Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Picnic in the Baviaans Nature Reserve - (photo post)

Moving swiftly on...

Two weekends ago our Cell group decided to go for a 4x4 drive in the Elands Valley and the Baviaans Nature Reserve.  My first thought that this isn't really "my thing".  So glad I didn't actually say it...because it turned out to be a beautiful day in a beautiful part of our country. So early on Sunday morning we all bundled into 3 4x4 vehicles.
Ignoring the sign we entered this premises...
You can see the dam wall in the background.
The manager's house build in 1905.
The Sand River Dam built in 1929...what they did without the modern machinery is just amazing.
My favourite photo of the day.
We entered the Baviaans Nature Reserve and drove to the foot of the Cockscomb Mountain...beautiful!
Here we had coffee and rusks.
The heather is so pretty and it looks like little posies all over the veld.
Our one friend ventured into the bush to get close to the proteas...and she suffered from tick bite fever after being bitten by a tick during our trip.
An old house in the reserve...this is something our great grand kids will probably never see.
Perched high up on the Groot River Pass.
Needless to say the men loved the know boys and their toys?
Another very pretty bush that is showing it's spring blossoms.
In  this photo you can see how strong and how wide the river ran during our recent floods.
We had a lovely picnic lunch next to the river.
Spending time with good friends...priceless.
One of the men in our group making a big splash.

This is the first time we drove to the Baviaans Kloof....and it is right on our doorstep.  Do you also live near beautiful places you have never visited?


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shades of blue

It has been creeping up on me these past weeks.
I am not in a good place.
I came back from our vacation with the knowledge that I have had enough of sharing my space.  I love order in my home...everything in it's place. My home has always been my I want to run away.  For the past six months my formal lounge, garage and our lapa have been turned into storage.  Everybody doesn't feel the same about being neat and orderly. No privacy.  It is driving me around the bend.

With the knowledge that I have had enough came intolerance and impatience.  Broken sleep and unrelenting pain in my neck and shoulders have probably added to this.  It has chipped away at me and has turned me into somebody I don't want to be...somebody I don't like.  It feels as if all joy has been squeezed out of me.  I know that joy and happiness is a choice....but I don't want to choose.  I know that I have a lot to be thankful for...but I just don't care.  Pathetic!

Today I wanted to see how their house was progressing.  I got back into the car with a heavy heart...there is still SO MUCH work.  I felt despair rising up in me and felt the urge to cry..I used all my strength to push it back down, to where it belongs.  When DH got into the car he picked up on my mood and he asked me to tell him what is wrong. I tried to remain in came out jumbled, I am unhappy, frustrated and I think I am depressed.

I waited, expecting him to tell me to "get a grip".  To tell me that Christians don't feel this way.  It did not come.  Instead he took my hand and told me how much he loved me.  What can he do to make "it" better?  My perfect composure crumbled.

Friday, August 26, 2011

A movie outing

Yesterday afternoon when I picked up our three little ones from creche for their sleepover with us, I announced that we are going to the movies.  Lukas had been before but not so for Dewan and excitement reached fever pitch by the time they had their supper, was bathed, dressed and ready to go.  I talked DH into coming along.  I knew that handling three might not be that easy on my own.  

We went to watch the animated movie "Sammy's adventures".  We were the only people in the nobody cared if the children laughed out loud...when we explained a scene... or when Dewan and Lukas made the chairs a jungle gym.  The children loved the movie...and sat mesmerized for the first hour...then their concentration waned and they started getting fidgety.

After the movie they wanted to visit the loo, because Leane needed to go.  Thinking that DH will take care of the boys we entered and I helped Leane.  What an adventure followed.  When I walked out of the stall I found a discarded nappy lying on the floor and then I found Dewan in another stall...just his feet, head and and hands (holding on for dear life) sticking out from the was hilarious!  Lukas was found in another stall doing something similar.  It took ages to get bums wiped, hands washed and dried...and washed and dried....and washed and dried.  It became a game...when I was busy with one, the other would get their hands wet again.  During all this DH was sitting outside without a care in the world.

Then it was time for ice cream at the Wimpy.  Lukas demanded to know where the play area was and when he was told that there is no play area he wanted Oupa to take him to the Spur.  Dewan swung like a monkey from the bars that separated the Wimpy from the mall.  Leane developed a "head ache" because the ice cream was too cold (I kid you not).  When we laughed at her she even managed to squeeze out two huge tears to prove it.  

Okay...onto something crafty.  This week at Sketch Support this is the sketch that is being showcased.  To see the wonderful work done by the design team and the different variations to the sketch...visit Sketch Support.

You can download and print this sketch by clicking on the one-page sketches link found under the "printable sketches" tab on the right sidebar of the Sketch Support blog.

Here is my layout based on the sketch.  I stretched the sketch over two pages.

"Best Friends" by Lynette Jacobs 
Supply List - Cardstock: Bazzill; Printed Papers: My Mind's Eye (Stella and Rose Hattie);Brads and stickers: My Mind's Eye (Stella and Rose Hattie); Letters: Basic Grey; Quotes:SRM Stickers and Kaiser Craft

• My top strips are 12 x 1/2 and I attached it to coordinating cardstock measuring 12 x 3/4.

• The large background pieces measures 12 x 7-3/4.

• Striped strips are 12 x 1/2.

• Bottom strips are 12 x 1/2 and attached to coordinating cardstock measuring 12 x 1.

• I used an A5 and three 4x6 photos and the three little photos measure 2.5 x 2.5.

You can also upload your layouts based on Allison's sketches to the Flickr gallery.  The link is also in the right sidebar of the blog.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


After writing my Rethinking post, I got a comment that said that the reader loved my vulnerability.  That got me thinking....

According to, Vulnerability: 

"Vulnerability refers to the susceptibility of a person, group, society or system to physical or emotional injury or attack. The term can also refer to a person who lets their guard down, leaving themselves open to censure or criticism. Vulnerability refers to a person's state of being liable to succumb to manipulationpersuasiontemptation etc."

If I read that correct, I don't think any of us ever want to feel vulnerable and open to attack. Vulnerability must instill fear of getting hurt.  So what makes us put things out there and not fear attack or criticism. I found writings by Brene Brown on the web...about "The power of vulnerability."

Here are some of the key issues that she brings up about vulnerability. In many ways, I interpret her findings about vulnerability as the path toward authenticity.  But how do I live this way? Well that is the challenge. Here are her necessary ingredients for the manifestation of vulnerability:
  1. Courage: We need courage to tell the real story about ourselves, so that we might be ourselves. We also need the courage to be imperfect. I think this goes back to the concept of authenticity. We must be genuinely ourselves in how we live with ourselves and others. This sounds easy, but is incredibly difficult.
  2. Compassion: In the face of being ourselves, we need compassion to be kind to ourselves. This movement toward ourselves enables us to be authentically kind and compassionate to other people, animals and places.  If we don't like ourselves how do we like others?
  3. Connected: The path toward authenticity enables people to be connected to others.
  4. Vulnerability: This is necessary if we are to live authentically. We have to feel what is before us and not hide from the pain and the wonder of our connectedness in the world. Her warning is that if we numb one emotion, then we numb everything. Quite a danger, but I think we all have experienced it.
I guess I just want to be real...about the good, the bad and the ugly....and know that I am acceptable and good enough anyway.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pinnacle Point - a week of rest

First I will show you some of the photos we took while we were away.  The building is the club house and the wooden walk way is the start of the St Blaize trail.  I was amazed by the beautiful "fynbos", a real nature garden.
This photo was taken from the deck of the club house... the place where we had many delicious meals.
We stayed in one of these units, it has gorgeous views, but I don't think I will go there again in the winter.  The buildings are built to get the most of the view...not the sun.
Picture taken from the porch.
Our mode of transport on the golf estate....a tad breezy;-)
I just realized again, what a beautiful country we live in...with huge stretches of coastline and diverse nature.
On three of the days the weather was good enough to go for long walks...along the St Blaize Trail and just walking the course.
We will be coming here again at the end of September...and I am sure that it will be more enjoyable in warmer weather.
DH played three rounds of golf on this course.  It must be one of the most difficult courses to play and I do believe that many balls land up in the sea.
I love the ocean and can't imagine living away from it.
DH made me this little garland of vygies.

Thank you for your comments on my previous post.  I will be exploring the possibility of going to Wordpress where you can password protect the posts that you want to.  I think the thing that really freaked me out was that two weeks ago I was in a local Scrapbook shop and one of the customers came up to me and told me she knows me.  It appears that she is one of the people that follow my blog and never comment.  Another thing is that some of my old school friends have "found" me on Facebook and I just don't feel free to do my posting updates on Facebook anymore.

Anyhow...things I have came to realize while on holiday:
  • I can't scrap away from home.  I packed a crate but just struggled too much.  I guess I am spoiled by my organised scrap room where everything can be found in seconds.
  • I can happily sit and do nothing and not get bored.  I read two books and watched more TV than I would normally.
  • Sitting around vegging will cause your waistline and bum line to expand.
  • I have had enough of children living with us and NEED my house back again. (but that is a post for another day)

Sunday, August 14, 2011


...the whole blogging thing.  This is post no 458 and on 18 August it will be the third anniversary of this blog.

This past week we have been on vacation in Mossel Bay. I decided to take a break from blogging, blog reading and even had my cellphone on silent and didn't look at it for four days.  It was amazing, I could relax and there was NO pressure to try and keep in the loop.  I had heaps of time to you can imagine;-)  I spent a lot of time thinking of this little slice of my world.

I have been blogging for three years here and a bit more than a year on my private blog...and again I find myself at some sort of cross road.  When I started I blogged mostly about my creative side and showcased my layouts.  Slowly as I got to know some other bloggers, I started blogging about my life as a wife, mother, grandmother and a growing child of God.  At first I tried keeping my life and my work separate but gradually I started sharing on what we do at the mission.

Since last year many of you have followed our journey as a family as we came to terms with an inoperable condition my DS2 was diagnosed with.  You followed our journey when he miraculously regained his eye sight.   This is where I came and opened my heart when we had to face a divorce in the family.  You picked me up, dusted me off and put me back on my feet when my DD ran away in the middle of the night.  This place has become my sanctuary, my safe place where I can vent my feelings and work through my "stuff".

The thing is, it’s really not very safe at all.  Maybe the biggest mistake I made in my blog journey was being open about my identity and that of my family.  Am I exposing my family unnecessarily?

Now I find myself in a place where slowly my blog is mainly being used as a place to showcase my scrapbook layouts again.  Suddenly I am hesitant to write about the things that matter, my thoughts and feelings, my walk of faith.  Then I get an e-mail from a random reader telling me how much it meant to her to read positive thoughts or a scripture I posted....and I am even more confused.  Why am I blogging?  Am I blogging for me or for others?

Do I keep this blog for only my creativity?
Do I move all my thoughts and feelings blog posts to my private blog?
Are you just being polite and only read me because I read you?
Why do you read me?
Do you go through soul searching where your blog is concerned?

Please be honest, and share your feeling with me.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sketch Support August Two-Page Sketch

I am taking a break at the moment.  DH and I are in Mossel Bay at Pinnacle Point for a week vacation.  The scenery is absolutely beautiful and once we get back home I will post photos of our time here. 
I have decided that this is the ideal time to take a break from the computer as well.  So I will only be posting my Design Team work this week. 

It is time for the Sketch Support Two-page sketch.  You can download the sketch with all the details from the side bar of the Sketch Support blog.

I love two pagers so much that I did two layouts based on this sketch.  Here is the first one.  The photos were taken in September 2010 from the Sea Lounge at the Beacon Isle Hotel.  That is right we were arm chair whale watching;-)
Whale watching
Supply list:  Cardstock - Bazzill;  Printed paper - Websters Pages Yacht Club; Trims - Websters Yacht Club;  (sun)doily - Websters; Sun Rays - Bazzill die cuts; Felties - Sassafras Lass; Letters - Websters Yacht club; Droplets - Kaiser Scrapbook;  Other - DMC cotton.

I followed the sketch closely.  I replaced the vertical strips along the three photos on the right side with the red and white Websters trim. 
I made a sun be using the Websters doily and some Bazzill die cuts as the sunrays. 
I used a Prima swirl to get the outlines for the swirl and then did some hand sewing, adding the droplets.  I cut the whale from some of the Websters printed paper.
I have had the little fish and whale felties in my stash for ages and this was the right time to use them.

The next layout I did with photos of me and two of my sisters (we are five girls) taken the day after my 50th birthday party.  We had a walk down memory lane, visiting all the places where we lived and then ended up at Blue Waters for cocktails.
We share a history
Supply list:  Background paper - Bo Bunny;  Printed Papers - Websters Yacht Club; Trims - Websters Yacht Club; Letters - One of the older Websters Alphas.

On this layout I replaced the two waves with two different trims.
 I cut the boat and the lighthouse from Websters printed paper and used it as embellishments.
I love how the lace trim looks like froth.
Chat again soon:-)


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sketch Support August Card sketch week and a WINNER

I love how Allison's sketches gets you thinking outside the box. You can download and print this sketch by clicking on the card sketches link found under the "printable sketches" tab on the right sidebar of Sketch Support.  I made three projects using this weeks sketch.
Wishing you every happiness card
Supply list:  Cardstock - Bazzill;  Printed Paper - Pink Paislee Butterfly Garden;  Bling -Kaiser Craft;  Sentiment - Kaiser Craft; Ribbon from my stash.

With this card I stuck to the sketch.  I used a square piece of printed paper for the background.  I did faux stitching around my circles and the image in the center was cut from the Pink Paislee Butterfly Garden paper.  I added the ribbon and bling in the scallops.

Congratulations card
Supply list:  Printed Paper:  Bo Bunny Unforgettable; Trims - Prima; Rub-ons - Kaiser Craft;Flowers - local craft shop; Image - downloaded from the Internet.

I printed the image onto my center circle and then added the trim to each circle before putting it together.

It was a challenge for me to use this sketch to make a one-page layout.

Supply list:  Cardstock - Bazzill; Printed Papers - Websters Yacht Club; Brads - Boxer;Letters - Bella Boulevard; Other - jute string and some ribbons scraps from my stash.

I cut the bottom of the paper above the picket fence and used the top part for the scalloped paper.  I used the brown bazzill to form a contrast with the softer colors of the Websters papers.  I added faux stitching to the outer circle and brads to the scallops.
It still looked a bit bare so I added the two kites to the sides. 
I matted the photo with another piece of Bazzill and used my scallop scissors around it and then added the little white dots to the scallops.

Then onto the winner of Allison Davis one page sketch book:

Steffanie, you have until next week Wednesday 10 August to let me have your postal address, contact me on

I have never thought of sending my layouts for possible publications.  Our ministry is way to stressful to add to that stress with my hobby having to perform too.  But I love it when my layouts gets noticed on a gallery like 2Peas;-)

Thank you for visiting;-)