Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Picnic in the Baviaans Nature Reserve - (photo post)

Moving swiftly on...

Two weekends ago our Cell group decided to go for a 4x4 drive in the Elands Valley and the Baviaans Nature Reserve.  My first thought that this isn't really "my thing".  So glad I didn't actually say it...because it turned out to be a beautiful day in a beautiful part of our country. So early on Sunday morning we all bundled into 3 4x4 vehicles.
Ignoring the sign we entered this premises...
You can see the dam wall in the background.
The manager's house build in 1905.
The Sand River Dam built in 1929...what they did without the modern machinery is just amazing.
My favourite photo of the day.
We entered the Baviaans Nature Reserve and drove to the foot of the Cockscomb Mountain...beautiful!
Here we had coffee and rusks.
The heather is so pretty and it looks like little posies all over the veld.
Our one friend ventured into the bush to get close to the proteas...and she suffered from tick bite fever after being bitten by a tick during our trip.
An old house in the reserve...this is something our great grand kids will probably never see.
Perched high up on the Groot River Pass.
Needless to say the men loved the know boys and their toys?
Another very pretty bush that is showing it's spring blossoms.
In  this photo you can see how strong and how wide the river ran during our recent floods.
We had a lovely picnic lunch next to the river.
Spending time with good friends...priceless.
One of the men in our group making a big splash.

This is the first time we drove to the Baviaans Kloof....and it is right on our doorstep.  Do you also live near beautiful places you have never visited?



  1. Looks like a wonderful time! I loveeeeeeeeee the photos!!! And I hope your friend is better after the tick bite! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Oh I love the Baviaans! The first time we went through it I was pregnant with the Princess - I think about 28 weeks and my MIL kept fearing for the baby the whole trip through.

    It does look like such agreat day out.

  3. Love to see all those beautiful photos!

  4. very beautiful pictures! it seems that you had a wonderful day! I also thought that 4x4 is not my thing until I went on a day trip at Wolkberge (it is just 60 km from our town)

  5. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos! Looks like a wonderful day indeed. So very true that we often have amazing nature to visit in our own areas but don't.

  6. Gorgeous photos, looks like you guys had so much fun.
    We are also guilty of not visiting places right on our doorsteps. Sigh....always saying "one day".

  7. Very cool post. I do live close to some beautful places I never go see. Isn't it funny how we want to take these big vacations to go see amazing things and sometimes those things are in your own back yard.

  8. Beautiful photos & a great day out, we are guilty of traveling all over except for whats in our area. Make us think your post does.

  9. Such beautiful photos my dear.

    Love the side view one of you - so beautiful.

    Aren't we priviledged to have such beautiful spots at our doorstep?

    The pic of the man making a 'big splash' reminds me of my trip to school every morning - all the kids want me to drive through the little river fast so that it makes a 'big splash' x


  10. Awesome photos, glad you had fun!!!! : )
    (my favorite is the boat pic, so cool)

  11. Oh what a super fun DAY!!!!
    I love it...and that rock house/building is amazing. Like the 1905 home too...treasures.

    Glad you had such a day with friends. We all need that more often!

  12. Stunning! I have never been to Baviaanskloof! It is true; we have lovely places all around, and we should make more effort to go and explore!
    Lovely photos!

  13. Wow! Your photos are gorgeous!!! What a lovely day trip.

  14. Great pictures, I love the boat one too. And yes, we have tons of places around here I've never been, including Mount St. Helens which erupted in 1980.

  15. Looks amazing! I am getting out more and more these weekends as I trail run every Saturday morning. Today I ran and then came home, full of excitement of the beauty I had seen, so packed up the family and we went hiking up to Elephants Eye cave. So much natural beauty on my doorstep.

  16. wow ! wow ! wow ! great pic share , hun !

  17. Wow, you have such beautiful photos. We do have great places around here, but nothing like this. You are so lucky. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  18. Oh wow looks amazing there. Such stunning pics!

  19. And that comment was from me...Hayley xxx

  20. Fantastic photos - looks amazing! With hubs working so much we can only ever get away at Christmas unfortunately...

  21. Looks like a wonderful time and great pictures! The picture of the boats are my fave too - absolutely stunning!!


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