Saturday, August 20, 2011


After writing my Rethinking post, I got a comment that said that the reader loved my vulnerability.  That got me thinking....

According to, Vulnerability: 

"Vulnerability refers to the susceptibility of a person, group, society or system to physical or emotional injury or attack. The term can also refer to a person who lets their guard down, leaving themselves open to censure or criticism. Vulnerability refers to a person's state of being liable to succumb to manipulationpersuasiontemptation etc."

If I read that correct, I don't think any of us ever want to feel vulnerable and open to attack. Vulnerability must instill fear of getting hurt.  So what makes us put things out there and not fear attack or criticism. I found writings by Brene Brown on the web...about "The power of vulnerability."

Here are some of the key issues that she brings up about vulnerability. In many ways, I interpret her findings about vulnerability as the path toward authenticity.  But how do I live this way? Well that is the challenge. Here are her necessary ingredients for the manifestation of vulnerability:
  1. Courage: We need courage to tell the real story about ourselves, so that we might be ourselves. We also need the courage to be imperfect. I think this goes back to the concept of authenticity. We must be genuinely ourselves in how we live with ourselves and others. This sounds easy, but is incredibly difficult.
  2. Compassion: In the face of being ourselves, we need compassion to be kind to ourselves. This movement toward ourselves enables us to be authentically kind and compassionate to other people, animals and places.  If we don't like ourselves how do we like others?
  3. Connected: The path toward authenticity enables people to be connected to others.
  4. Vulnerability: This is necessary if we are to live authentically. We have to feel what is before us and not hide from the pain and the wonder of our connectedness in the world. Her warning is that if we numb one emotion, then we numb everything. Quite a danger, but I think we all have experienced it.
I guess I just want to be real...about the good, the bad and the ugly....and know that I am acceptable and good enough anyway.



  1. I love Brene Brown - LOVE! I have both her books too :)

    And many times when I've doubted if I should share true feelings, I think about those words and I know that my courage to be authentic makes me connect more with others :)

    Yes, vulnerability is precious!

    I think if you're aware of it you will choose the more authentic way.

    PS the biggest one I battle with is compassion... with myself!

  2. Now THIS is why I read your blog. You always post EXACTLY what I need to read. Thank you for posting this today. You have no idea how much I needed this.xx

  3. A terrific post here Lynette with very valid points. I hope that you are feeling better about blogging. Your willingness to be very opened helps so many of your readers. :)

  4. this was beautiful to your posts one can always find some inspiration, no matter how big or small.

  5. Vulnerability - What a challenge!

    Open, honest and transparent!
    I think you are on the right track :D

    Nice post! Got me thinking...

  6. I find that you are always real. Hugs to you my firend :)

  7. Lynette it is so amazing for me: you write about something, I read and stay quite, because I have far too much to say, and if i will write it will take far too much of my time - more than I have available. But then during the day (or two :-)))) I have "conversations" with you in my mind. then I read your new post, and it is like if you actually did talk to me too - the conclusions always the same :-))) I love you my friend!

  8. I don't think you're as much vulnerable as what you are strong enough to be open and honest about who you are and what you believe.

    Don't change who you are - you are wise enough to know when and what not to share.

    I appreciate and enjoy your blog.


  9. You are amazing! This post is touching me on so many levels!! Thank you for always being real and honest! :):):):):):):):):):)

  10. What a beautiful post! You helped me today, thank you!!!

  11. Beautiful post, thanks for sharing! : )

  12. To be vulnerable around those you love is a good thing but to be vulnerable on the internet is not - if I were you I'd keep all that stuff for your private blog - much safer :)

  13. Hi Lynette

    Yes I always think of you as being authentic,rather than vulnerable .

    & Helen has a point - if it's just safer to be vulnerable in private , then do not hesitate to do that.

    Funny thing that the topic of being vulnerable came up at my lunch time yesterday with a rather matured 26 year old young lady. But in the context of the person who was referred to as being vulnerable, I would say victim mentality comes to mind. Certainly not so with you.

    I've also been told brutally told to my face ( IRL ) by well meaning strangers that I'm weak when I showed vulnerability in public. Did not go down well with me - that one & I did not choose to associate with the person who told me that . ( that I'm not praying enough or praying long enough ad nauseum )

    ok I'm rambling now ! I do believe that if we lived in the same city we would have great girl time lunches or other such activities together ! lol alas I do that with those 20 years younger these days ! ;)

  14. You are such a brilliant writer my friend! And yes, be real. You are very real here and I love it.

  15. Hello Lynette, First of all I want to tell you that I love your header picture so much!!!!

    And I love your post too! To tell you the true I love to be vulnerable, so far it had made more humble.

    Thank you so much for the visit!

  16. This is a wonderful post...and so very true.
    (That C.S. Lewis "statement" is so very good too!)

  17. Hi Lynette...I always love reading your posts - you write beautifully and your posts touch my heart...I think what appeals to me - is your honesty and sincerity - about yourself, your family and your life...(the good and the bad) and I suppose honesty does lead to a bit of vulnerability, but it also takes a strong person to be honest in a simple and gentle way....I would certainly miss your blog, if you were to stop doing it...Lots of love..


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