Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pinnacle Point - a week of rest

First I will show you some of the photos we took while we were away.  The building is the club house and the wooden walk way is the start of the St Blaize trail.  I was amazed by the beautiful "fynbos", a real nature garden.
This photo was taken from the deck of the club house... the place where we had many delicious meals.
We stayed in one of these units, it has gorgeous views, but I don't think I will go there again in the winter.  The buildings are built to get the most of the view...not the sun.
Picture taken from the porch.
Our mode of transport on the golf estate....a tad breezy;-)
I just realized again, what a beautiful country we live in...with huge stretches of coastline and diverse nature.
On three of the days the weather was good enough to go for long walks...along the St Blaize Trail and just walking the course.
We will be coming here again at the end of September...and I am sure that it will be more enjoyable in warmer weather.
DH played three rounds of golf on this course.  It must be one of the most difficult courses to play and I do believe that many balls land up in the sea.
I love the ocean and can't imagine living away from it.
DH made me this little garland of vygies.

Thank you for your comments on my previous post.  I will be exploring the possibility of going to Wordpress where you can password protect the posts that you want to.  I think the thing that really freaked me out was that two weeks ago I was in a local Scrapbook shop and one of the customers came up to me and told me she knows me.  It appears that she is one of the people that follow my blog and never comment.  Another thing is that some of my old school friends have "found" me on Facebook and I just don't feel free to do my posting updates on Facebook anymore.

Anyhow...things I have came to realize while on holiday:
  • I can't scrap away from home.  I packed a crate but just struggled too much.  I guess I am spoiled by my organised scrap room where everything can be found in seconds.
  • I can happily sit and do nothing and not get bored.  I read two books and watched more TV than I would normally.
  • Sitting around vegging will cause your waistline and bum line to expand.
  • I have had enough of children living with us and NEED my house back again. (but that is a post for another day)


  1. That looks like a fantastic break! And I can imagine you need your privacy and quietness back.

  2. looks like such a beautiful place! I miss the sea... You are lucky! :D
    I also understand the need for having your own space back! Good luck with that!

  3. Yes... I would be freaked by people reading that I didn't want to read.

    BTW, I don't have my maiden name on FB :)

    GORGEOUS pics even if it was cold - I've never been to Mossel Bay!

    LOL at getting your space back - I totally agree.

  4. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee your vacation photos!! GORGEOUS!! And loving the little head piece that he made for you! :):):):):):):):):):):)

    When I was at CHA... I actually had two people come up to me and say "Julie?" ... same as you, they read but never comment on my blog.. kinda a surreal feeling :):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. Beautiful photos and such a lovely place. yip me cannot scrap away from home either! happy to hear that you are finding some solutions on your blog. oh and cute garland:)

  6. What beautiful pics... we are blessed to live in this country :)

  7. Oh what a beautiful place for a holiday!! I wish our winters looked like that! hee hee The new blog where you can make some posts private sounds like the perfect solution. I can understand how these recent situations have made you feel too out there. Hope your home soon becomes your own again. As much as we all love our families, private sanctuary is so important! :)

  8. Love to see your photos Lyneete and see you had a great time there!
    I understand you about scrapping far from your palce I can´t do it either!!!
    Also I understand how you feel about your privacy time and life.All needs our own space too!

  9. Love your 'princess crown' as Polly called it.

    It looks like you guys had a lovely time away - food for the soul?

    Yes, i agree private is much better! I must say my other 2 websites are with wordpress and it is really great. Good luck with sorting it out xx

  10. Love the garland:-)!
    and here's to getting your house back...

  11. Thanks for sharing this with us...the photo's are wonderful and looks like a magical place in South African to visit...
    I get what you say.
    My daughter says she often gets people telling her they read her mom's blog and see her picture not allowed to show them off now, and one of the reasons I went private...but also saw weird men googling children's photo's and coming out at my granddaugter....not happy with now private and have accepted.

  12. Good that you are having some relaxing time.
    I learn not to put anything private on my FB, too dangerous!

  13. Beautiful place by the looks of things but I agree - stick with the warmest place in winter! I love blogging & Facebook & sorry to hear you are feeling down about it...I have a public & a private persona & keep the private one for my real life friends & family. I've toyed with the idea of starting a private blog but now that I have to blog so much for all my DTs I honestly can't justify the time & luckily I don't feel the need...

  14. wow ! so breathtaking these pics are !!! Love it & that you were able to refresh yourself once again !

    p/s : Will send you an email soon . Thanks evah that you're always there to listen ! ;) {{{{{hugs}}}}}}

  15. Oh wow, what a stunning stretch of SA coast line ... we can really feel proud of our beautiful country apart from all the negatives, most SA's tend to concentrate on most of the time. So glad you got round to do just nothing ... excellent soul food for such a busy/overloaded grandma like yourself. Looking forward to seeing some new layouts with the photos you took on your break.

  16. Such beautiful photos..we really do live in a beautiful lucky are we...

    Its weird for me...I once found out that a friend on facebook was reading my blog...she never left any comments. And that freaked me out more than complete strangers reading it. I cannot explain why. So I stopped linking my posts to my facebook page.

  17. wow - what an amazing spot for a vacay!!!

    I know what you mean re: stuff not being private. All of my blog posts are shared via FB and sometimes my friends on FB will make a comment and it takes me by surprise but then I remember that hey, I put it out there! :)

  18. Wow! What a gorgeous place to get away! It's always nice to have a bit of a break now and then.

  19. What a beautiful place. I would want to go back as soon as possible. And my favorite? The garland for your hair:)


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