Monday, November 7, 2011

Blog your heart - November

I found this challenge on Stephanie Howell's blog.  It is quite simple, once a month you are challenged to blog your heart. HONESTLY. it can be silly, funny, serious, short or long...whatever you want it to be, as long as it is authentic. No judging on what is shared. :) also you don't have to blog, you can share in the comments.   So this is my heart:
  1. I have noted a trend on my blog lately.  I. MOAN. TOO. MUCH.  I don't like myself  very much when I moan about everything. It is time to remember the many things that  I have to be thankful for. So I want to do this monthly and then revisit it before I move on to the next month's post.
  2. I decided to take a break from Facebook.  I don't NEED to know what is going on in everyone's lives and it takes up way too much of my time.  That is the very reason why I didn't even consider Twitter or Pinterest to start off with.  Hehe, I did start pinning recently and it also wastes a lot of time.  I am calling it my one and only guilty pleasure for now.  I made two scrapbook layouts this weekend inspired by things I pinned under "crafty ideas".  So that makes it OK?
  3. I love having my daughter back. B has come back with such a change in heart that I still stand amazed at what the Lord has done in her life.  She has been going for weekly counselling sessions and I am touched by how she has embraced her new life.  I am touched at how responsible she has become about the tiny new life she is carrying.  Yesterday morning I mentioned to her that we are going to church and if she wanted to come along she is welcome.  For the first time she sat next to me in church without feelings of resentment and hatred....and my heart is so thankful that the Lord have returned to me that which the devil had tried to steal.
  4. Last night we sat in the church at the mission and it was an evening of testimony...and tears just flowed when people that were so totally lost, broken and addicted testified of the goodness of God and how deep He had taken them out and how thankful they are.  It is at times like this that I know that this calling on our lives might not always be easy, but it is worthwhile and rewarding.  Seeing this kind of restoration is amazing and humbling.
  5. I realize with all my heart how true these verses in Romans are:  "28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.... 35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword?..... 37 No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. 38 For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, 39 neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord."  
  6. You all know that I started seeing a chiropractor.  After the first few appointments he told me that he very much doubts whether I have fibromyalgia. (which I have been diagnosed with 8 years ago) I have a definite neck problem and that is causing the muscle spasms and the headaches.  So I am being proactive and made an appointment with a neuro surgeon for next week.  He will probably send me for an MRI and we will get to the bottom of what is really wrong...and hopefully an end to the "pain-in-the-neck":-)
  7. I am looking forward to redecorating my home after the children have moved out.  A friend who is a whiz with decorating has offered me her expert advise and I seriously cannot wait to get started.  The first thing will be to paint the dark face brick walls in the house and white wash the existing knotty pine ceilings.   That should already make a huge difference and lighten my home. I also need to replace many of the light fittings.  I plan to take before and after pics.  Very exited!!!!
  8. I plan to enjoy these last days with the children and not sweat the small stuff.  I want to stay positive and not get irritated...and I am going to need grace to do that.  I know that the Lord is teaching me something in this too.
...and that is my heart right now.  I would love it if you would share yours.



  1. Helen's comment: I loved reading your "blog your heart" post but now it has disappeared. Such good news about Bianca - that is so marvellous - God is Good!! Good news about the chiropracter too - woo hoo!! Looking forward to being a part of your redecorating process too - your first couple of ideas sound great! I think if you "waste" half an hour on pinterest twice a week it's good for the soul :) and 90% of the time I only access Facebook on my phone - I block out all the people's that never reciprocate my comments as there doesn't seem any point knowing what's up in their lives if they don't want to know what's up in mine - and all I do is scroll through the newsfeed on my phone, leaving likes and comments - and I get through all of it in half an hour a day - considering I don't watch any TV I just look at it as downtime :)

  2. Awesome post!! I am happy to hear about B!! God is good!!! And I'm with Helen... I only FB on my phone only...and it's easier for me than some others, as I don't drive... so I am able to see what's going on in peeps lives while I am in the car :):):) Have a great week! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Loved this post! And so glad to hear about B...its amazes me how things can work out or change.

    Yay, for the house before and after pics :-)

    I have also cute back on FB...i only pop in every now and then, not like I used too. I am also in the process of removing friends, and unfollowing negative people...just cant do it anymore.

  4. Great post. Decided against FB. Don't much like it to be out there so much!So happy that B is back and found herself and making you happy too! Great week to you!

  5. dearest Lynette, I love these posts so much!

    Number 3 made me tear up - there is NOTHING I love more than hearing people testify about God's goodness. Yesterday in church we had Daniel Kolenda (Reinhard Bonnke's protege) and he is fantastic (God through him is fantastic) and the people STREAMED to the alter - I just love it!

    I only use Pinterest to pin (so it's really an organising tool for me, not so much a place of procrastination)

  6. A lovely post. Sounds like life is good. So happy to hear that your relationship with your DD is rewarding. How exciting to be looking forward to some redecorating! Hope you'll share the pics on your blog!! Hee Hee about Facebook. I refuse to start an account because I know I will waste too much time on it. I already spend too much time on my computer. Have a great day!! :)

  7. I loved your post. Always so encouraging to hear about God's goodness and faithfulness in His time. I love reading all about your family, decorating, th emission and your ups and downs. We all have them and I think it helps to share.

  8. LOVE, love, love this post! So many things I want to comment on, but I will stick with this thought: So many prayers were said for both you and Bianca, that I don't know why we feel the slightest bit of surprise when God gives us a miracle. I am humbled by the many miracles I have seen lately. My frien Melanie's son, Michael, has come through the op for skin cancer like a trooper. Here God has given the miracle we asked for too. He did not need to have the facial nerve removed , no skin grafts needed AND, they could remove ALL of the cancer, so no further treatment will be needed! We all thank God for His grace.
    Take care my friend, hope to see you IRL one day!

  9. I love your blog your heart posts. I find doing them refreshing and it causes me to reflect. Yours sounds like a great list.

    I know we shouldn't be surprised when God does the things he does, but it is always amazing to me the things he does!!! God is so good.

  10. Great post! Glad to hear about B, and where you are at the moment!

    Hope you get the pain sorted!

    Good to let go of FB. (I only check in to see what my siblings are doing on other continents. There it really helps to stay connected!)

    I am still waiting for my invite to Pinterest. Maybe I shouldn't start? ;-)

  11. Wonderful post, I always love reading your post, you sharing your life and emotion with us, is one great and wonderful thing about blogging. Thanks my friend!

  12. what a beautiful,honest,brave,and heartfelt post. thank you so much for blogging your heart. xxo

  13. I love it how positive your are Lynette. I agree with everything you said about FB and all the other time wasters, but I still do it. LOL!
    Have a wonderful week and I can't wait to see some pics when you start redecorating. xx

  14. What a lovely post! And to me the news about B is the best ever! Here's to lots of positives and much joy! And the white washing sounds like just the thing to do.

  15. LOVED this post.

    Each day I am amazed at God's work. There simply are no words. But I am thrilled for you that things are on the mend with B. I know how much your heart was hurting.

    And i think your house is going to look gorgeous. Wish i was closer to help you


  16. It's so good to get our feelings out. Thank you for sharing your heart . . . I've seen Stephanie's challenge and havent' quite been able to do it yet.

  17. This is a really great idea and your post is inspirational and full of hope and the promise of great new beginnings - thank you for sharing!!

  18. A wonderful post dear friend. What a great idea!
    I love your thoughts here...and I agree with many- they apply to me as well.
    Thank you for being so honest with us. It's refreshing.

  19. I am all about not sweating the small stuff! =O) Glad ya got your book finally! Your family picture is absolutely beautiful! Happy week wishes your way.

  20. Lynette thank you very much for sharing ♥ - again!
    I especially very glad to hear about B - thank you Lord!
    and thank you for the scripture - it is one of my favorites too, will go and read it again in my Russian Bible :-)))
    I am excited to hear about your coming re-decoration! our house despicably needs it too :-))

  21. So beautiful, you brought me to tears. Love this, may have to do it myself.

  22. I have been thinking of jumping on the blog your heart bandwagon but that would mean I actually would need to blog. ;)
    My heart filled with joy when you wrote about B. lots of hugs to you.


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