Monday, July 4, 2011

Something to make you smile.....

....on this icy Monday morning.  I have told you many times that Lukie and my DH is inseparable.  He is loving having all his loved ones under one roof at the moment.  I took these photo's this morning.  I really believe you need to see how much he helps his Oupa exercise in the morning.

What would Oupa do without Lukas?
He would never be able to pull that heavy weights;-)
Helping Oupa on the ab-flyer.  LOL...DH will get strong stomach muscles with that extra weight.
...and off for a ride on the exercise bike.
...what is Oupa going to do without him:-)
A sweaty Ouma gets a kiss before school.
Now...what is not to love?

We have had extreme cold wet weather this winter.  Keep warm!



  1. Ag ma! He is adorable. We are also freezzing our whatsisnames off today.

  2. Ag nono, he is gorgeous.

    Yes, Oupa will be much stronger & fitter thanks to little Lukas!

    Freezing here too x

  3. Soooo freezing my fingers are about to snap off here - really! Loving all the photos of Lukas - can see some great scrapbook pages coming soon from all that lot! So lovely that you get to be so regular & close with your grand children :)

  4. Great pictures Lynette. We are the complete opposite of your weather right now. We are sweating over here with the HOT weather. Today is our July 4th celebration.....lots of barbeques and fireworks.
    Stay warm.

  5. So precious. I think Lucas and Oupa are going to miss each other terribly when they move out.

    Nothing like that unconditional love from the littlies.

  6. Gorgeous, true-life post! Love it. And what an awesome home gym you guys have got there hey?

  7. Soooooooo sweet!! LOVING those photos! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  8. He is adorable and such cute photos.

  9. How cute is that...
    And to have a gym at home....awesome.

  10. So, so sweet! Love these photos.

    It's so amazing at the difference in weather on the other side of our amazing planet. I'm finally thawing out from a long winter and now you're heading into yours.

    Stay cozy!


  11. He is so gorgeous, and it looks like Grandma had a bigger work-out than grandpa?? Even without Lukas' help ;) x

  12. You have a proper gym setup in your house! That is so cool and even better that you actually use it. I love love love the pics.x

  13. Now I know how why you are both such a stiking couple. Look at you working out. I think your little guy gets cuter every day. All your grandkids are just adorable!

  14. Precious! Looking forward to seeing what you create with these pics ... they're too adorable.


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