Saturday, March 3, 2012

A last note....

...on surrendering. 

"Surrender your heart". That is what has been on my mind for this past month.  I have been dreaming it, reflecting on it and have been doing my utmost to live it.
Before I tell you more about this layout and the person who made it, I want to wax lyrical about the friends I have made on the internet in these past three years.  Thank you to each one of you for speaking into my life, leaving notes of encouragement and to the ones that have become "in real life" friends, you have enriched my life no end.  A very dear friend, Lisa, has been following my walk through surrendering this past month and was inspired to make this beautiful layout of me.  Lisa lives in the USA and is on the design team of Zva Creative and the Swirlydoos kit club.  She has an amazing talent to make her own embellishments.  The flowers you see on this layout as well as the butterflies are her own creations.  Not only does she design and make them, she shows us how to make them and allows us to use her butterfly files for private use...a very generous, giving lady.  Over these past few years Lisa has become a firm friend and prayer warrior in my life.  Many times the scriptures and comments she left me picked me up, dusted me off and put me back on my feet.  You can see more of her beautiful projects and tutorials on her blog HERE.

But now I am going back to surrendering. Life can sometimes be such a struggle when we try and do things in our own strength.  This week I got the light bulb moment when I realised that He knows us so intimately that He even knows that it is not in the human nature to SURRENDER.  To us surrendering is tantamount to giving up, giving in a defeat.  A negative thing...that is why we find it so impossible.  The harder we try to surrender our hearts the more difficult we find it and the more we keep back.

So He allows circumstances to come into our lives.
Things we cannot fix and are totally beyond our control.
Things that medically can't be fixed (Like when Wynand was diagnosed with the AVM in his brain, where doctors can't even fix it.  Where we have to choose to believe His promises or live the rest of our lives in fear of the unknown.)
A situation that no amount of money, or worry, or thinking...or lying awake at night can fix.(when Bianca ran away from home and we didn't know where she was, and I had to surrender it to Him, because He is El Roi, the God who sees everything)
Onto a path that is so narrow, that you cannot turn around. (when we were at the Mission 4 years, all our finances and assets already sown into the ministry...and nothing left, and we had to surrender and tell Him that the Mission belongs to Him not to us...we can't make it work)
A path that feels so dark and hopeless that you cannot see a way out.
A place that has no back door or escape route.
A place where you know that there is no one but Him.

Then you run to Him and fall at His feet because there is just no other way.  He kneels down and picks you up.  Despite the situation you are in, you are filled with a peace that transcends all understanding.  Suddenly you know, you're not alone.  He is holding you in His arms, drying your tears, filling you with His love.  You just know that He is ultimately in control and all you have to do is make Him your hiding place. I want to leave this scripture in Jeremiah 29:11 with you to reflect on.  "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future".

Have a fantastic weekend my friends.



  1. A brilliant post Lynette! The "Surrender" theme has been a toughie for me, I still have much work to do. So glad I am doing the course, it's really stretching me, which is a good thing :-)

  2. Lynette, thanks so much for sharing this encouragement. I have been dealing with some fears over the past 2 weeks, that came to a head yesterday. I feel God led me to read your post today, to remind me of the things I already know...but tend to forget when I get bogged down in the world. Thank you again for sharing and I will remember you in my prayer time!!

  3. Your friend Lisa, sure makes lovely stuff - and how wonderful that she would make that layout for you!

    I couldnt agree with you more - about everything you say about surrender. It takes situations that are beyond our ability to cope with to make us finally willing to depend on HIm
    Its funny - but true that its only when things are that tough, are we able to yield completely.

    Lovely, true, timeous post, Lynette.
    Thank you

  4. Thank you for this reminder Lynette. We all have circumstances that we try to control and problems that we try to solve. We have to just let go and let God!

  5. What a beautiful post Lynette. Thanks for sharing it with us. We all need a little reminder sometimes to 'surrender'.
    The layout is really stunning!!
    Hope you are having a great weekend too. xx

  6. I loved reading this post of yours Lynette. Good luck with yor process. I don't know how you do it all...
    Lisa's layout is beautiful and you are a beautiful lady!

  7. Such a beautiful layout she made for you! I loveeeeee that photo of you and love love love love the flowers!! You are one amazing woman!!

  8. Praising God for the blessing of friends in our lives! You are often in my prayers Lynette, keep up your testimony!

  9. Normally, before I comment on someone's blog, and that is very rare, I read through the comments. Ashley Horton, this is the exact words that came in my mind when I read Lynette's blog-post. It does not matter where you are in the world, If you BELIEVE, God has a strange way of sending you to the right places at the right time!
    thank you Lynette, This is showing me once again to face my problems with your words in mind.
    God bless

  10. Your friend Lisa is very special! I love. love, love when GOd sends us special friends all over the world because they're praying while we're sleeping :)

    Seriously, it's always a blessing to have people encouraging you and lifting you up!

  11. Lovely post and a beautiful layout, I so love the color scheme and those beautiful blooms!!!!

  12. What a gorgeous layout!!! Love how you did the background and the edges like that! AMAZING!!!

  13. the LO is so beautiful! when I first saw it and didn't know who made it I immediately thought that it can't be you - not your style at all :-))
    it is very interesting to me that this past Tuesday we spoke about exact same thing at the home group. I learned that that once you hit the ground then it is the best place to be - there is no need to try anymore because there is no way that you will be able to do anything about your situation. that is when you have no choice but to surrender and allow God to be God.

  14. God has taken you on a strong journey, demanding nothing but surrender - you took it up and it has blessed me beyond belief to see you walk through all these trials this last year or so. Thank you for sharing, being so vulnerable and reminding us that surrender is our only option. xxx


  15. I am facing circumstances right now that I have no control over and reading this is like wow, that is what God needs from me. I so get it now! I thought I have surrendered to Him, but clearly I haven't surrendered "all" to Him. Thank you for sharing... thank you for giving me some clarity. I guess God had me stop and read this for a reason today!

  16. What an amazing and fabulous gift Lisa made to you dear Lynette.Don´t you think how great is to find great people where and when you never thought.This is friendship...

  17. Wow she made you an absolutely gorgeous layout! I was thinking - gee - this is beautiful like all Lynette's work, but I just thought it wasn't exactly your style - then I read more :) I can't wait to check out her blog. I know just what you mean. Great post!

  18. What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing this. And your friend has mad an absolutely beautiful page for you.

  19. You are awesome , hun ! always sharing the depths of your heart & thoughts ! wonderful layout too in every way !

    Just a little note to share with you too : -

    I'm having a great 2012 so far , no doubt abt it - the year to remove the mountains in my life ! Last year 2011 was an excellent start to the next decade -2010-2020 ! prospered in so many areas in my life as my soul prospered ! I have to say it took faith to put little successful actions into motion. We never laugh at small positive steps , small beginnings - they turn into massive things . That I can vouch !

  20. Lynnette - what a lovely post to read this morning! I think you truly do have a very special friend Lisa and she did a fabulous job on the layout of you. Everything I read from you this past year has been so heart-warming and beautiful. Thank you for the reminder to surrender. I will take that with me and am so glad I was drawn to your blog today! XX

  21. Lynette what an amazing thing for her to scrap this layout for you! Surrendering sometimes isn't easy and even though we should think that it is, sometimes its not. But the truth is, when we do we experience such freedom! I am glad that you have found that.

  22. A truly heart touching and uplifting entry. Thank you for putting into words, the essence of our lives here. Lisa's creation is just too beautiful. Hopping over to her space to be inspired some more.

  23. What a beautiful post Lynette, you're words are so helpful and uplifting! And what a dear friend to make such a stunning layout for you.

  24. Hi Lynette, sorry that I haven't visited you for a while...I did not know you've been going through hard times! I am really sorry to hear that!I am sure He is right by your side! What a nice gesture from Lisa! I love her layout! God bless you and keep you safe!!!

  25. You know, it feels like you wrote these posts on surrendering especially for me. I have loved them and have needed them so much in this last while. You inspire me so, so much. THANK YOU.


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