Friday, November 4, 2011

Some valuable "me" time. I took "time out" and pretended that I was on THAT island.  Thank you for understanding, I am so relieved to know that I am not alone:-)  I have found my "big girl panties" and will deal with it again today:-)
  • Bianca has been in bed with flu this week and because she is pregnant the doc couldn't give her it was bed rest for her.  She seems to be much better today.
  • Nadia returned from a week away to a wedding in Kakamas on Tuesday, so the routine in the house is returning to normal.
  • You all wanted to know WHO the other pregnant child is...well, as you know Kobus Jr and Lache have been seeing each other again since February...and it appears that they more than just "saw" each other:-)  The wonderful thing is that they are working on there relationship and appear to be very happy together.  To say that the little ones are thrilled with their parents being together again is a huge understatement.  Proof again, that with God nothing is impossible.
  • We are already in November....and NO...Wynand and his family have not moved out yet. They are hoping to do so within the next two weeks.  (I am not holding my breath)
  • At the Mission things are speeding towards the end of the year.  After all the mishaps while we were on vacation we have put a stop to new intakes.  We have to first stabilize those already in our care.  If we have too many people a lot of them just fly under the radar and we never see them or counsel them unless they mess up.
  • Other good news where the Mission is concerned.... a  man that has previous experience in running a rehab has come aboard.  He is a recovered heroin addict and will be working with our addicts in groups as well as one-on-one.  A young pastor-in-training is also spending his afternoons at the Missions and will be working with mainly our men.
  • Now all I need is an accounting help...anybody?
  • I promise to visit your blogs over this weekend as I have put this weekend aside to veg!
I want to share the projects I made for Allison Davis' Sketch Support card week.  You can go to their site and download this sketch from the sidebar.

I made a card and a layout based on this sketch.  I used the August Limited Edition kit by My Creative Scrapbook kit club.  I love the soft colours of the Melissa Francis papers.  Here is the card:

Supplies Used:  Cardstock:  WorldWin textured cardstock;  Printed Papers :Melissa Francis;  die cut: K & Co;  Flower: Prima; Pearls : Melissa Francis;  Chipboard frame: Tattered Angels framed fonts; Sentiment: Kaisercraft.  (My Creative Scrapbook Ltd Edition August kit)

Variation #1: I used a die cut instead of the white block.
Variation #2: I added the glittered chipboard frame to the middle of the die cut.
Variation #3:  I placed a paper flower and a prima bloom in the middle of the frame and not to the side of the die cut.
Variation#4: I added pearls to the corners of the die cut.
Variation #5: I placed my sentiment diagonally across the bottom of the card.

This is the layout I made that is based on the sketch.  I used a photo that was taken of Leane during our family photo shoot in July.
Supplies Used: Cardstock: WorldWin textured cardstock and Bazzill; Printed Papers: Melissa Francis; flower die cut and butterflies - K & Co; Flowers: Prima; Pearls: Upikit; Punch - Martha Stewart; Title: K&Company. (My Creative Scrapbook Ltd Edition August kit)

Variation #1: I cut my strips 3/4 inch wide.
Variation #2: I punched some cardstock to form a frame around the photo.
Variation #3: I added the butterflies to the flowers and the corner of the photo.



  1. beautiful card and stunning layout,love the stripped paper background.
    enjoy your weekend!

  2. Glad you're feeling a bit better and will veg a bit this weekend!

  3. We had a glorious time on our Island - didn't we? Yes I took a few afternoons off this week too :)

    Only 2 weeks till I see you :)

    Glad to hear that things are slowly but surely working out.

    And yes, with God nothing is impossible, again this week I have witnessed that.

    Happy veg weekend my darling friend xx

  4. Glad to hear that all is coming together!! I wish I was closer... I could so help you with the accounting! :):):) I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee the card and the lo!!! Loveeeeeeeeee the banners and flowers! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. Ohh my friend,glad things are getting better on your family and life...and it´s totally true for God nothing is impossible.
    Your projects are so very pretty as always,love them both!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  6. Oh such a beautiful card and LO! They are so delicate. Wow your life is busy. Glad to hear that B is feeling better. I had to go on meds for my flu so I feel for her not being able to. So exciting that there will be another baby in the family and that your son and wife are back together. Good for them for working it out. It seems that many people just give up when marriage gets tough. :( Sounds like the mission has some wonderful extra support coming in! Hope things settle for you. :)

  7. Wow Lynette these are remarkable! I love how you have done a layout from the card sketch - beautiful flowers and butterflies too - lovely stash in fact - I am so happy to hear that you have managed to install a few systems that should make your responsibilities more manageable - that's fab news :)

  8. I'm so happy for you that you could take 'time out' Lynette. Sometimes that is all we need. :)
    I love your take on the sketch. Your card is gorgeous and so is your layout. You really work so well of sketches.

  9. If I were closer I would do it with pleasure - the accounting that is. The Mission is so complex I do not think I could be in your situation your work is so worthy. The l/o is stunning & so is the card. Enjoy your weekend.

  10. I love that...took some time out on your island :-) Happy for you...

    And sending love...well....just because :-)

  11. These are gorgeous Lynette! With all that you do, I don't know how you find time to make 2 projects for the sketches. I barely have time for 1. Visiting your blog was a pleasure, as always.

  12. Wow girl ... you really did need that island getaway. I think you're amazing and I don't know where you get the time to produce such amazing layouts with all the other things going on in your life ... but I do know where you find your strength and that's such a fantastic reminder.
    Hugs and blessings

  13. Hi Lynette, You seem to be a lot more balanced and back on an even keel - sometimes, just knowing that sometimes other ladies (not sure if men feel things the same way we do) are feeling the same things or struggling with the same issues helps...After a hectic few weeks, with little or no time to do my own blog or read/leave messages on other blogs, I hope that I am also back on smooth waters....Congratulations on both new "buns in the oven" - Babies really bring huge joy to all those they touch...Lots of love

  14. So glad you are feeling a bit better. LOVE that card. And I LOVE that you actually took the time to veg this weekend and comment on blogs and pin pin pin!

    ps..I used to get lots of colds in my pregnancy and I used to use Tissue Salts that you get at a health shop or even at Clicks. I don't remember the number now but it's all healthy and natural and VERY safe during pregnancy. Hope she feels better now.

  15. Ooh I love that card.

    Glad to hear you are doing well and hope the good stuff continues. Adn the councillor must be a huge help.

  16. I loved reading your "blog your heart" post but now it has disappeared. Such good news about Bianca - that is so marvellous - God is Good!! Good news about the chiropracter too - woo hoo!! Looking forward to being a part of your redecorating process too - your first couple of ideas sound great! I think if you "waste" half an hour on pinterest twice a week it's good for the soul :) and 90% of the time I only access Facebook on my phone - I block out all the people's that never reciprocate my comments as there doesn't seem any point knowing what's up in their lives if they don't want to know what's up in mine - and all I do is scroll through the newsfeed on my phone, leaving likes and comments - and I get through all of it in half an hour a day - considering I don't watch any TV I just look at it as downtime :)

  17. Love your LO and card.
    So glad you had time to take some me time. We all need it from time to time.
    Good news about the two babies coming into your life, I know they will both be a blessing.

  18. The colors of your layout are beautiful and soft! I also love the cluster of flowers too!

  19. Such beautiful work here Lynette, love the card and the layout, that photo is just so precious!

  20. I like to go to my little island, too. Even if it's just in my head :)

    It's so hard to get through the tough times and yet very rewarding when we see a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Love your work, Lynette :)

  21. so I was right to think that it is another baby for Kobus Jr and Lache :-)))
    I hope that B is feeling better by now ♥

    you projects are gorgeous, Lynette! I just love the LO!!!! so beautiful! ♥

  22. Awww...glad you got some "me" time in. Glad families are back together and I hope Bianca is feeling better. Sick + pregnant is just no fun at all. Hugs to you as well!

  23. Your takes on this sketch are absolutely gorgeous! Great job!! I love getting inspiration from your takes!! :)


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