Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bianca's baby shower

Three weeks before the baby is due is probably a good date to set a baby shower.  Bianca tried everything to avoid having one...even buying everything she thinks she will need for Stefan.  I am so thankful for Lache, who is still very much into baby she had to put everything together.

DH and I left home on Saturday morning to do some baby shower shopping and to pick up the little cow cupcakes I ordered a few days before.  The temperature was 33 degrees Celsius on Saturday and despite having airconditioning in the car, I had to watch little cows slip melt from their perches.
When I got home, I quickly popped them in the freezer to chill;-)
...then repositioned them and put them on the cupcake stand.
Mr and Mrs Cow...aren't they darling?
More than enough to eat.
After the initial scowl, she actually relaxed and enjoyed it.
I still find it surprising to see her sit with her legs folded.  
She was remarkably accurate in guessing who the gifts were from.
I have a feeling she was helped by "die tannies";-)
I was so happy that the twins and their mother was there.  The twins Samantha and Ashleigh grew up together.
One of the few times she got it wrong and had to pay the forfeit.
The contents of the potty...lunchbar and iced tea...but it looks awful.

All in all it was a success and Bianca got some pretty awesome gifts for Stefan for when he is a bit older.  She had already bought everything she needed for him up to age 3 months.

In a month or two it will be a repeat performance for Lache as her baby is due towards the end of June.



  1. I'm 100% with Bianca - I hate baby showers too :) Even my own one

    LOVE the cows! Adorable

  2. Love all the photos, almost feel like I was there. The cow cupcakes, even though they'd slidden a bit were still awesome!

  3. Those cupcakes are adorable! So glad she enjoyed it. Not long now!

  4. Glad she enjoyed it. Love the koeiens

  5. That is a tradition I have never heard of (guessing and paying the forfeit?), but it sounds fun, LOL!

  6. That certainly look fun, I have never attend any baby shower before, we don't do this in Singapore, we only celebrate when the new born turned ONE MONTH old.

  7. Glad she had fun!! Great photos...loving the cupcakes!

  8. aaah man, the little cow cupcakes are adorable, glad you found someone who could make them for you ...

  9. How cute those cupcakes are, love it! I had a baby shower for each of my 4 kids, my mom did it all. She believes each baby needs it's own celebration into the world! Each one was a surprise for me, they totally "GOT ME" each time so of course I wasn't dressed nice for any of them, lol.

    So glad she had fun and enjoyed your "forfeit" game, that is funny.She looks cute in her Mickey tank top.

  10. What fun!! Love the cupcakes! Biance's bump looks so tiny!!!

  11. Can't wait for the day when I will have little grandkids on the way and all the fun that involves!

    Love, love, love the cupcakes :-)

  12. uuuurgh........that potty is DISGUSTING!!! i really could not eat that ;)
    The cuppies are gorgeous x

  13. A new baby on its way...what a blessing and the new mommy will be so grateful for these beautiful captures in time to come....

  14. Ewww ewwwwwwwww ... oh my goodness, we made my sister the same concotion for her baby shower ... lol. She was a good sport and drank it - but oh my word, it looks ghastly.

    Love the photos ... looks like a fine time was had by all.

  15. Love those cows! She is looking really good but I'm sure she must be exhausted!


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