Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Proudly South African

I want to share with you a debate that was taking place on my sister, Herlien's facebook page yesterday.  I was watching this unfold with amusement and amazement... but please read this for yourself and then we will chat.
Congratulations South Africa. Congratulations Cape Town. TABLE MOUNTAIN has officialy been named as one of the new "7 WONDERS OF THE WORLD." This is a momentous occassion for all South Africans as the revenues from tourism are expected to add jobs and more oppurtunity for all as tourism is expected to boom in the Western Cape. We cannot wait to welcome the world to our shores. Peace & Love, SHOUT.
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Anita Treurnicht We regularly get travel advisory updates here in Oz that it's not safe to travel to South-Africa.Table Mountain is special,but not safe to visit:-(
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Herlien Rheeder I think any place can be unsafe - I would go up Table Mountain tomorrow. Bad things happen every where so caution always important, but - don't think it's any more, travelling to South Africa than any where else.
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Anita Treurnicht Have to agree to disagree on this one.The stats on crime in SA tells the whole story.Have you travelled much?
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Herlien Rheeder Still a beautiful country with much to offer :-)
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Clark DeNoble Crime statistics always look worse from outside the neighborhood, city, state or country yet people are thriving in those areas. If someone is ignorant enough to wander into trouble then nowhere is safe.
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Herlien Rheeder Well said Clark. That's exactly what I was trying to say. I love this country - because of the good and in spite of the bad.
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Anita Treurnicht You can not compare safety in SA with Aus or Europe.If you have not been anywhere but SA you will not know any different.You simply believe what you want to.I will go anywhere in the dark hours of the night here and feel safe.Not where you are.
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I guess if you like going around any where you like in the dark hours of the night it's better that you left ;-). And no - I'm not ignorant to crime in South Africa compared to other countries - I simply choose to focus on the positive, be ...cautious and stay safe and enjoy all this country has to offer. Compared to how many people visit our beautiful mountain every day, the incidents of crime reported on our mountain are relatively few. I am proud to say that my little sis Elsa will be visiting us from Australia in January. And yes - we are planning to go up Table Mountain.See More
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Anita Treurnicht Enjoy the visit and Africa.Yes, I'm glad I've left so that We can enjoy a better quality of life,but if you have to stay there , you've got the right attitudex
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Herlien Rheeder I don't have to stay here.... I choose to stay here. The same as many people who could leave if they so chose, but would rather stay. You would be surprised at how many people choose to stay - precisely because they couldn't enjoy the same quality of life any where else. So once again - let's agree to disagree and leave it at that ;-).
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Anita Treurnicht
You are absolutely right Herlien.You also need a lot if guts,drive and money to start over in a new country . That is the hard choice. We love to travel and broaden our " horizons " and it's so nice to do if you earn dollars in stead of rand. I do admire your positive attitude, way to go in SA.
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Clark DeNoble Where is Oz?
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Herlien Rheeder The place you go to ask the wizard for brains, a heart and courage ;-)
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Ansie Els My family are in a position to live anywhere and we've travelled extensively. SA is still the best.
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Ansie Els I guess South Africa's not for sissies... lol
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Clark DeNoble Smartass! Seriously what was Anita talking about "Oz"
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Herlien Rheeder Australia dear Clark ;-)
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Clark DeNoble My niece and her Aussie husband live there and they've never used that term. Thanks
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Herlien Rheeder I don't think it's a commonly used term. My aunt has lived there since the age of 16 and I've never heard her or my cousins use that term either. Neither my sister and her family who'vlived there for the past 15 years. My aunt still comes back to visit once every two years.
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Anita Treurnicht Ai,so baie Suid-Afrikaners het hierdie kleinlikheid en verkrampte seining,soos volstruise met jul koppe in die sand.Ansie as jy dink SA is die beste is jy beslis met jou koppie in die sand,oningelig en in jou eie kleine wereldjie
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Anita Treurnicht You can still be in a position to live anywhere,but not have the courage to leave your comfort zone.Maybe it's a good thing you all don't know what you're missing,I feel sorry for you.I have also lived in the Isle of Man for a year,what a gorgeous place! you will probably not know where that is...To make such a issue out of the abbreviation Oz,that's so typical small minded South-African.Get a life.
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Clark DeNoble I don't know what Anita's problem is but she's your friend so I'll say nothing about her inferiority complex...
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Herlien Rheeder Not much of a friend - old friend from school who added me on facebook - don't know what her problem is. I respect her decision to leave - but she doesn't seem to be able to do the same. Gosh little Anita - you've turned really nasty. Not the way - remember you at all. Maybe the change wasn't so good for you after all??
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Herlien Rheeder Fortunately Clark - I don't have inferiority complex, so I find her comments amusing. I don't have to leave the country to prove anything to anybody. Or run away to 'Oz'. I already have a brain, heart and courage ;-)
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Ansie Els Sorry to insult your frien Herlien but that's why they say that when SA'ns run off to Australia and Nieu Zealand the average IQ of all three countries increase ;-D lol
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Andre Van Rooyen As well as the average RQ. (Racist quotient). The REAL reason why most people leave.
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I want to tell you how I feel.
I love this colourful country that we live in.  Where my faith is concerned I know that we have been called to be in this nation for exactly a time like this.  We need to make a difference and be the salt and the light in this country.  

Do I have my head in the sand.  NO!  I don't, I know exactly what is going on in our country politically and economically.  Even so, I believe that we have a great future ahead of us.  

Am I afraid?  No, I am not, the Lord has not given me a spirit of fear but of power and love and a sound mind.  

What about the future of my children and grandchildren?  I have seen my children become entrepreneurs in this country and today they don't only provide for their own families, they also created jobs so that others can earn a living and provide for their families.

Is it easy?  No, but then again, why should it be.  Our nation is a proud nation that lived through the Great Trek through this country when it was still wild, they lived through the Anglo Boer war and survived the concentration camps.  We are strong and we are proud.  This is our country and we belong here.

I hate it when people who have left this country, try to make us who choose to stay look like ignorant idiots.  Really, I respect the fact that they wanted to leave and they really don't have to give me their reasons for leaving.  Please, respect the fact that we have chosen to stay. I also don't ask for your negativity about my country...if you are negative, maybe it is a good thing that you left, we need people with positive attitudes if we have to make this country work.

LOL!  Then I want to thank my sisters, Herlien and Ansie for standing up for what they believe in, I am proud of you...and Herlien... I will always remember fondly that "Oz is the place you go to ask the wizard for brains, a heart and courage ;-)  I am thankful that we already have brains, a heart and courage and don't have to go to Oz to get it.

So...what do you say?



  1. I say Oz could well be the 8th wonder of the world

  2. Oh my.
    It's so funny yet sad all at the same time.
    Well...I am all up for visiting a Wonder of The World! No matter where it lies:)

  3. Eish! All I can say is that we have our visas for Oz yet here we are. They have nothing that SA doesn't. Doesn't mean we still won't end up there...but we live well in SA, going up the mountain and all. Surprised she didn't mention how unsafe it is to swim in the ocean, sharks kill foreigners there too, off the coast of SA.

  4. I love the verse you shared in this~ It's so true...

    God does not give a spirit of fear but of POWER and LOVE and a SOUND MIND!

    He is in ultimate control! And I believe He will fight for His people! Thanks for sharing!

  5. We left SA for the UK 11 years ago and to say it was the most gut wrenching decision of my life would be an understatement. UK is the land of my birth, but SA brought me up to be the person I am today. It gave me an outlook on life that I would never have received if I had never left the UK, and it gave me the most amazing South African man for a husband, so what's not to be be grateful for! I might not live in SA any more, but I cannot tolerate anyone running the country down. Those who have left and can only criticise are the small minded ones. It is fair to say there are problems in SA, but hey, who doesn't? SA is still the most amazing country. PS. I proposed to my husband on Table Mountain, so it has only GOOD memories for me :)

  6. Love that you posted this.

    We too *choose* to live in this country, when we could live else where in the world.

    Why? Beacuse it is where our hearts are. We love it and yes it has its' problems. Which countries don't?

    Was SO LOVELY To spend today with you.

    Thank you xx

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  8. SA is not my country by birth but it is MY country. when we were coming here 10 years ago we had a choice between US, England and SA. we made our choice and never looked back. we had a moment when we also thought of making a move to Australia but after some investigation on what we would get there we made our choice again for SA. it is amazing country all in all. it is not perfect as it is not perfect anywhere in the world. but I can't stand when people make a choice of leaving their home land (when I did it myself I felt that I am betraying my country) and start throwing a lot of dirt at it. I can only guess it makes them feel better that they needed to give up so much and not getting back in the same way. and yes I must agree that most of those who are leaving do it because of racism problems. I feel sorry for them, these people always will find something to be unhappy about...

  9. Ay yay yay.....but Anita's a little bitter isn't she? I wonder why - according to her she's landed in the land of milk and honey.....hmmmm, so why then is she spewing such sour stuff?? Could it be that the milk in the promised land is going a bit sour, now that the honeymoon is over??
    To Anita I say this: sweetie - not only do I CHOOSE to live here...I chose to come back here after 11 years overseas...MY CHOICE! I don't judge you on your choice to live elsewhere. Please don't insult us because we choose to live the schweet life here. Peace x

  10. Oooohhh...this is a subject close to my heart....

    I agree with everything you and everyone else said...I have chosen to stay here, I believe in the future of this country...that does not mean i dont see the problems that are here. Like I always say..I love South Africa...warts and all...and you'll have to take me screaming and kicking from her.

    And if you insult my country, I take it personally, this is my home. I dont walk around insulting peoples homes.

    And as for Anita...I think she is feeling just a little bitter...shame :-) In fact good riddance to her :-)

    Oh and...of course because we all live here...we have never travelled the world and are small minded...seriously?????

  11. Lynette, I have so much to say. I'll try to keep it brief :)

    1. Love that scripture and I believe it wholeheartedly. I always say, "you are safer 100% in the will of God in Beirut (or SA ;)) than out of the will of God in paradise"

    2. I love your sister's calm demeanor (my knickers are in a knot) through the whole thing.

    3. that lady is very small-minded about us - that we haven't travelled. I am insulted. But also I just said to Julia yesterday actually, "the more I travel the more I LOVE SOUTH AFRICA" - seriously. You know me - I love to travel but I love coming home

    4. I am busy with some research on the top earners in SA and....... drumroll....... a large % (I can't remember exactly because I'm at home now, but it's in the majority) know they can leave, have the means to leave but CHOOSE to stay here because of quality of life. *ahem* safety is not the only factor in quality of life - there are tons of things to consider.

    5. a little jealous Shayne got to spend time with you today - I can't wait to meet you one day in real life :)


    Sorry - it appears I can't keep things brief. Let's call it passion :)

    PS I love all the passionate South Africans

  12. your sister handled the conversation so well! the other ladies said it all,every country has it's problems,but surely they don't have to be so judgemental about sa. nowhere it is just milk and honey,thanks for sharing:)

  13. The more I read,the more it can b someone who is in my facebook timeline too - a cousin that moved to Belgium and now SA is the worst place ever. My summation - they are trying to justify their move to themselves because they miss SA so much!

  14. Hi Lynette - Loved this post .... Certainly a topic that gets everyone talking and leave or not to leave - it really is each family's personal decision and each family has a right to make it with and for whatever reasons they have, BUT no-one has the right to judge someone else for the decision that they have made - Your sister certainly handled the whole thing AWESOMELY....Lots of love...

  15. Gosh what a debate hahahaha! Hmmm...when I see those things brewing I just get outta there!! I hear you...I agree with what you are's something that could be debated 'til the cows come home - ie forever! Everyone is different with different reasons for staying or going and what is right for one isn't right for another. For that chickie to hurl that stuff at your sister - I guess that she was defriended pretty quickly!! What a superiority complex...I know lots of people who have gone to Aus and are living a hard life. Maybe they'll be better off in the long run but like you I enjoy things about Africa that are in my blood since birth & it would be difficult to readjust. I think your sisters handled the situation soooo diplomatically. What is that little bit of nonsense at the end...from Andre LOL!?! I enjoyed this hot debate hee hee...

  16. As you know, I have never visited SA... but from what I have seen from you and Helen and my other friend Michelle... it looks like a beautiful place and I would visit in a heartbeat... crime/poverty/and bad things in general are everywhere... we had a guy here last week that caused a three car accident and then because he had warrants out for his arrest went on a high speed chase right through my neighborhood... and it ended up right down the street from my work with gunfire between him and the police... and I live in a 'good' neighborhood... seriously... bad things are everywhere... and sadly none of us can control it... thanks for posting this... I really love it! :):):):)

  17. Well said, Lynette!

    I stay here because I love my country and my people, all of them!
    I would hate to be away from what I love! (That would be a nightmare to me...)
    We are definitely not blind to it's problems, but we choose to stay to make a difference...

    It is a decision about perspective and how you choose to see the world! My world is good and friendly and full of opportunities, no matter where I find myself!

  18. Unfortunately that is true. People leaving the country seems to feel this need to justify moving and people staying in South Africa feel they need to defend that position as well. I think staying or leaving is a personal decision. There are plusses and minuses to both. The one is not necessarily better than the other! You just have to know which one you prefer.

  19. wow wee! Your sister handled that very well.

    As one of those who chooses to stay here I don't believe I have my head in the sand. I have a British Passport. I have travelled extensively and lived and worked in "Oz" for a year as well as having lived and worked in a number of different countries. England (3 years) Scotland (1 year) New Zealand (1 Year) and Sweden (1 year). I chose to come home because nowhere else offered the colour and vibrancy that this country offers. They each had their good and their bad points - as does South Africa.

    I love living here.


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