Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A few of my favorite photos.

I seem to always be doing "catch-up" posts...and I seem to always be behind on my blog reading.  My wish is for some time to just get my life back to normal.  

I want to show you a few of my favourite recent photographs...and not all because they were well composed...more likely because they make me smile and give me pleasant memories.
 The first one is of our little grandson, Lukas...reading on our bed.  Yes...he has Oupa's reading glasses on;-)
...and he pushes them to the top of his head...just like Ouma does hers;-)
 This photo of my DH, our two sons and our one grandson was taken after my dad's memorial service.
This one of me and my daughter and two daughters-in-law was also taken at the church.
The two beautiful girls that will be giving me the gift of grandsons soon.
 Our children walking on the beach at Kidds Beach.
 DH and Lukas walking on the wall of the tidal pool.
Father and Daughter.
My very special sister and I.
 Lache's finds on the beach.
 DH and Lukas digging for crabs.
DH doing his usual thing for the camera;-)
A quick cuddle with Leane.
 Leane and Dewan together in one swimming ring.
...and not wanting to go in the same direction.

I started working again last Monday and found myself emotional and suddenly unable to cope with even the little things.  During the time of my father's death, I was the strong one.  The one who took charge, the one who in between tears had to phone all my siblings and family to let them know that it was over.  There was no time to I zipped up all the seams and stayed strong.  On my way to work a vehicle that was parked on the curb without it's handbrake pulled up....rolled back into the road and bashed into the front of my car.  The owner walked out from the bank, arrogantly told me that I can't prove anything, got into his car and drove away.  My anger just dissolved into tears and for the next two hours when anybody spoke to me, all I could do was cry.  I felt to stupid at the time but realize now that it was just the incident that was needed to break down the walls that I have put up.  

I have at last caught up with my admin, paid the accounts, did the VAT returns and suddenly I have time to breathe again.  It feels SO good.  Tomorrow Bianca has an appointment for a 4D scan and DH and I will be going to have a good look at our soon-to-be grandson.  I am excited.



  1. Oh my friend. I am sorry for the way you've been feeling, but it's to be expected hey?

    And these photos are simply gorgeous.

    cannot choose a fav.

    Although I think it's K & L on the beach.

    Love you xx

  2. Beautiful, thanks for sharing your heart with us all and your photographic glimpses into the lives of the children and grandchildren is truly wonderful and uplifting.
    The rest will take time and grace.

  3. Lynette, even if I was having a FANTASTIC day, if some dude spoke to me like that, I'd have cried there and then, let alone later :)

    Big hugs to you!

    Love all the pics - the beach ones are so gorgeous!!!

  4. your photo's are gorgeous. My favorites are the ones on the beach, and of your little grandson reading.

    Big hugs for having to be the strong one, I often find myself in that place as well and it is a hard palce to be.

    I still think that guy that hit your car is a big ol jerk and glad that your hubby did not get ahold of him.

    Can't wait to hear about the joy of getting to see the 4D ultrasound.

    Big hugs my friend, big hugs. Life will get back to normal soon.

  5. What special memories you've captured of your beautiful family and so well...I had a giggle at the glasses on the head as I do that as well. Two grandsons coming into ur family soon, how special and blessed u all are, new gifts!

    So sorry to hear about you're car, what a horrible person to react like that. I too would have cried all day.

    Big hug and stay strong

  6. Super special memories captured to last for generations. As you say everything happens for a reason i.e. the car incident which gave you time to grieve and just let go.

  7. Stunning photos! Such a beautiful family!
    I feel excited on your behalf for the two babies on the way!
    Sorry to hear about the accident and the rude behaviour that broke the wall!
    Glad you are brething again!

  8. Your photos are precious... love them.

    You don't always have to be the strong one... you can have a good old cry too... it's all means to healing/grieving.

    Enjoy getting to know your grandkids before they arrive... sounds super exciting.

  9. Hi Lynette,

    Just wanted to say I have been thinking about you a lot while I was away. Sending all my love and hugs...

    I love, love seeing these have such a big, beautiful family...

  10. I love all your photos, so exciting about your grandsons!

  11. I do love your photos Lynette. They each tell such a lovely story. I am glad to hear your *banks overflowed* and that you found some healing in the tears. I look forward to hearing all about your new grandson - so exciting!


  12. Beautiful pics of your gorgeous family Lynette, :)

  13. Beautiful pictures. You know my friend, I also keep in and stay the strong one, and then one day, that "strong cup " takes one final drop of hurt or anger and then it just flows over in a rush.

    Lots of love and hope you heal soon.

  14. Love love love love the photos!! I hope your dad's service went well! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  15. Lynette, these photos are precious and a wonderful keepsake for the future!!
    I can absolutely understand the way you are feeling vulnerable and tearful.It is something that you need to go through now and actually just good for you I think.
    Good luck with the scan. That is just such a beautiful experience!

  16. Gosh life has taken to roaring along in 2012 hasn't it?! I'm so sorry for your unhappy incident. I'm sure you would be most upset, even if it wasn't for recent events, but can understand how those would have made it all the worst. And you have been overburdened with responsibilities too - I'm sorry...I did love looking through your lovely photos though and hope that now you have completed your big chores at work that you have a little time to relax and catch up on all your computer/scrappy work and time to play and do whatever you want too...

  17. Lynette, so happy I've found your blog and can see just how loved you are by all these comments.

    The family photos are gorgeous, such a lovely family. How amazing to have two grandsons coming soon, such a blessing they will be.

    I'm so sorry about your bad day and can't believe how rude others can be at times. Sorry to hear about your dad, that is tough and you need time to grieve so at least that came for you finally.

    Sending you hugs and wishes for beautiful days and strength to embrace each day to it's fullest.

    Remember to take care of YOU!!!


  18. Lynette, I tell you these photos are amazing girl you're going to have to open up a shop and do it professionally! You're photographs are better and better every time I stop by! :) I love the beach one's especially. Seeing your family together makes my heart happy!
    Enjoy your weekend and take a breath in the Lord, he'll carry you!

  19. Lynette, you have such a beautiful family. The photos brought tears to my eyes. The ones of Lukas reading are SO cute!

    Those beach photos confirm my desire to visit your amazing country someday.

    Sending hugs your way. I understand zipping up and staying strong and then it all coming out at once. It will happen often for awhile. Embrace it and consider it part of your healing process.

  20. So sorry for your loss Lynette. I hope you can look forward to much happier things this year with joy in your heart... wow: 2 grandsons in 1 year! What a blessing x x

  21. always good to see snapshots of your beautiful fam, hun !!!

  22. Hi Lynette - Love all the photos - the one of all your children walking away from the camera on the beach is my favourite (I think)...My thoughts are with you as you go through your grief...It does become easier with time...Lots of love

  23. beautiful photos:) i love the one with the shells in your hand:)

  24. Love the pics and glad that while you have had some sad times of late, there's good times on the horizon!


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