Friday, August 26, 2011

A movie outing

Yesterday afternoon when I picked up our three little ones from creche for their sleepover with us, I announced that we are going to the movies.  Lukas had been before but not so for Dewan and excitement reached fever pitch by the time they had their supper, was bathed, dressed and ready to go.  I talked DH into coming along.  I knew that handling three might not be that easy on my own.  

We went to watch the animated movie "Sammy's adventures".  We were the only people in the nobody cared if the children laughed out loud...when we explained a scene... or when Dewan and Lukas made the chairs a jungle gym.  The children loved the movie...and sat mesmerized for the first hour...then their concentration waned and they started getting fidgety.

After the movie they wanted to visit the loo, because Leane needed to go.  Thinking that DH will take care of the boys we entered and I helped Leane.  What an adventure followed.  When I walked out of the stall I found a discarded nappy lying on the floor and then I found Dewan in another stall...just his feet, head and and hands (holding on for dear life) sticking out from the was hilarious!  Lukas was found in another stall doing something similar.  It took ages to get bums wiped, hands washed and dried...and washed and dried....and washed and dried.  It became a game...when I was busy with one, the other would get their hands wet again.  During all this DH was sitting outside without a care in the world.

Then it was time for ice cream at the Wimpy.  Lukas demanded to know where the play area was and when he was told that there is no play area he wanted Oupa to take him to the Spur.  Dewan swung like a monkey from the bars that separated the Wimpy from the mall.  Leane developed a "head ache" because the ice cream was too cold (I kid you not).  When we laughed at her she even managed to squeeze out two huge tears to prove it.  

Okay...onto something crafty.  This week at Sketch Support this is the sketch that is being showcased.  To see the wonderful work done by the design team and the different variations to the sketch...visit Sketch Support.

You can download and print this sketch by clicking on the one-page sketches link found under the "printable sketches" tab on the right sidebar of the Sketch Support blog.

Here is my layout based on the sketch.  I stretched the sketch over two pages.

"Best Friends" by Lynette Jacobs 
Supply List - Cardstock: Bazzill; Printed Papers: My Mind's Eye (Stella and Rose Hattie);Brads and stickers: My Mind's Eye (Stella and Rose Hattie); Letters: Basic Grey; Quotes:SRM Stickers and Kaiser Craft

• My top strips are 12 x 1/2 and I attached it to coordinating cardstock measuring 12 x 3/4.

• The large background pieces measures 12 x 7-3/4.

• Striped strips are 12 x 1/2.

• Bottom strips are 12 x 1/2 and attached to coordinating cardstock measuring 12 x 1.

• I used an A5 and three 4x6 photos and the three little photos measure 2.5 x 2.5.

You can also upload your layouts based on Allison's sketches to the Flickr gallery.  The link is also in the right sidebar of the blog.


  1. Ah, what an awesome day with the Grandkids! You are the cool Grandparents! :-)

  2. Pragtige storie - pragtige layout :-)


  3. The movies can be so fun with kids!! (I keep hoping if I tell myself that... it will be true!! LOL!) Me and Brookie have a girls date in September as they are re-releasing the Lion King for two weeks only in the theater!!! Wish me luck! lol!! :):):)

    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee the lo!! I loveeeeeeeeeee all the photos, and the way you put the little ones in front, and LOVING the title work!! BEAUTIFUL! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. Amazing layout Lynette! I love the papers you chose!

  5. you are such a fun grandma!

    Love the pics of your "little" babies

  6. Divine LO - love it.

    And sounds like a cute movie - just checked to see if it's on here as there is bad weather planned for the weekend - but alas, it's not.

  7. Oh what a fun time with your sweet grandchildren! We used to love taking our girls to the movies. It was more fun to watch them watch the movie than to watch it myself! What is it with children and public washrooms? My eldest never went on an outing without a visit to every washroom available. My husband got off without a care in his world as I dealt with the girls. My DD told me later after she grew up that she just liked to see what the washroom looked like so she would want to go even if she didn't need to 'go"! Drove me crazy!

    I LOVE your take on this amazing sketch! The banner at the top is terrific. What sweet photos. I'm going to bookmark this sketch!

  8. Me again! Thanks for your sweet comment on my Lady. She is a sweetie for sure. We think she was a puppy mill dog. :( She was found with 4 Chihuahuas abandoned far out in the county. They were all female, not spayed and middle aged. :( She has come a long way with lots of love! She had never been outside, never on a leash, couldn't do stairs and was not potty trained. She is very slow to trust but once she decides that you are okay, look out for the love she will give you! We are making up for all the love she missed out on in her early years. I think she was physically mistreated in some way. If I have her on the leash and I get tangled with the two other dogs and lift my leg to untangle, she ducks away. Breaks my heart. She is hopefully learning that anyone around her now will treat her like the princess she is. :) I feel very grateful to have her and she holds a very special place in my heart. We didn't go on vacation this summer because I can't bring myself to putting her in the kennel. I am afraid that she will digress and think she is back in rescue or even worse, in the mill. We debated bringing her along, but if I had to leave her to go to a restaurant to eat, she gets upset if she is alone without other dogs. Poor thing. Oh well, she is worth some small sacrifices. :) Oh, more dog talk from me. ;)

  9. Looove the sketch and the page. I am going to try this one. You do the best work.

  10. What an adorable layout you made with the sketch my friend!!!
    I love the story of the cinema.I remember when my kids where little and we visit the cinema! I saw all the kids movies LOL!!

  11. That movie looks so cute! Love your double layout and I can't wait to hear about your little something in your upcoming post ;)

    Great quote in the post below as well about vulnerability.

  12. Movie looks great thanks for the heads your LO, simply adorable.

  13. The movies sounded such fun, could picture DH just chilling outside too - had a good chuckle - thats what mine would do too.Its so good to have great grand parents they will remember the fun times always. L/outs are lovely & so colourful.

  14. Oh wow, super fun two pages, those little darling are super adorable too!

  15. Hilarious!! So true about the DH! Glad it gets easier as they get older. Now I worry though, when I can't go in with DS, as he's too old to be with me!

    Your layouts are always so beautiful, and your design gets more stunning with every project I see!

  16. Lynette: Your layout is absolutely amazing! I LOVE it! I definitely need to lift it :)

    Your grandchildren are adorable!

  17. Oh my, oh my ... you are a super brave gran ... I can just picture the scene ;-)

    Your layout is stunning .. as always and I'll be CASING your elements for sure.


  18. Cute, cute, cute.... the kids and the layout :)
    Oh - and next time Leani has a headache when she eats ice-cream, tell her its a brain freeze, and only very clever people get it :0)

  19. I got such a mental picture of the chaos in the loos while K sits outside waiting for you all! I have had very similar experiences when my 3 were little.
    Gorgeous layout!

  20. very nice take on the sketch!
    they don't shoe it yet at our cinema, and I don't know if they will, as there is no ad on it :-((( and we haven't been to the movies already for a while...

  21. What hilarity at the movies! Your kids have it too good with you & all the help you give them. Time to reclaim some time to yourself now & let them know you need a bit of a break too!! Gorgeous photos & layout too!

  22. Amazing LO! YOur kiddo's are so cute!!

  23. Amazing LO! YOur kiddo's are so cute!!


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