Monday, January 2, 2012

My word for 2012

I believe that this word chose me this year.

I want to embrace my life in 2012.
Everything about my life...the happy and the sad.

I want to embrace the time spent with family.
We don't know how long we will have them.

I want to embrace what is important to me.
My relationship with the Lord, my husband, my children and grandchildren and my calling.
Our dreams and our hopes for our future together.

I want to embrace my own unique talents.
I want to explore my creativity and try new forms of art.

I want to embrace all of life's moments.

I want to live in the moment and not let life pass me by.

I started a "Scrapbook Life Journal" class with Stephanie Ackerman this year.  The word for January is:
The Journal prompt is:  "The most important person to be honest with is yourself."

The Scripture is: "You're blessed when you're content with who you more, no less.  That's the moment you find yourselves proud owners of everything that can't be bought".  Matthew 5:5. (the Message version of the Bible.)

I want to embrace this journey that I am going to be on this year.  
There is going to be soul searching, laying things down and growing.

What is your word this year?



  1. Beautiful. My word is NURTURE. I wrote about it yesterday.

  2. Embrace. A lovely post on this word...and funny... I hadn't thought of a word for the year. DO you mind if I use yours? I love these thoughts...I want to embrace every moment I am in.
    Thank you friend.
    Have a wonderful day, and here are to the blessings this year holds for Embrace.

  3. Hello, Lynette! Your posts are always so meaningful, deep and encouraging to me. Thank you for sharing. I have just looked this word in the dictionary. I like this meaning of embrace - willingly and actively accept. I also like the project you'll be part of and the Scripture.
    All the best to you and your family from snowy Moscow:) Happy New Year!

  4. LOVE your post and your word!

    Mine is "create" as you saw :)

    I also love the introspective pic in your blog header.

  5. My word is Balance - a challenging one for me but looking forward to it - and yours is a great word for you!!

  6. I love love love your word for 2012!!!! And loving your photo and quote for your blog header! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  7. My word is Positivity. I believe that a positive attitude can change the environment of everyone in the vicinity.

  8. Happy New year Lynette! That's an inspiring post. My word is Focus!

  9. Love your word for 2012! I chose the word ENJOY!

  10. I haven't chosen a word but I love yours. It relates to my mantra; embrace every moment, whether good or bad. Here's to embracing all that life throws at us and making each moment count!! You are blessed Lynette!

  11. What a beautiful word for 2012! You always inspire me. I need to find a word for this year...I think it will be: Faith, this year I'm trying to really study the scriptures along with finding faith in myself again, to accomplish my goals and to care for myself. Hopefully if I can take better care of myself, I can also care for those around me better.

    Thank you for sharing your journey with me, I truly love reading your posts.


  12. Great word, Lynette!
    Embrace also says "Being in the moment"

    My word? Sorted! (Came up with it just now, but it works for me!) ;-)

  13. Love your word! My word is FUN! :D


  14. Awesome , hun !!!!!!!! & I just read the post before this too ! Just wonderful ! What a testimony of restoration your family has now ! I am not surprised and we stand amazed at His provision over & over again !

  15. Lovely post Lynette! And a great word choice for 2012! I wish you and your family amazing things in 2012.

  16. Tis a good word for 2012! For me too. Cos this is the year that I turn 40... and I am going to embrace that! Bring it. I am ready to fave my next decade :0

  17. a great word. and i love the way you have articulated it.

    my word for the year is PAUSE. to pause before i speak, before i freak, before i jump in and offer to help, before i say yes and before i say no.

  18. Stunning word for you! I am sure it will serve you well. I already had to hang on dearly to my "hope" this year.

  19. What a beautiful post! I am in awe! You always have a way of bringing me encouragement! Thank you!


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