Monday, January 16, 2012

Blog you heart - January

With all the craziness of December, I didn't do this monthly post:-)  So here goes...

  • I will be becoming two little grandsons richer during the first part of this year.  Lache found out a week ago that she is also expecting a baby boy.  Bianca's baby will be born towards the end of March and Lache's towards the end of June.  I am truly blessed to have all my children living in the same town and seeing them and my precious grandchildren on a regular basis.
  • I am doing the "Scrapbook Life Journal 2012" with Stephanie Ackerman.  I am loving the process and just defining who I am and what my purpose in life is.  This is going to be a journey of growth...spiritually and personally... and that is always good.
  • I am excited to try new avenues of art this year and have enrolled in two mixed media classes...I will show you how it goes as this new journey begins.
  • I am blogging from my parent's home in Kidd's Beach near East Londen.  My dad decided yesterday that life is just no longer worthwhile and refused to use the oxygen he had become dependent on.  He was admitted to hospital, where they can't really do much for him either,  other than force him to use the oxygen and monitoring him. Yesterday when I held his hand and he said to me he had enough...I understood and I felt so helpless.  Other than make him as comfortable as possible there is nothing that I can do.  I am thankful that I could be here within a couple of hours when my mother needed me.  
Will update on my creative journey when I get back home.



  1. i am struggling with the class! don't know why???
    wow grannie you are going to have your hands full with the little ones...but you will be scrapping a lot of photos to come:)
    thinking of you:)xxx

  2. I really like the idea of the life journal! So sorry to hear about your dad, one does feel helpless as there really is nothing you can do, when they decide they have had enough, except have strength and faith:-) sending lots of love

  3. Congratulation on the not one but two little grand bambinos thats on the way. They are both going to be so blessed to have such wonderful loving and caring grandparents. You and your parents are in my thoughts.

  4. Your Dad's decision is very hard on you and your Mom, I'm sure, but, in a way, his bold stance is admirable.
    He has decided not to delay meeting the One who waits for him.
    There is something conquering about his stance: he must be an amazing man!

    I'm so happy to hear of your 2 new little boytjies who are on their way.
    New life!
    They are so blessed to have grandparents like you two waiting for them.
    God bless, sweetie.

  5. My thoughts are with you, Lynette.

  6. Congrats on the new babies coming into your life! That is amazing news! :):):):):):)

    So sorry to hear about your Dad... I will pray for him...and for you also....

  7. My thoughts are with you regarding you father. It must be so hard for everyone. Happy to hear all of these exciting plans you have for this new year. :) How exciting that two little boys will be arriving this year!

  8. Every time I read your blog I am struck with the similarities in our life stories.
    Congrats on the two new little ones. Such joy to see two cousins grow up together. Mine just turned 1 at the end of last year (can you believe it?!)
    8 Years ago, my dearest mom and my best friend was diagnosed with lung cancer and she refused to undergo any treatment, other than painkillers. At the time I was sad and a little angry at her for not fighting harder to stay with us a little while longer. Today, after watching my MIL suffer for more than 2 months on life support, only to force the family to witness it and ultimately have to make the decision to switch off the machines , I know that her decision was actually a gift to us and to her. Hard as it was, I could never have watched her fight on life support and have no quality of life.
    Sterkte vriendin, soos altyd is julle in my gebede.

  9. oh Lynette, my prayers are with your family. It must be so so hard to feel so powerless!

    congrats on the two little boys coming your way.

  10. Well Lynette with what I´ll begin...
    I´ve your dad on my thoughts my friend!!
    Big congrats on the two new babies!!
    I would love to see all your new projects....
    Big Hug for you!!

  11. Hugs...........
    My prayers are with you and your dad!

  12. Many many prayers for you all my friend. It must be so tough.

    And those two boys are going to love growing up together!

    Lots of love

  13. Love your updates! Congrats on expecting TWO grandsons, so fun!
    Sorry to hear about your Dad, I hope that he finds comfort.
    Sending love and prayers.


  14. Life and death always has a way of coming up around about the same time within families I hope. Sounds like your dad was at peace when he left this world and that you were over the hardships of your relationship which makes his passing still sad but at least things were in a good place :)

  15. Two grandsons richer? You are blessed.
    Reading your thoughts on feeling helpless reminded me about the period last year when my FIL was dying. That helplessness is the most HORRIBLE feeling ever and I wish it on no one.


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