Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On sleep....or lack thereof.

For many years now I have had a problem when it comes to sleeping.  Some nights I lie awake and listen to DH snoring and I envy him the fact that he can put his head down and just sleep...not so for me.

I never want to resort to sleeping through the years I have tried it all:

  • I exercise for an hour every day. (must say it does wonders for energy levels, and it allows you to eat what you want...which is a huge plus:-)
  • Supplements...melatonin, magnesium, name it...I tried it!
  • Ear plugs to block out DH's snoring.
  • Reading...well that just stimulates me and when I get going I can read right through the night.
To sleep well...I must be asleep before DH...or else his snoring will keep me from falling asleep.  That reminds me...I was in the pharmacy the other day and saw that they are selling a contraption like a gum guard for people with a snoring problem to wear...I can't quite see DH falling for that one. I have to be asleep before DH.  I started drinking the supplements at 8 o'clock at night with camomile tea, and the wonderful thing is that I fall asleep minutes after I go to bed....wonderful!

Now a new problem arises.  Lukie (grandson)  and his parents are living with us until their house is complete.  Them living with us is not the problem...the fact that DH has no boundaries with him is!  What happens is at around 2 o'clock in the morning Lukie wakes in his bed...walks down the passage...opens our door....SLAMS it shut...and gets into bed with Oupa.  Then we start wrestling for our part of the duvet...or Lukie decides he wants to sleep horizontally between us and I have his feet in my face...or he starts with a little whine...." melkies he!" (he wants pink milk)  Suffice to say...I don't fall asleep again.  When we ask him why he doesn't get into bed with his parents he says:  "pappa is kwaai" (daddy is strict with putting him back into maybe it is time Oupa also gets a bit "kwaai".  But he won't and we all know that.

This past weekend DH was away for the weekend on a golfing tournament in George.  On Saturday night the usual pattern bedroom door opens....and SLAMS shut...and I am awake.  Little Lukas stands and stares at the empty spot next to me.  "Waar is my Oupa?"  (where is my Oupa)...I answered and said "Oupa speel golf, hy kom more." (Oupa is playing golf and will be back tomorrow)  He is not impressed "Dit is donker...Oupa moet huistoe kom."  (It is dark, Oupa must come home)  With that he turned around, opened the door, shut it behind him...and I lay wide awake staring at the ceiling.  

Soooo, my dear bloggy friends...what do you suggest?



  1. Shame I feel for you.... I have a similar snoring issue... got to the point now where I keep waking hubby up to turn over till I fall asleep... disturb his sleep too :)

    re Lukas... I'd almost say, lock your door! but then you might have a screaming child on the otherside who wakes the whole house. :(

    A few rough nights of putting him back in bed might help him stay there... be tough Oupa!

    For you... mmm... trouble sleeping has never been a problem for me so I have no advice on that one. Sorry.

  2. Oh boy! That is a tough one! Like you, I have to be asleep BEFORE DH... or his snoring will keep me up! :) I agree with Cathy... maybe lead him back to his bed and tell him that he can't come to your room in the nighttime??? Granted, you will be awake, but maybe after a couple of days, he will stop?? And I have heard those mouth guards work! :):):):):)

  3. Oh that's a tough one. I think Ouma must get strict with Oupa and Lukas will follow suit.

    DH also likes the kids in bed - I not! I am always the one without duvet or being kicked int he face. So I get up and go to sleep in the kid's bed.

    I have now started to take the boys back to their beds and get them to sleep there - which is effort for me, but has already paid off. L slept through last night - without his melatonin!

  4. Well I have a sleeping issue that I will share so you know that other people are staring at the ceiling too. I do puzzles before I go to bed or play a game on my iPod. It does stimulate my mind but it also makes me so tired and I fall asleep. Then at about 3 my hubby comes to bed and wakes me up. He is quite but I am easily awakened. Add to this our 3 year old who often comes in and jumps into bed with us. Feet are also sometimes in my face. Last night she came in at 3:30 and he slept downstairs so I didn't have her little limbs poking me. I don't mind her in there sometimes but every gets old. She is just so cute in the morning when she is all snuggly and sleepy.

    Ok so your problem. What about if Oupa and Lukie sleep in the same room until the house is built? I know that isn't probably the best senerio but then they can keep thier routine and you can get some good sleep for a few months. I don't know if he is in a toddle bed or a crib or a single but maybe just put another bed in the room he is in and will be counting sheep and they can fight over the duvet.

  5. I loved this post but
    I really am sorry about your sleeping problem but had to chuckle at Lukie turning around when he didn't find Oupa. You are going to have to get tough & take him back to bed but that won't help you sleep. What do his parents say about him wondering about ? I do admit to loving my nephews little ones coming into our bed when they spend the weekend with us but then thats not often and I can just go back to sleep so don't know how to help. Except that Lukie will always remember these times for a very long time as special. xxx

  6. I have a ten year old who is a bad sleeper - light sleeper and still likes to come through to mom and dad in the wee hours of the morning..If it is after four thirty, she gets to stay - if before she must go back to her own bed, but then mommy must go with her and cuddle...endless cycle - a rod that I have created fro my own back I know. I know that I should be tough, but it is so hard - I am on DH's side here and agree with Jenny that Lukie will remember them as special for your general sleeping issues - I can only sympathise - I am afraid I have no answers...Lots of love..

  7. Oh - P.S. - I also laughed at the thought of Lukie turning around and going back to his own bed because Oupa was not there....

  8. What a great post to read although I am sorry about your sleeping issues. So cute that Lukie left when he realized that Grandpa wasn't home. I am a person who needs my sleep so I was always pretty strict on sleeping routines with my girls. Other areas I could be slack on but I knew I was a better mom on a good night's sleep. It is funny because I am the same with my pups. I spoil them and pretty much break all the dog rules but when it comes to night time, I just say,"kennel" and off they go to be tucked in to sleep until morning. Not sure what advice I can offer other than giving your beautiful grandson a big hug! :)

  9. I can identify with the snoring DH. I take sleeping tablets, 1/4 somnil and fall asleep and even if I am disturbed I can fall asleep again easily. I rouse, so if one of the children needs me or the cat is stuck on the roof I will wake, get up do what needs to be done and fall right back asleep. I know you don't want to take pills, but that's what works for me for this stage of life that I am in.

  10. Awww.. poor you, I can totally feel you, I am such a light sleeper and worrier, it is hard for me to fall asleep and and I wakes up easily, I always envy people who can fall asleep anywhere, anytime... *sigh.....
    Oh ya, maybe watch TV, this is what I do when I can't sleep ...

  11. LOL Lynette..what a beautiful had me laughing and also so envious as I life so far away from my grandkids and dont get to experience any of this...only a fraction while on holiday.
    He loves his Oupa, like I loved mine...what is it about Oupa's we kids just love.

  12. I suggest you tell the parents that while you are very happy to have them with you & love to see little Lukie in the day you DO NOT want to see him during the night so papa needs to let him know that VERY STRICTLY & punish him if he comes to your room again. Locking the door would help a sleepy little lad "remember" what he's not supposed to do & go back to his bed. If he bangs on the door in the night Oupa must get up & tell him off & redirect him back to his own bed. Soon he'll be sleeping through & everyone will be happy. Discipline is right & good & teaches people not to be selfish. Sometimes I take Betasleep at night & it gets my sleeping pattern back on track - it is an OTC sleeping pill. Never done me any harm, maybe you should try it...

  13. I couldnt help chuckling at a post n top which recommended Oupa sleeping with Lukie in his room until they move into their own home . ;)

    As for supplements - I am taking Resveratrol now ( in a bio gel form not tablets or capsule) and I have heard it has helped others here ( folks over 50 too ) normalise their sleeping hours where they had a problem sleeping earlier . This helped them 2-3 weeks after taking the
    Resvveratrol.( which is found naturally in red wine - hint, hint ) lol

  14. oh dear shame Lynette ! maybe Oupa should go on a weeks golfing trip to get Luke out of the habit

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  16. Funny anecdote!
    You are right there with us with the small little ones... And the snoring is bad. I keep on pulling my hubby's pillow from underneath him until the snoring stops...
    You have all my sympathies! I don't have any advice! :(

  17. Oh I love the sound of that BUT I know it's not good for you.

    I really feel for you guys who don't sleep well - I am out almost before my head hits the pillow. Sometimes I want to think about things and before I can get a thought in my head, out like a light :)

    I think Oupa needs to get strict (love how Lukie knows that "pappa is kwaai" but Oupa isn't). Otherwise I do like the idea of putting a mattress in the room so if he comes in, tell him to go quietly on the mattress with a blanket.

    All that said, Connor came to us at 4 am this morning. As I was out cold, I barely even registered but he was quiet and slept, I kept my duvet and all was well with the world :)

  18. Such a sweet entry. Made me laugh out loud. So, so cute. Honestly? I would possibly put a mattress in the room for him and have the pienk melkie ready so he can sip and sleep. It's not going to be forever and they are going to move out at some point. I think it is just beautiful how much he LOVES his Oupa. My Toddler is exactly the same about his Oupa who is currently in hospital. As soon as he comes out I am going to take LOTS of photos of the two of them...

  19. Eish!!! I think oupa also needs to get a bit kwaai.... Lukie clearly understands this, as he said himself that pappa kry kwaai... it needs to come from oupa, as he had no interest in sleeping with ouma in the bed when oupa wasn't there!!! ;)


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