Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Characters that feature in my life

A few of you wanted to know which of our grandchildren belong to which of my I am going to show you photos that was taken on a recent photo shoot.  A photo shoot that I am not entirely happy with.  There is just way to many shadows on the photos taken in studio.  I am pretty sure that Shayne, Hayley or Marcelle would have done a far better work with this.  You will notice that my new header is a family photo.  The only one missing in the picture is Bianca.  
You can see the shadow falling over my face in this photo...not something that should happen in a studio shoot.  I like this photo, because she did not use an action on looks natural.
I met my DH when I was in my final year at school, I was 17 at the time.  He was the perfect gentleman and I was instantly in love. We married a year later. You could say that we raised each other. If I could have my life over again, I WOULD DO IT AGAIN:-)   I adore him and he adores me...what more can you ask?
Less than a year after our marriage our first son, Kobus, was born.   He has grown into a real business man and I am very proud of him.  He is also my sensitive child that doesn't easily talk and gets hurt easily.  He married Lache in 2005 and Leane and Dewan was born. At the beginning of last year they separated and an ugly divorce followed.  They are now again working on their relationship and we are praying that all will be well.
They are a beautiful family.
Our second son, Wynand, was born two and a half years after his brother.  He was always the stubborn one but also had the ability to just crawl into everyone's heart with his endearing personality.  He met Nadia, and she was his first serious relationship.  At the time Nadia had a little boy and Christian instantly became our grandchild when they married in 2008 and Lukas was born later that year.
In these photos you can see how uncooperative he was during the photo shoot.  He wanted ONLY his OUPA, and wanted nothing to do with posing for photos.
There is nothing more important than family...and nothing can compare with it.  We are hoping to do another photo shoot when Bianca is home.
I am way behind posting my DT here goes with this week's sketch from The Scrappiest. Here is the very lovely sketch by Liz Chidester...this is sketch #131.
 Here is my layout based on the sketch.  This photo was taken on the morning of my 50th birthday.
Supply list:  Cardstock - Bazzill; Printed Papers - My Minds Eye Stella and Rose Gertie; Transparency and brads - My Minds Eye;  Felt Embellishment - American Craft; Flowers - Prima Marri Collection; Metal Tag Holder - Tim Holtz;  Letters - American Craft; Rub-on - Kaiser Scrapbook.


  1. Hello there
    I totally agree with you there shouldn't be shadows like that on people's faces. Did the photographer only use the flash on the camera itself and not big lights covered by diffusers?

    You have some lovely shots here though, I am sure you'll treasure them anyway, just because they capture your family right now.

  2. I loveeeeee the new family header and even with the shadows, your family photos are just BEAUTIFUL! I can see and feel the love!!! Your lo is GORGEOUS too!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee that photo, the colors and that 'cherish' charm! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. I love the pictures because you all look great and it is wonderful memories, but I have to agree on the shadows. But then I prefer outside lifestyle shots more than studio ones, so maybe it's not so bad?

  4. very beautiful pictures! and very beautiful people!
    it was nice to read a bit of your family's story even I new most of the stuff. your family reminds me of us a lot, even there is a lot of differences :-)))

  5. YOU HAVE SUCH A BIG AND BEAUTIFUL FAMILY...ahhhhhhhhh I too would be so proud of each and everyone if they belonged to me...they are so special...and what a lovely husband you have...I agree...why trade him in when he is perfect in so many ways...

    There are shadows on the face....not sure of the studio lightening used....and maybe a reflector would have helped a little...but hey, you had memories captured!!!!

  6. I love your take on the sketch! Such a lovely photo too! I so enjoyed seeing all of your family photos and finally figuring out who belonged to who! lol Your family is beautiful! I have been with my DH since I was 18.

  7. Hi Lynette!!! Love to know all your family,what a beautiful family!!! I´ll put your son and wife on my prayers,hope everything goes well,they look at a great couple.
    About your layout is amazing as all your work!!

  8. You are all a beautiful family!
    Totally agree about the shadows. A professional photographer should know better!
    Thanks for introducing us :D

  9. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!!! Lynette, the photo's are beautiful. Your family is beautiful! What a wonderful header you have now!! There is nothing better than a wonderful family photo shoot!!

  10. You have a gorgeous family Lynette. I hopw everything works out for you son and his wife. And by the way, you don't look a day over 40! :)

  11. Beautiful natural photos. I understand what you say about the shadows but WOW, what memories and love these pics hold.

  12. LOVE seeing and hearing more about your family. They are all gorgeous and adorable (Lukas is clearly his grandpa's child).

    when will Bianca be home for your next shoot?

  13. Gorgeous family photos and love your project.

  14. Great family photos (even with the shadows). I love your new header too.

  15. stunningly beautiful family! love your layout!

  16. Wow! These are incredibly beautiful! Thank you for sharing your family with us. It is always so neat to know more about blogging friends and their families! You have a beautiful one!!!!!

  17. Love the photos - what a gorgeous group! And love you're layout - I am case-ing this idea!

  18. love seeing your beautiful family pics , grrll ! way to go ! love your latest Scrappiest layout here too !

  19. I love the photo's and learning a little more about you. I didn't notice the shaddows at first but once you mentioned it I went back and you are so right. Love the page it is very cute. That Stella and Rose paper is just adorable.


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