Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Today was one of those days when I was torn between what I would like to do and what I have to do.
Is it only me...or do you also sometimes feel the heaviness and awesome weight of the responsibility you carry?

I have had such a hectic few weeks that I don't even get time to read or write blogs.  I had to deal with an audit for our financial year end, an audit of vat reports, a myriad of other admin tasks and only when that was done did I get to the emotional side of our ministry.  The counseling, the listening ear, the shoulder to cry on....
When I get home it is the, cleaning, washing. (I no longer have domestic help on a daily basis) Quite honestly, I am so pooped by the time 8:30 comes that all I want to do is get into bed.

Why do I have to be responsible and dependable....ALWAYS?
Responsibility always comes first.
Sometimes things happen around me and I see how other people just opt out of their responsibility and I wish I could be like that.
What bliss it will be to just clock out from all the responsibility.
No heavy weight to carry, no worrying about other people or other things.

So I tried to put it into words for DH. I asked him "Don't you think it will be wonderful to have no responsibility?" He didn't get it!  He wanted to know whether I need to "go away" more often. Doesn't he realize that "going away" would just mean coming back to a huge backlog.

So do you sometimes feel the same....or is it just me?



  1. Nope, it's not just you.

    welcome to my life. Ok, i have the doemstic help, but the rest falls on my shoulders.

    And you're right, going away only worsens the 'responsibility' when you return home!

    We need to escape to a remote island - forever!

  2. No, I feel like this a lot.

    And quite honestly at the moment I'm up to HERE with how NOBODY but me can put a new towel on the towel rack, put things back where they belong, return a toy to the toy area, etc.

    I'm joining you and Shayne on that island...

  3. Definitely not just you Lynette! Being a single Mom I feel that way a lot, and we all need some way to recharge our batteries, that is what my scrappy time is for me, a time to recharge :o)

  4. Were you listening in on my conversation with my mom today?? ;-)
    Was talking about *exactly* this thing. Eish, its hard jong.

  5. I hear you.
    And I'm coming with to the island. We can swim and laze in the sun with cocktails and books and occasionally do something crafty with everything that nature has to offer.

  6. Personally I've tried big girl panties and I think they're over-rated.
    LOL. Sometimes a vent, and a cup of tea with a friend helps, but sure I'd like to quit too sometimes.

  7. I want to "resign" on a regular basis, but we don't, do we? ;-)
    It's not just you...!

  8. Not just you, Lynette!
    (Remember to keep some time for yourself too)

  9. I of course don't feel it as hard as you, I am sure... but lately EVERYTHING has been overwhelming me... so I feel ya girl... Big HUGS and a pair of those panties to go with it! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  10. No, my dear friend, its not just you! I am suffering from zero interest and zero time to look for it at this time of the year. The only thing that keeps me going is the countdown on my white board that the girls started - today it will say: 23 Days to go!!!! I can do 23 days.... I think.
    Thinking of you at this time, and remembering what my dear mom used to say: This too shall pass.

  11. I think you are reflecting the feelings of a lot of us these days! Gee, just to escape - I will be on that island too.

    But I do think that this time of the year is particularly stressful in that sense.

  12. Don't feel alone Lynette. I often have those days. Wouldn't it me nice... I hope you get a break from your busy schedule soon so you can have a bit of 'me' time to do whatever you'd like. (((hugs)))

  13. Quite honestly Lynette, I dont know how you do it!
    Your workload is heavier than most people I know - and I know some really busy people, trust me!

    Is there no way that some one else could step up a bit more in some areas and take some of the load off you?

    Think about it, ok?

  14. Lynette, like all the lovely ladies above I can so relate to your topic.
    Juggling family life, running a business, responsability for older relatives and running the kids to a myriad of activities with hubby more away than home is hard! I have learnt not to bother with some of the chores and just take time for me and some scrapping. Afterall, no one is going to take away from me the 'pleasure of doing the dishes, laundry etc... It will still be there...(
    Have yourself a lovely scrappy week end , we need that too!

  15. All i can say is ditto to all the above. Sometimes I wonder if its all worth it too.
    Be blessed.

  16. I couldn't be irresponsible if I tried...I have had to be responsible from since I was a child - I didn't really get a childhood so it just became a way of life for me. To be honest I don't envy irresponsible people - I notice that when they shirk their responsibilities the resposibilities don't just miraculously disappear they just fall onto other people and I really disagree with that as we all have eough on our plates already. I do get help though, I have someone full-time in the house and hubs takes cooking and kid's lifting in turns with me so I try not to over-commit myself - like I never offer to do school voluntary stuff as there are always a million mothers keen to do it with not much else in their lives so I leave it to them. I also do my best to get 8 hours of sleep every night so I don't get too worn out...

  17. Big Hug ~ this post is so real...full of pretending...thats why I love u so!!!!!

  18. Girl this is totally true! I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to check out... Sometimes I feel so stressed and pushed to my limit that if I don't mentally check out at least I'm a total waste-oid. I think its okay to pull back, possibly not check out but have days where you aren't all together. Cause Lord knows I don't have it all together! Thankfully I can lean upon him cause he does!

  19. I get it. And have the same response as you . . . but there would be too much to do when I got back. Every night I try to be sure the dishes are done so I can come downstairs to a clean kitchen each morning.

    But my house is never completely clean. And I just have to do the best I can on that one.

  20. I so feel you, and I need a get-away, like right NOW!!!!


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