Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sooooo Boring....

...I know, that is how my blog is becoming.  Way to few blogs about what really matters and way to many layout posts.  Sorry...bear with me, my blog mojo has gone for a loop.
As I have told you already Wednesday afternoons and evenings are time spent with Ouma and Oupa.  Then the parents can have date nights and a break from their littlies.
The decision was made early.  We would be taking our four to the Spur Steak Ranch to play and have supper.  Did you know that on Wednesday nights kids eat free!  They usually just waste the food so for me that is a huge plus.  So we piled all of them in the DH's bakkie and off we went.  Christian and Leane happily sitting in the back.   Dewan wants to be on my lap and Lukas wants to be any where near Oupa (where else).

On the way I tell DH....

"Jy weet hoeveel pret ons nog met hierdie goedjies gaan he soos wat hulle groter raak." (You know that we are going to have so much fun with these little ones as they grow older).

Christian pipes up. "Ja, en ek gaan altyd die grootste wees."  (I will always be the oldest).  He is 9 this year where the little ones are 4,3, and 2.
I answered him "Ja man, maar ek dink dit is tyd dat jy vir jou ma en pa se dat jy 'n sussie wil he."  (I think it is time that you tell your parents that you want a sister).
 His reply had us chuckling.  "Mamma en Pappa moet saam gaan le en dan gaan hulle dokter toe om te hoor wanneer die baba kom.  (The Parents must lie together and then the doctor will tell them when the baby is due.
I say to him.  "Maar hulle le elke aand saam jong, wanneer kom die baba nou.  (They are sleeping together every night, so when is the baby coming.)
Him - "Ek weet nie hoekom mors hulle net tyd nie."  (I don't know why they are wasting so much time.)

Kids...they are so wise.  Anyway they had loads of fun and everyone except Lukas finished their food.  We topped and tailed them when we got back and put them in bed.  That didn't work as they still wanted to play. So we split in our bed, one in Wynand and Nadia's bed, and one in Lukas's bed.  Christian fortunately has no problem going to bed.  When we later went to bed we found Lukus and Leane curled up together in our bed.  They adore each other.

The top photo was taken this morning with all of them in the bath.  Today is photo day at school and I wanted to wash their hair and have them all fresh.  Oupa took them to school and now I have to start my day.

Have a wonderful day.

Sketch Support July one pager and ANOTHER GIVE AWAY

This week's one page sketch and full details of its use can be downloaded from the side bar over at Sketch Support.  You can also see how this sketch was used by different members of the Design Team...lots of inspiration there;-)

Here is my take on the sketch:
Funny Face I love you
Supplies used:  Cardstock: Bazzill; Printed papers: My Minds Eye Stella and Rose Hazel;Words: American Craft Rainboots and Making Memories Tiny Alphas, Flourish: Prima;Stickers and brads:  My Minds Eye.

I love using larger photos.  For me scrapping is all about the photo;-)  
I cut my background pieces 3.5 x 9 and placed them 1.5 inches from the bottom.  It is a girly page so I replaced the stars with a flourish and some girly stickers and brads.  The sizes of my photos are 6x4 and two of 3x3.

The sketch for this week was taken of the brand new One Page Sketch book by Allison Davis:
You have a chance to win this sketch book.  All you have to do is become a follower of my blog and a follower of the Sketch Support blog...then come back here and leave me a comment.  The winner will be drawn on Thursday 4 August 2011.

Have a happy day!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Scrappiest: Sketch #130: Lamb snuggles

Yesterday Liz revealed Sketch#130 on The Scrappiest.  I have lately found myself perpetually late posting my layouts....but here is my take on this weeks sketch.
Lamb Snuggles:  Supply list:  Cardstock - Bazzill; Printed Paper - My Minds Eye Stella and Rose Mabel; Journaling prompt, trim, frame and brads - My Minds Eye Stella and Rose Mabel; Felties - Basic Grey Wander; Letters - American Craft and Paper Trunk.

Here is this weeks sketch.  You are welcome to make a layout based on this sketch and upload it to The Scrappiest.
Have a happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I believe that we were all shocked with the happenings in Norway.  Even when we live in a country where we hear about crime and many of us have first hand experience at being a victim of crime. No matter what the circumstances, death shakes us to the core.  It seems so wrong - and it is!  We long for comfort.  I was watching the events unfolding and I was touched when they had their "grief and hope mass" in Oslo.  It is amazing that in times of grief or uncertainty people turn to the "church" for comfort.  I watched... and the thought that went through my mind was "Do they know Jesus?"...or do they just find comfort in religion...because there is a huge difference.

"Hope is more than wishing things will work out.  It is resting in God who holds those things in His wise and powerful hands." ~ Paul David Tripp.  

We have a Saviour who knows our sorrows, a God who hears our cries, and a promise that one day all tears will be wiped away.  These reasons lead us to hope even as we grieve. 

Where do you tend to look for your daily hope? Do you tend to put your hope in circumstances, people, your appearance, your possessions, or in the One True Hope that will never fail you?                           

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sketch Support Add-on and a WINNER

Add-on Sketch #7
This is the add on sketch and it can be downloaded by going to Sketch Support and downloading it from the side bar.

Blow Out the Candles and Make a Wish
Supplies used - Cardstock: Bazzill; Patterned Paper: Reminisce At the Farm; Words:Basic Grey, American Crafts, Bella Boulevard and Making Memories Tiny Alphas;Gems: KaiserCraft; Other: gold pipe cleaners.

I had already done my piercing to stitch the candles but then I came across the golden pipe cleaners in my drawer and they looked very much like the candles in the photo. I faux stitched my lines and added the bling to it. I used Two-page sketch # 16 and adapted it for a single page. for the winner of this amazing sketch book:

The winner is:
She said:

JerseyJenn said...

What a beautiful interpretation of this sketch! I am a follower of Sketch Support and a new follower of yours! Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the new book!
JerseyJenn will you please e-mail  your postal address to:

Friday, July 22, 2011

Protecting little ones

I did a post this morning and some of you read it before I pulled I feel I should clear things up.
One of these cuties where living on the streets with his mother. He is nearly four.  He came to live with his grandparents a year ago, after his mother was gang raped.  The first years of his life he became a scavenger...eating out of dirt bins...always hungry.  This memory remained and he still stuffs himself at mealtimes, putting extra food into his pockets.  He still scratches in dirt bins and picks up and eats anything that is thrown away.

On Thursday morning he told one of our creche ladies that his grandpa hurt him "there".  So the red lights started flashing and I contacted the social service that specifically deal with children in crisis...they only responded today.  They first spoke to the little one and had the same reaction that I had, but it was cleared up once they had an interview with the grandparents.  This little one grew up without any idea of basic cleanliness and he started festering "there" his grandpa showed him how to keep himself clean.  Because it was festering it was painful to pull it back and that is what the little boy was telling us.  I am just SO relieved.

Now the question I sorry that I contacted the authorities?
The answer is no....I believe that we are living in a sick society and I would rather be safe than sorry.

The truth is that the majority of the adults that are on our program were molested as children.  The perpetrator was usually a relative.  It ruined their lives and a lot of them fell into addictions as a result. They don't trust anyone and have a problem with anybody in authority...because those who were supposed to protect them, took advantage of them. I would do anything in my power to prevent the next generation from going through that.

So....what would you have done?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I am getting there...slowly:-)

I scrapped another layout of B.  For nearly a year, it was just too painful to do layouts of her.  I guess that this is a good thing...I am getting there!  My emotions are slowly healing.  Here is my DT layout for The Scrappiest this week.  I must admit that I think it is a lovely layout.
Supply list:  Cardstock - Bazzill; Printed Paper - Pink Paislee Butterfly Garden; Baubles, butterflies, ephemera:  Pink Paislee Butterfly Garden; Trims and vines - Prima;  Alphabets:  Making Memories tiny alpha and American Craft Salutations.

Here is Sketch #129
Initially all the circles had me stumped...but I knew that I wanted to scrap this photo of B...and I love the colour combination of the Pink Paislee Butterfly soft and muted.  There paper "Dew Drops" had the lovely doilies on the paper and I cut all the doilies out and inked it and used that for the circles...and I am thrilled with the result.

I love the layout and it seems that others do too...because this is how it did on 2Peas.

Not shaby...not shaby at all;-)


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

67 Minutes for Madiba - Engen

Mr Mandela has his birthday on 18 July when he turned 93.  The 67 minute project is to honour him for the years he dedicated to bring about change in South Africa. On Friday Engen Port Elizabeth chose the Mission as the place to do their 67 minutes for Nelson Mandela. The children was thoroughly spoiled.

 Lots of fruit and cake to celebrate Madiba's birthday.
Clowns entertained our little ones.
Faces were painted.
Enjoying all the attention.
Mr PE 2011 with one of our babies.
Happy painted faces.
The DJ's  from Bay FM supplied the music.
The lady from Engen that organised it all.
Mr PE with some adoring fans;-)
Lots of fun on the jumping castle.
Another cutie.
Giving these children a day of fun warms my heart.
On top of the wall of the jumping castle.
Even our social worker was pulled into the fun.
I will do another post on what the Mission did as their 67 minutes for Madiba soon.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Scrappiest: Sketch #128

 It is time for the weekly sketch challenge at The Scrappiest .  So off you go and check out the layouts done by the Design Team.  Here is my layout based on the sketch.
Little Girls are just Angels who haven't yet spread their Wings...
Supplies:  Cardstock - Bazzill; Printed Papers -  Prima Madeline Collection; Trims and flowers - Prima and Websters; Butterflies - K & Co; Rub ons - Kaiser Scrapbook; Vine die cuts - Bosskut.

I decided to block all of my printed paper pieces onto dark brown Bazzill cardstock.  I like the framed effect it gives.

Here is sketch #128
This layout was 2nd most liked and 2nd most bookmarked on 13 July.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

A rundown of an {un}usual Wednesday.

Wednesday mornings are set aside for MOI!  That is when I can read blogs...procrastinate....drink many cups of coffee and do what I like.  On Wednesday afternoons I fetch my three little grand bambinos from the creche and they spend the rest of the day and night with us.  The weather has been great so they wanted to be outside in our play area when we got home.
Nina looked on with interest...probably hoping for something to be left outside so that she can chew it up.  Then it was all into bed to wash sandy bodies and wash and dry hair.
At bedtime they all bundle into our bed and Oupa tells them bedtime stories.
Bedtime is difficult...because all they want to do is play!
These are special times that I will want to continue as long as possible.  While DH was reading, I noticed that Leane's hair looks "funny".  I asked her what is wrong with her hair.  She tells me Mamma cut her hair!  When I got ready for bed myself, I found the little bundle of hair next to my basin.  The little imp got hold of scissors and cut her hair....really short!
She only realised what she had done when I put the hair into her hand to photograph.  Just look at this little face;-)
Heehee...every little girl cuts her own hair at least once!
At least I got a little smile out of her:-)
So....all this happens a day before we are scheduled for a family photo shoot!  I don't know how we will be able to camouflage that!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On sleep....or lack thereof.

For many years now I have had a problem when it comes to sleeping.  Some nights I lie awake and listen to DH snoring and I envy him the fact that he can put his head down and just sleep...not so for me.

I never want to resort to sleeping through the years I have tried it all:

  • I exercise for an hour every day. (must say it does wonders for energy levels, and it allows you to eat what you want...which is a huge plus:-)
  • Supplements...melatonin, magnesium, name it...I tried it!
  • Ear plugs to block out DH's snoring.
  • Reading...well that just stimulates me and when I get going I can read right through the night.
To sleep well...I must be asleep before DH...or else his snoring will keep me from falling asleep.  That reminds me...I was in the pharmacy the other day and saw that they are selling a contraption like a gum guard for people with a snoring problem to wear...I can't quite see DH falling for that one. I have to be asleep before DH.  I started drinking the supplements at 8 o'clock at night with camomile tea, and the wonderful thing is that I fall asleep minutes after I go to bed....wonderful!

Now a new problem arises.  Lukie (grandson)  and his parents are living with us until their house is complete.  Them living with us is not the problem...the fact that DH has no boundaries with him is!  What happens is at around 2 o'clock in the morning Lukie wakes in his bed...walks down the passage...opens our door....SLAMS it shut...and gets into bed with Oupa.  Then we start wrestling for our part of the duvet...or Lukie decides he wants to sleep horizontally between us and I have his feet in my face...or he starts with a little whine...." melkies he!" (he wants pink milk)  Suffice to say...I don't fall asleep again.  When we ask him why he doesn't get into bed with his parents he says:  "pappa is kwaai" (daddy is strict with putting him back into maybe it is time Oupa also gets a bit "kwaai".  But he won't and we all know that.

This past weekend DH was away for the weekend on a golfing tournament in George.  On Saturday night the usual pattern bedroom door opens....and SLAMS shut...and I am awake.  Little Lukas stands and stares at the empty spot next to me.  "Waar is my Oupa?"  (where is my Oupa)...I answered and said "Oupa speel golf, hy kom more." (Oupa is playing golf and will be back tomorrow)  He is not impressed "Dit is donker...Oupa moet huistoe kom."  (It is dark, Oupa must come home)  With that he turned around, opened the door, shut it behind him...and I lay wide awake staring at the ceiling.  

Soooo, my dear bloggy friends...what do you suggest?