Thursday, July 14, 2011

A rundown of an {un}usual Wednesday.

Wednesday mornings are set aside for MOI!  That is when I can read blogs...procrastinate....drink many cups of coffee and do what I like.  On Wednesday afternoons I fetch my three little grand bambinos from the creche and they spend the rest of the day and night with us.  The weather has been great so they wanted to be outside in our play area when we got home.
Nina looked on with interest...probably hoping for something to be left outside so that she can chew it up.  Then it was all into bed to wash sandy bodies and wash and dry hair.
At bedtime they all bundle into our bed and Oupa tells them bedtime stories.
Bedtime is difficult...because all they want to do is play!
These are special times that I will want to continue as long as possible.  While DH was reading, I noticed that Leane's hair looks "funny".  I asked her what is wrong with her hair.  She tells me Mamma cut her hair!  When I got ready for bed myself, I found the little bundle of hair next to my basin.  The little imp got hold of scissors and cut her hair....really short!
She only realised what she had done when I put the hair into her hand to photograph.  Just look at this little face;-)
Heehee...every little girl cuts her own hair at least once!
At least I got a little smile out of her:-)
So....all this happens a day before we are scheduled for a family photo shoot!  I don't know how we will be able to camouflage that!



  1. Seeing Oupa with his grandkids just warms my heart..Let me tell you this is going to leave wonderful memories for them. Its all are such a beautiful loving family, I want to belong to your family!!!!!!!!!!

  2. LOL!! She looks soooooooo sad! I was a little smarter and cut my BROTHERS hair...not mine!! LOL!! Still got busted though, my brother has black hair like me and at the time, he was wearing a WHITE sweater!! LOL!! BUSTED!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee the photos! Hopefully you can hide her little hair mishap! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Oh no...and as I feel bad and type that I am also laughing so hard because you are right every little girl cuts her hair. ehem or her sisters hair in my girls case. It is really to bad that it is right before a photo shoot. Boy one day she will look at thatfamily shot and think about how silly she was. Maybe you can sweep her hair to the side and pin it with a clip.
    The kids look super cozy with Oupa.

  4. or her cousin's hair...but the day before a family shoot - Oh my.
    That is capturing family life and friendly faces and it will all be a part of the memories you've made with them.

  5. LOL What a hoot!! Loved this post and these adorable photos!! The family portrait will be even better with this sweet memory!! :)

  6. Oh my that is so hilarious and you have such a great sad face photo to prove it LOL!!! Good luck with that shoot...

  7. Yip - I think we all have "cutting our own hair" stories to tell.

    Try clipping the whole fringe back for the pics or a cap maybe??

    I know you'll think of something :-)
    Lovely post, Lynette!

  8. Ahhh - yes - I can remember when Kayla-Fern cut her own hair...a nice big chunk - but fortunately out of the back...I do not know (can not remember) if I ever cut my own hair???? You tell such beautiful stories Lynette - Always a pleasure to read - Lots of love

  9. I was enjoying all your photos and story telling. Good thing I had taken a swig of my iced mocha at the beginning because that last part had me laughing out loud. Oh that face! Too funny. I cut my hair when I was 5. My mom was livid. It had been so long and beautiful. She had to have it chopped off up above my chin for it to look anything remotely close to normal. Eek!

  10. Oh by the way... I bet a cute barrette sweeping her hair to the side and some hairspray will work like a charm.

  11. Such fantastic photos, Lynette! You guys are so much fun! And yes, every little girl has done this at some point in their lives haven't they? Including ME! LOL, I cut a chunk of my fringe when I was about 8 or 9. I have the photos to prove it too LOL....

  12. Great that you can have such special times with the grandchildren!
    The hair story is funny! Will be always remembered because of the photo shoot :D

  13. Fab happy pics as always ! Good to see Leane's smiling face at the end ! lol

  14. LOVE your Wed routine - love that they get dirty, jump in the bath, and then stories with Oupa. Love it.

    I would leave that hair as that is her! but it is bad timing.

    Last year's photoshoot had Connor seriously in the wars the week before. He has scratches and scabs on his face in the pics but I just said, "that was him at 15 months" :)

  15. Aww.... that is such a wonderful scene, love seeing those kids having fun, and does everyone of them have to do this at least once in their life time? At least I know all my 3 children did!!

  16. LOL...what did you do at the photo shoot?
    I LOVED this post. And I find it so heartwarming that you and Oupa have such fun with your grand kids. LOVE it.x

  17. aaah... been there, more than once!! Except it was brother who cut sisters hair... at the back, on the neckline!!! She had to have a cute little bob cut ;)

  18. Photos are so cute. The haircutting story is so funny. Kids!

  19. Such beautiful shots of your beautiful kids. I tell you, mine will love that play area. You guys must be the coolest grandparents on the block.

    And how did you actually cover that hair issue up?

  20. oh my!

    can't stop looking at these AMAZING photos!

    What cuties!!

    thanks so much for sharing.

    betty xx


  21. It looks like you have a great time with your grands. I can't wait to see the haircut story scrapped. ;)


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