Friday, September 30, 2011

Sketch Support September one page sketch

One-page Sketch #13

You can download and print this sketch by clicking on the one-page sketches link found under the "printable sketches" tab on the right sidebar of Sketch Support.

I did two layouts based on this sketch.

"All Boy" by Lynette Jacobs
Supply list - Cardstock: Bazzill; Printed Papers: My Minds Eye (Fine and Dandy);Stickers and Trim: My Minds Eye (Fine and Dandy); Alphabet: American Crafts; Rubons:Kaisercraft

• I changed my main photo to portrait.

• I used the sun and clouds from the same range of papers.

• I substituted the butterflies for owls.

• Instead of sewing I used the brown felt trim.

• I used ribbon as the flagpoles

"Life Documented" by Lynette Jacobs
Supply list - Cardstock: Bazzill; Printed Papers: Echo Park (For the Record); Flowers: Petaloo and Making Memories; Brads: Chatterbox; Pearls: Upikit; Alphabet: Scenic Route; Rubons: Kaisercraft; Other: DMC Cotton.

• I kept strictly to the sketch.

• I used larger photos, therefore also cut the printed paper a bit wider.

• I cut my clouds from printed paper and hand stitched through it.

• I added pearls to the butterflies.

We are off for a week in Plettenberg Bay tomorrow.  Enjoy your weekend.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Times have changed...

...since I was a young girl.  In some instances I am glad but in other instances it makes me sad.

It makes me sad when I counsel with a girl of thirteen that looks like an eighteen year old.  When I tell her that she should be playing with toys not with boys...and she laughs because she has no idea what I am talking about.  It makes me sad that parents today have to deal with things like... if a child should or should not be part of the social networks.  There are so many predators out there that I want wrap my grand babies in cotton wool and keep them safe.  Life has become so hectic and there is so much peer pressure that raising children have become a mine field.

Then there are things that makes me glad that times have changed.  When I was a young girl and girls became pregnant the first question would be "when are you getting married?"  and years later the forced marriage would fall apart and become part of the statistics. Today it is not uncommon for young women to raise a child on their is no longer frowned upon.  In my young days when I became growing tummy was hidden by the most hideous tents that you can young women show off their precious cargo.

Two weeks ago today Bianca phoned me with the news.  She is pregnant.  I asked her if she was happy.  Was this man her "happily ever after"?  Her reply was no, he was too old and too possessive.  She wasn't living in good conditions.  There was a lot of alcohol abuse, dagga smoking, swearing and racism.  Money didn't last the month and she wasn't eating healthy food.  I told her that she musn't think that she needs to stay in the relationship just for the baby's sake.  She wanted to come home.  Although she doesn't want to continue in the relationship she wants her baby to know his/her I see some difficult times the young man still believes that there is a future for them.

This past weekend we drove down to Cape Town to fetch her. Saying that I dreaded going to the place she was staying would be an understatement.  I would have done anything to get out of that one;-)  Meeting the man and his family was very awkward.  Socially and culturally there is a divide as wide as the Grand Canyon between us.(and we are not hoity toity snobs).  We were polite but wanted to get it over with as quickly and painlessly as possible.

So she has come home.  In a year and three months we have come full circle and I have hope.

Oh yes...and my 5th grand baby will be born around 24 March 2012.  A baby is always a blessing from the Lord.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sketch Support September Add On sketch

Add-on Sketch #9


You can download and print this sketch by clicking on the add-on sketches link found under the "printable sketches" tab on the right sidebar of the Sketch Support blog.  Go and see the amazing projects that was done using this sketch.

"Lights, Camera, Action..." by Lynette Jacobs
Supply List - Cardstock: Bazzill; Printed Paper: Echo Park (For the Record); Ribbon:Maya Road; Alpha: Paper Trunk Bennie; Rub Ons: Kaisercraft; Pearls: Kaisercraft;Thread: DMC Embroidery thread

• I cut the camera body 7 inches by 11 inches.

• The horizontal stripes are 2.5 inches wide and 1.25 inches.

• I hand stitched down the length of the narrowest strip.

• My circle photo is 4 inches in diameter.

• I pasted my circle photo onto black bazzill 4.5 inches in diameter.

• I hand stitched around the photo with red thread.

• I added some yellow Maya Road ribbon around the bazzill.

• It looked a little bare so I added the narrow photo to the bottom of the layout.

• I finished it off with the sticker corners and the rub ons.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Two thirds into this year...

“For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin - real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, or a debt to be paid. Then life would begin. At last it dawned on me that these obstacles were my life.”~ Alfred D'Souza

I can't believe that we are already halfway through September.  
I look back and remember my word for this year..."breathe"...
I realize that I DID breathe deeply so far this year. 
Has it all been easy?  NO but... 
I am at peace with the things that I cannot change.  
I stress less.  
I am enjoying the process of life.

Some of you were reading this blog last year when my son was struggling with his health and partially lost his sight...and you know that he has an inoperable condition.  A few months ago he started complaining about headaches...and our first reaction was to start worrying once again.  His doctor sent him for blood tests and when the results came in it was found that he has very high cholesterol levels.  He changed his diet and the headaches stopped.  It is quite possible that it was this that caused the brain haemorrhage last year.  We discussed this and he just said that his relationship with the Lord would not have been as close if it didn't happen.  Everything happens for a reason.

I have been to see the chiropractor twice now.  The first week I had 4 headache free days and that was a biggie for me.  I can live with pain in my neck and shoulders but the headaches just bowled me out;-)  I am hoping that over time even the neck and shoulder pain will become history.

The children should be moving to their own home by the end of October.  
My dreams of an empty just that, a DREAM.  
We will be travelling to Cape Town next weekend to fetch my DD.  She wants to come home.  I will be blogging more on this soon.  Suffice to say...we still have a couple of mountains that we have to climb.

How has your year been so far?  
Have you got a word for this year?  
Are you living up to it?


Friday, September 16, 2011

Sketch Support September Two page sketch

Two-page Sketch #19

You can download and print this sketch by clicking on the two-page sketches link found under the "printable sketches" tab on the right sidebar of the Sketch Support blog.

I made two layouts based on this sketch and here they are:

You make me so very HAPPY
Supply list:  Cardstock - Bazzill; Printed papers - Echo Park (For the Record); Doilies - Maya Road; Alphas - Echo Park; Other - DMC Cotton.

  • My DH always plays the fool when I am taking photos and I have always threatened to do a layout of his "silly pics".  This sketch was perfect for them.
  • I kept to the sketch and replaced the striped striped with the "remember this" strip.
  • I stitched around my die cut and did faux stitching on the blocks.
  • I replaced the small scallops with the doilies.

Monkey Business
Supply list:  Cardstock - Bazzill; Printed papers - Jellibean Soup (Pasta Fagioli); Scalloped trim - MME Fine and Dandy; Alphas - American Craft and Paper Trunk

  • I kept to the sketch with this layout only replacing the scalloped paper with scalloped trim
  • I machine stitced all the stitching as per the sketch.
Here is another layout I recently did also using one of Allison Davis sketches from her new Sketches for Scrapbooking volume 8.

Route 62
Supply List:  Cardstock - Bazzill;  Printed papers - Basic Grey Wander and Basics; Stickers - Basic Grey Wander;  Chipboard Arrows - Scenic Route;  Letters - American Craft.

The photos were all taken in March driving the Langkloof road from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth.  This route is called Route 62.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Scrapbook kits for sale;-)

Last year I was a member of a couple of Scrapbook Kit clubs and as you will remember I hardly did any scrapping last year.  So I am facing a huge stash at this stage.  I have decided to sell some of this off as complete kits to South African scrappers. So here goes:

Kit One: TPC Grandma's Attic
Cost R500.  

Kit 2:  Websters Pages (Country Estate) and tons of Prima
Cost R350

Kit 3 - Websters (Ladies and Gents) and Prima 
Cost R350

Kit 4 - Basic Grey Sweet Threads
Cost R350

Kit 5 - Page Kit Basic Grey Kioshi
Cost R150

Kit 6: Basic Grey Sugar Rush page kit.
Cost R150

Kit 7:  Echo Park and Fancy Pants

Cost R300 

Kit 8: Fancy Pants Frosted
Cost R300

If anyone of you are interested in these kits please contact me at


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sketch Support September Sketch Week

Card Sketch #11
You can download and print this sketch by clicking on the card sketches link found under the "printable sketches" tab on the right sidebar of Sketch Support.

Here is my card layout based on the sketch.

Supply list:  Cardstock -  Bazzill;  Printed Paper - Echo Park For the Record; Other - Martha Stewart punch and buttons from my stash.

  • I followed the directions of the sketch
  • I  used dotted paper instead of the striped paper and punched the borders.
  • I punched the hearts with a Martha Stewart punch.
  • I added faux stitching to the squares.
I can never resist the challenge of using the card sketch to make a layout and I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Supply list:  Cardstock - Bazzill; Printed Papers - Echo Park For the Record; Flowers - Prima; Chipboard Hearts - Maya Road; Pearls - Upikit;  Rub on - Kaiser Scrapbook; Glitter - Pink Paislee pixie stix;  Other - Martha Stewart punch, EK Success Punch,, DMC Tread. 

  • I loved doing this layout.
  • I used a 5x7 photo that was framed with black bazzill that was punched on the edges.
  • The three squares measure 2-3/4 and stitched around the edges.
  • I painted the heart chipboard black and then sprinkled black glitter on it.
  • I added the border sticker below the photo and added the pearls.
Have a lovely weekend.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Facing reality

This is one of my most difficult posts.  I don't expect anyone to understand what and how I feel...and that is okay.  I haven't been myself these past few weeks and I have had the most unlikely, out-of-character meltdowns that shocked even me.  I was forced to face reality!

For eight years I have suppressed it.  Ignored it.  Made a joke of it. I even kept how I was feeling from my DH...I hate moaning.  When it got bad...I would just go quiet.

You can only get away with it for so long.  Slowly it will chip away at the carefully constructed mask you are wearing.  It will wear you down.  Sap all the joy out of your life.  Drive you to despair...and eventually leave you with feelings of hopelessness and depression.

My argument (to myself) was that people wouldn't understand.  Will think I am a hypochondriac looking for attention.  I felt that it was a weakness.  So I handled it with "positive thoughts" sort of "mind-over-matter"....after all if I don't mind it doesn't matter;-)

I even fought about it with the Lord.  Asking Him to take it away from me.  Like Paul (of the Bible) I started wondering if this wasn't "a thorn the Lord allows that will keep me from becoming arrogant".  

Truth is that I have chronic pain and for the past six weeks I have had a headache. I go to sleep with it and the next morning I wake up with it. Me being me (I am not a sissy) I didn't listen to my body and just tried harder to suppress it, until it got so bad that that it forced me to go for injections to get the levels back under control.  The doctor gave me a scolding and prescribed schedule 5 pain tablets with the strict instruction to "USE IT".  So pills have kept the pain at bearable levels and allowed me to function relatively normally.   

I, for one cannot, accept that I have to continue swallowing tablets for all eternity.  I made an appointment with a Chiropractor, telling my DH that if that doesn't work the doctor will have to send me for a MRI to see if there isn't something else wrong with my neck. 

What a relief.  He was so gentle, he sat me down and explained to me exactly how the muscle, ligament and bone structure works.  He worked my neck and shoulders and found my neck out of alignment so he started the adjustment.  He told me that he believes that he can help me to manage my pain. I see light at the end of the tunnel.

I now need to keep a pain journal.  
A tall order for someone who normally try my utmost to ignore it.
These past few weeks I got up with a level 2 headache and by the time I got back from work it had steadily built to a level 7.  

I guess this is part of showing my vulnerable side.  Do you understand pain?  Do you suffer from pain?


Monday, September 5, 2011

Walking down memory lane

Photo of 5 year old Kobus Jr and 3 year old Wynand.(See how much Lukas looks like his daddy;-)

A fellow blogger's post stirred up some old memories.  When I married DH way back in 1979 he was working for a large supermarket group.  In those days management were expected to start work a hour before the store opened and until the store was clean (up to an hour or more after closing time)  It wasn't unusual for him to work 12 hours straight each day...and there was no such thing as lunch hours.

This meant that wives raised their children alone. I remember how often a week would go by without him seeing the children awake.  They would be asleep when he left and asleep again by the time he got back home. The children still fondly remembers how he came home and would go and lie down next to them and wake them, telling them how much he loved them.   Those were not easy days.  We saw so many marriages fold under the pressure of having an absent husband and father.  The funny (tragic) thing is that they was so brain washed into believing that this was normal that nobody ever complained.  DH told me a few days ago that one of the guys that worked with him at the time recently retired and he took his family photo album to the owner of the stores and told him to look at his photos...after it was paged through he asked a pointed question.  "Did you notice that I wasn't in one of the photos?"  Sad!

I remembered many times standing at the athletics/rugby/gymnastics...ALONE!  I remember how I attended prize givings ALONE.  I was forced into the role of being the disciplinarian of the house because DH was never home and I didn't want him to scold the children in the little time that he spent with them.  (My oldest son  was always the naughty one at school and when he was called into the principal's office and told that they would be phoning his dad about his behaviour...he was relieved that they were not going to phone his mom;-)

Added to this was the fact that during the early years of our marriage, army camps and regular border duties had to be performed.  So when Kobus Jr was six months old, DH left for the border for 3 months.  When he came back...our little boy was already walking and couldn't remember his daddy.   That was in 1980 and Operation Smoke Shell in the then South West Africa.  He was called up for border duty every second year.  

Do you have any idea how long three months can be...when you are all alone with no family living close?
Do you know that Murphy somehow always knew he was away...and the TV would conk in a few weeks after he left?
Do you know how much I hated mowing the lawn?
...and how long a weekend can become?
I realized how difficult it must be for single moms to raise their children on their own and I was thankful that there was a date and a time when DH would come home and it would all be over.

Isn't it amazing how we can live through such difficult times...and actually forget them.  I am thankful that the things that could have driven us apart was also the things that bound us closer together.

Was your early years in marriage also challenging?  What was the most difficult thing for you?

I just want to share this layout based on The Scrappiest sketch no 135.  Liz will be taking a break from sketches this month so this will be the last one for a while.