scrapbooking is what can make you happy and find peace again. All your layouts are so lovely and feel like "HOME". Hope this makes sense.

    The l/o here is beautiful, what a pretty picture. You have a gift for mixing PP and color!!

    Yippeee for the baby coming soon, how sweet it will be to meet him. Good luck on the delivery, hope it's an easy and fast one.

    Hugs and smiles for you my friend!!

  10. you had quite a week, Lynette! i am glad that it is over and you can breath in again... i hope the next one will be easier on you ♥
    thank you for your beautiful LO for Scrap Africa!

  11. Hi Lynette. You should be very proud of how quickly you close off your financial year! I take my hat off to get figures done whilst dealing with making hard decisions about little ones' lives. Hope you find a little 'me' time to unwind this weekend, and recharge your batteries a little.

  12. So sorry to hear about your hard week. You are an amazing lady.

    Your layout is just gorgeous! The colors are so earthy and beautiful with the photo.

    Hugs to you, and have a great weekend!

  13. Congrats on the toot! Great work!! And love your new layout too! Phew sounds like quite the week....Amazing that there is not a solid and easy to access data base of foster parents when I know that there are so many people desperate to look after kids (though most of them want to adopt) but social welfare would have an easier time sharing the load if they could get their act together there...Terrible that a 2 year old child can't have a special mum :(

  14. Lovely page and congrats on your double pager - it looks awesome! I hope you are doing okay - sorry about the terrible time you've had to go through!

  15. Good luck there between the paperwork!
    Holding thumbs for Bianca's baby. It's very exciting!

    I would have also been a wreck about those three girls! It is such a terrible story!

  16. Sounds like you needed a good long hug, then a full hot stone massage ... some serious comfort food and then a good dose of my self-saucing chocolate pudding along with a mega cuppaccino and then tucked into bed with mounds of soft fluffy pillows!! Since I can't do that for you i.r.l. - I'm sending you cyber hugs and strength. I am so amazed at what you and your hub deal with everyday! Sorry for the loss to the family and wow, good luck with the little bundle of love about to arrive. My eldest weight 2.7kgs at birth ... little bird she was. Hugs to you and yes, you'd have to be positive 99% of the time to cope - I have no doubt that you are.

  17. What a busy and stressful month you are having and yet you still are sweet and giving! These moments will pass and you will have beautiful ones with your loved ones (including you new grandchild on the way!) Congrats!

  18. What a crazy and intense week. Sounds like you've had more than your fair share on your plate. My heart goes out to those girls. I hope their parents make some major changes and can be proper parents.

    I've also signed up for the Art of Wild Abandon class. I haven't started it yet and am supposed to write a review for Scrap n' Art. I wish I had the time to just play...maybe this weekend (fingers crossed).

    I hope things slow down and you're able to play too! :)


  19. So sorry for all the heartache. Life can be like that sometimes and at times it can be really hard to deal with. I feel heartbroken for those little girls. They have to grow up real fast....I really admire you for trying to make a dfference. Blessings!!

  20. Absolutely heart breaking about the 3 girls...but at least they have 6 months to find a solution. X x x


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