Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Still HERE;-)

Ansie (my little sister;-) and I at the Beach restaurant.

I got back from my parents in Kidd's Beach a week ago and I haven't had a moment to slow down or catch my breath.  We are into our busiest time of the year at the Mission.  I am also struggling with the emotional turmoil in our lives at present.  I apologize for not getting to your blogs, but I seriously don't have the time at the moment, so please forgive me. 

The last two days in East London was not easy.  On Monday early my mom was dressed to the nines and ready to leave to visit my dad in hospital. She then got a call from my dad to say that he is being moved to oncology.  They were hoping against hope and my mom was so devastated that I watched her age before my eyes.  Suddenly the clothes she was wearing was too tight and when I caught up with her in their bedroom, she had gotten rid of it.  It is awful and at the same time comforting that Ansie and I were there at the time.  By the afternoon my mom phoned to say that my dad is being discharged.  The specialist had told them that there is nothing more they can do and treatment will only make him sicker.  

We took him home and I cannot explain to you the joy on his face when we stopped in front of their home in Kidd's Beach.  He was so happy to finally get home.  My prayer for them is that my mom will embrace the next months and that my dad will find peace.

A lot has been happening at the Mission in the past few weeks...and it will get even busier as we get closer and closer to Christmas.  Bianca has been keeping the Mission's blog and Facebook page up to date, so please go and see what we have been up to....and "like" our page please.  You will find us here:  blog:   and Facebook page here:

I saw the neurosurgeon last Friday for the results of the MRI scan.  There is a problem with the C7 disc in my neck which explains my headaches and shoulder pains.  I need to go for an EMG (Electromyogram) before anything can be done.  The neurologist that does this test can only see me on 24 January next year.  Until then I will be sleeping with one of these delightfully fashionable neck braces;-)

I have left getting my neck brace until yesterday.  For some reason I was just not looking forward to wearing it.  Last night was my first night sleeping with it....and this morning I found it.....sitting in a corner of my bedroom where I threw it during the course of the night.

I have been selected to be part of the Sketch Support team for the next year term starting in January and I am very excited about it.  I love working with Allison Davis sketches and the whole team are an inspiration.

I have also entered for this course by Stephanie Ackerman that will be running for the entire year.  I would love to be able to doodle like she does.  
In the first six months this is what we will be covering:
January - Being Honest with Yourself        
February - Surrendering Your Heart
March - Owning your Talent    
April - Random Acts of Art
May - Life IS Beautiful
June - Surrounding Yourself with Friends   
I am excited...I feel that in this coming year I want to really EMBRACE LIFE in all it's aspects.

Wynand, Nadia and the boys have moved to their house and my home is now eerily quiet.  Most of their furniture hasn't moved yet because they are still in the process of completing their flooring and cupboards.

We have already completed white washing the knotty pine ceilings in our home and every evening we paint walls and re-arrange furniture and paintings.  The deadline for completing all the dirty work is Wednesday next week when we get the Carpet cleaners in to clean up. I will show you the before and after pics as soon as it is all done.

Until then.



  1. Lots going on at this time of year. Glad you have found out what is causing the headaches and shoulder pain and look forward to the update in jan. until then, good luck with the neck brace!!!

  2. So much to catch up on. Your family has been very much in my prayers. I am delighted for you about the course you want to do, I love all Stephs doodles and now you'll be able to do them too. Sweet! I still want to take more crochet classes next year. We;ll learn new things together.

  3. Your life is so busy that I don't know how you keep up. So sorry about your Dad's news but happy that he is glad to be home. Must be so hard on your mom. That is great that they are getting to the bottom of your health issue. Hopefully feeling great will be just around the corner for you. Can't imagine being able to sleep in that neck brace! Renos sound exciting and I can't wait to see pictures!

  4. Ai vriendin, so bly jy is weer by die huis en jou pa ook. Ek is uiteindelik met vakansie, so nou sal ek meer gereeld kan kom inloer. Ons ry die 15de tot in Graff Reinet en dan die 17de tot op Jeffreys. Wens dit was nader aan jou.
    Geniet die stilte in die huis,

  5. Best wishes to you and your dad! Glad he is happy to be home!

    It sounds hectic on your side!

    The doodle course sounds like lots of fun! I'm sure we will see some of your creations... (hint

    Love that banner!

  6. Glad they found the reason for the headaches and hoping that the brace and your next appointment will help :):):)

    Loveeeeeeee the photos and hope that your Dad (and Mom too) find peace will he is at home...

    Have a very merry Christmas! :):):):):)

  7. Lynette, you are such an inspiration to everyone who knows you even if it is just in cyber space. Wishing you and your family all the blessings you deserve and may your parents find peace, especially during this time of the year and the difficult period lying ahead of them. Love your new blog header. Look after yourself.

  8. Oh my friend, just lots of love with your dad - it must be so incredibly tough.

    And I have seen Bianca's work - well done to her!

    And glad you have your home for yourself again

    ANd I have 446 items in my reader - jip, so behind too but it is crazy times for me.

    All the best with the brace.

  9. Remember .. just breath! With all the craziness and demands - deep deep breaths.
    glad your home is returning to normal and I'm looking forward to seeing the photos of your renovations.
    Sending hugs your way and hope your folks are doing great.

  10. Love you lots.

    Was so lovely to see you and catchup in person. Much nicer that reading it on your blog.

    Looking forward to seeing yr new house :)

  11. So sweet of you to stop by and give us an update when you are so so busy. You have been in my prayers. I think your class sounds wonderful and congratulations on being on the sketch team!

  12. i have been looking at that course on her blog everyday, still thinking;) i REALLY like your photo on your banner it is so beautiful:)
    thinking of

  13. I haven't been by to visit you either, friend. My prayers go out for you and the rest of your family in this trying time. May His grace be with you all! Much love and many hugs across the oceans...
    <3 carly

  14. So much going on in your life at the moment Lynette! Thinking of you and your family in dealing with your dad's illness and I hope the treatment for your neck works out.
    Can't wait to see the before and after pics of what you are doing.
    Take care. xx

  15. Glad to know that your dad is happy to be home, I wish you and your family all the best. Take good care and have a wonderful holiday.
    Can't wait to see your creation again!

  16. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Congrats on the sketch support team, can't wait to see more of your pages :)

  17. Hey grrl ! Great to catch up with you ! Good to hear about all the good things that are happening and coming together !

    I just had a mentally exhausting weekend just because someone wouldnt cope with his life !!! Duh ! Double duh !!!

  18. Just popping in to say hi...and send love! Been thinking about you and your family...


  19. Glad your Dad is in the comfort of his own home. You have a rough period ahead but hopefully it will be time well spent with your Dad. Hopefully you will be able to keep him at home. My thoughts and prayers go out to you Lynette as you travel down that path!! Glad they found a potential source for all your physical anguish. The headaches are likely from muscle trigger points due to the disc pain - IMO... Surgery might fix the radiating pain but not your headaches. Just as the soft collar isn't going to make any of that feel better either. E-mail me if you want some more info, I'm happy to share!!

  20. Knock knock ... are you there? Just popping in to say Hi and hope alls okay on your side. BLessings

  21. I can't wait to see yur before & after pics! So glad that your home is your own again & you are having fun redecorating it!! I'm sorry about your dad - I do hope he also comes to find peace & enjoy his time at home - and have fun with your course! I'm doing a time-management course in January, which I'm hoping will set my year off to a good start. I hope you have a very merry Christmas!!


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