Saturday, July 9, 2011

Care Groups - Genuine Church life

I don't know how many of you belong to a small home cell group or care group...or whatever you might call it. For years we were unable to fit in....people in the groups knew that we were in Ministry and they expected us to take leading positions.  We were close to burnout because of the amount that we give of ourselves at the Mission. We become more and more jaded by the fact that when we discuss our prayer needs in terms of work at the Mission, peoples eyes glazed over and they had no understanding of what is happening on the other side of the to speak.  They just were not comfortable to even know about the suffering and the hardship that we deal with.  We soon learned to keep our masks neatly in place, and when it was our turn for prayer request we would just not be able to share the deep things of our hearts...sticking to the more palatable lighter things in life.  Very soon we started making excuses not to go and for years we moved outside of this usually blessed groups.

Then some two years ago, five couples got together.
We had a few things in common.
We were all trained cell leaders.
We had all been hurt by cell life and we all needed a place where we had to feel safe to drop the masks and just be ourselves.
Six of us had been friends for quite a while.
We needed a place where we would receive unconditional love and acceptance.
....and our dynamic Care Group was born.

We are there for each other whatever the problem...whether it is health, finance, problems at work, with children...we share, pray for each other and help each other carry the burdens.When DS experienced a brain bleed and was left with nearly no vision, they became a hedge of protection around us.  They were there to lift up, encourage, help with the practical things that needed to be done while we spent hours at the hospital.  On the morning that DD ran away from friend with a prophetic ministry got the distinct prompt that she had to phone me, she knew something was wrong.  They were there within minutes to just sit and encourage and pray for us. We as a group have become REAL in all situations with each other...we know that nothing discussed in the group will ever become gossip.  But it doesn't end there.  We have FUN together!  Like family that we have chosen for ourselves.  A precious family that you know will be there for you, that you can phone at any time of day or night and it will be ok.

It has become something that we want to protect and cherish.

Are you blessed to be part of a small group?Are you experiencing this kind of faith life in all it's aspects?



  1. Your posts are so heartfelt and truly touch my soul... God bless you Lynette...thank you for always making me feel at peace after I visit you.... {{{hugs}}} :)

  2. It warms my heart that this group has your back and lifts you in prayer.
    We don't belong to a cell group - burned once too many times.

  3. what an amazing gift to have such people around you. we are not part of a *cell group* per se but experience a very similar dynamic within our circle of friends. True privilege.

  4. You are amazing and such a lovely soul!!!

  5. Stefanie's comment makes me so very sad.

    We ran cell groups for many years and after a couple of years were promoted over 4, and then over 8 and I like to think that our "leaders" meetings had that kind of transparency as we are still friends (3 am) with those people to this very day.

    There is NOTHING better than a cell group for growing spiritually IF the leader leads and doesn't let the "small foxes" spoil the vine.

    When the kids are a little bigger, I'd love to get properly involved again and run them - I honestly LOVE every minute!

    SOOOOO glad you have that group, Lynette

  6. Wow. How blessed you are. I am not part of a cell group but so wish I was.

  7. I also think it is great to find a group like that! You are blessed!
    No, we haven't found such a group yet, but also because our beliefs have changed s much over the years... (we don't slot into any bracket anymore!)

  8. DH and I are going to a small group after many years of not.
    It is still finding its own 'personality' but shows great promise, I think.

    BUt, like Mel, we have a number of friends that we know and trust to be there for us in times of need.

    YOu have been through so much - I'm so glad to know these couples are there to care for you.
    LOve, allie


  9. We are part of a community group. It is an open group so sometimes there are people that I'm not totally comfortable with, and honestly just don't even like, but there are a few families within the group that we are very close to and can trust. I'm glad that we can live in genuine community with them but since our family travels so much I sense that sometimes they feel abandoned by us even though we are never more than an email or phone call away. I guess that is just part of working everything out!

  10. You're such a lovely soul, dear Lynette!!
    You're so blessed.

    No, I am not...I wish I was, but I'm looking forward to join a cell group like that...

    Hope your weekend is going well.

    Betty xx

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  13. I would love to be a part of a close-knit cell group & did used to be back in Zimbabwe but here we have failed to even find a decent church to go to let alone a bible-study. We have lost the initiative to keep trying but hope to have the renewed energy to keep on searching again :)

  14. that is just awesome , grrl ! what a great testimony !!!

  15. I so wish that we could get into cell life again, but with the kids, it is just not possible. There is no way that we can get away a night a week together (or even apart). Some day...


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