Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I believe that we were all shocked with the happenings in Norway.  Even when we live in a country where we hear about crime and many of us have first hand experience at being a victim of crime. No matter what the circumstances, death shakes us to the core.  It seems so wrong - and it is!  We long for comfort.  I was watching the events unfolding and I was touched when they had their "grief and hope mass" in Oslo.  It is amazing that in times of grief or uncertainty people turn to the "church" for comfort.  I watched... and the thought that went through my mind was "Do they know Jesus?"...or do they just find comfort in religion...because there is a huge difference.

"Hope is more than wishing things will work out.  It is resting in God who holds those things in His wise and powerful hands." ~ Paul David Tripp.  

We have a Saviour who knows our sorrows, a God who hears our cries, and a promise that one day all tears will be wiped away.  These reasons lead us to hope even as we grieve. 

Where do you tend to look for your daily hope? Do you tend to put your hope in circumstances, people, your appearance, your possessions, or in the One True Hope that will never fail you?                           


  1. So well said my friend - only in Jesus. My BFF that is now living in Australia tells me how far the Aussies have drifted from God and the church. Scary stuff.

  2. To be frightfully honest - it totally depends on the size of the waves.

  3. Religion versus relationship.
    I am ust starting to figure it all out now.
    Your words are true....just human nature to try to buck them isn't it?

    Hope you have a wonderful day...regardless of surrounding circumstances!

  4. Lovely post. When my Dad was on his death bed, I put all my hope in Jesus, and believed he would not die. He died the next day :( It has taken me a long time to put hope back in a power that i cannot see... but I do believe that He watches over me and I am thankful and praise God everyday for all my blessings. But - I am not sure if I put ALL my faith in God. Does this make any sense? x

  5. You know my walk with God is still a new one, but I do rely on Him. I never thought I would completely, but I do. I know that He is there for us and will guide us as he sees fit.

    You are a living testimony of Him. Yr journey with Wynand and the outcome is testimony to the fact that He is there. no matter what.

  6. Thank you for this post.
    I am REALLY battling with the concept of hope at the moment. I'll be honest. I put my hope in people and circumstances. Way too much. I need to stop that. And like Stefanie, it does depend on the size of the wave.

  7. yes it was shocking that this happened in Norway to me ! & it was all obviously so calculated and no remorse by the criminal !!!

  8. So saddened by what happened in Norway... and I was raised in a Christian home, lost my faith for awhile... and now it is back...and I am forever grateful for my relationship with Him... :)

  9. Well said and my heart goes to all who suffered right now in Norway!

  10. I'm always comforted that God is in control even when things aren't going my way!


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