Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Weekend at Tsitsikamma Lodge (Photo post)

I always tell a story far better in photographs.  We spent the last weekend at the Tsitsikamma Lodge thanks to my DS (Kobus Jr) and DIL (Lache).  Here is the walkway to our little bush cabin.
Our little cabin in the forest for the weekend.
The rustic wooden interior and it came with a lovely spa bath;-)
DH in the lovely gardens.
Playing model for DH...never comfortable on that side of the camera.
On Saturday morning we headed out to hike the "Strip tease river trail".  The names of the various pools found on this trail are amongst others: Honeymoon Pool, Bikini Pool, Topless Pool, G-String Pool, Bottomless Pool, Boobs Pool and Kaalgat are meant to ring a warning bell when you approach Kaalgat Pool:-)  We were caught in the rain and opted for the Forest Trail instead.
We walked for two hours in this beautiful plantation.
...came across many spiderwebs spun over the trail...and the best way of dealing with it is letting DH walk in front. the end of the trail (the owners have obviously got a good sense of humour)
The rest of the day I spent in this position reading a good murder mystery.
On Sunday morning we headed out again and walked along the river trail.
We put the camera on the timer and took a pic.
DH at one of the pools.
We decided to do a touristy thing and visit the Big Tree in the Tsitsikamma Forest.
I always find the fungus on the dead trees fascinating ...and pretty.
In front of the 1000 year old tree.
On impulse we decided to walk the Ratel Trail in the Forest.
 Found some more photogenic fungus;-)
DH playing Tarzan.
Under one of the massive tree ferns.
The "must have" photo;-)
Two "old" babes in the woods:-D
We then departed to go and Zipline across the Tsitsikamma waterfalls...and it was amazing.



  1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Looks like it was exactly what you needed. Some time out in nature with your special person:-)
    I have to admit to feeling a small amount of jealousy I know jealousy is not very becoming, but that really looks like the most gorgeous place to go. Welcome home:-)

  2. Lynette dit is darem pragtig daar, modelle, plek en fotos uit die boonste rakke. Wil sommer ook nou gaan met my DH (ha ha)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Looks like a beautiful place! Glad you had time away!

  4. It looks amazing Lynette. It looks like it was the perfect weekend and your photos are beautiful! :)

  5. Lynette.. you are looking great! Looks like both of you had a very refreshing time together.. it is good to get away once awhile ..

  6. Gorgeous rich photo post, love seeing things through your eyes and nibbling the snippets of information. What book were you reading?
    You look like you've lost so much weight.
    Great shots of you and hubs, I am glad that you had this time to spend together, I trust you returned home rested and refreshed.

  7. You always look so lovely Lynette, when it comes from the inside you cant disguise it. x

  8. Gorgeous pics dear and it looks like you had a wonderfully relaxing time, which is just what the doctor ordered.

    I think i may have to investigate this for some timeout for DH & I - wonder if they have a cycling route.


  9. I am so happy for you, Lynette, that you had this wonderful time to relax and rest! it is very beautiful place!

  10. wow! What beautiful pictures! Looks like you guys had a relaxing and restful time together! That is so great! You deserve it! Love your recent layouts too! So good to see ya! Blessings!

  11. Great pictures - looks like a fabulous place! Glad you got away to enjoy some time together :)

  12. Looks like a wonderful break, richly deserved.

  13. What a beautiful place! I love that whole area! Stunning photos!

  14. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. So, so happy that you got to have some time-out in those picturesque surroundings. LOVE the pictures.

  15. WOWWWWW!! Looks like an awesome place & I am positively jealous!! Of everything except the ziplining - eeek!!

  16. Oh, my gosh, Lynette! What a gorgeous place, and your photos are phenomenal! Wowzers!

  17. Wow! It looks like you had an amazing time! Your photos are gorgeous!

  18. One can only but unwind and lift the spirits in such awesome natural surroundings. Your photos are just stunning and I cant wait to see what you do with them scrapping wise. Very special memories you have created here. For us this is the most beautiful area in our beautiful country South Africa.

  19. wonderful photos,beautiful place for a breakaway! hope you feeling supercharged again:)

  20. Your weekend away looks soooooooo relaxing. Love your fungus photos... too cute.

  21. Oh my beautiful! I love that part of the country!

  22. Hey, take me along next time, I am sure I can fit into your suitcase!!!!
    What a lovely place, so glad to get to relax a bit!!! : )

  23. Hello Lynette,

    What a gorgeous and peaceful place to get away. The cabin is so beautiful, have always wanted to stay in a cabin.

    Love all these photos of you both, great job on the self timer one.

    Sorry I've MIA for the last week, will be back more often now. Thanks for staying in touch during my "CRASH" time, lol

    Happy Friday!

  24. wow...what great pictures!!! lucky lucky you!!!
    This looks so fun ..and to be there with your love..that much be as good as it gets!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  25. Absolutely divine and love all your photo's. Definatley going to make our booking.

    Thanks for sharing.

  26. Oh Lynette, I got totally lost in your pics....I felt as if I was there with you...loved sharing this break away with you and DH...thanks for sharing.You look beautiful as always.

  27. Lynette, these photos are such a pleasure to see. Actuallty they bring me back a long time to when DH did a project in Tanzania and <i joined him for a month. We spent time in Kenya too. We got to go on safaris and spend time on beautiful Mafia Island and spend time in beautiful lodges like this one (in Ngorongoro Park <3)
    I can tell you had a lovely few days!
    You deserve it!!

  28. Just catching up on blogs. I love this post! I think you both look fabulous and your husband has got to be hilarious. It looks like you had a great time and got a lot of rest. Not to mention all the great walks you went on. Those signs were also really making me giggle.


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