Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our visit to Kirstenbosch Gardens

Cape Town was very cold and very wet when I landed on Wednesday.

  • I rented a car on the airport and drove to Somerset West to greet my parents.
  • My dad was sick so I took my mom shopping.
  • Then I drove through to Fish Hoek to visit my dear bloggy friend, Allie...and we just chatted and chatted...and before we knew it the afternoon was over and the rain had set in with a vengeance.
  • In the pouring rain and the dark I missed the turnoff from the M4 to the M3 and got lost for a while...fortunately I did not panic and eventually found my way at the University turnoff...sjoe, just in time to get onto the N2 back to Somerset West.
  • Then I got stuck in the traffic and it was 20km per hour all the way to the R300.  Have I told you before that I love PE's rush hour traffic that is seldom even a hour long?
  • Thursday I drove through to Cape Gate to see my sister Anita, who just had a back operation.
  • At four o'clock I met B at Canal Walk and we drove through to Blouberg Strand.  We were so cold that we eventually took a hot bath and got into bed.
  • Friday was another miserable and cold we hit the shops and then went to see a movie.
  • When I got in bed on Friday night my biggest wish was for a sunny day...I could not face another day in the shops...I need the makes me happy;-)
Saturday morning when I saw the sun peeking from behind the clouds my decision was was an "outside" day that we needed and Kirstenbosch Gardens was just the right medicine for us.  
 Every time DH and I visit Cape Town this is a place I want to go...and every time we don't get here...DH gets stuck on the golf course and I never want to come here alone.
I believe that if I lived in Cape Town...this would become my favourite just take a book and read and enjoy the nature and the quiet.
We had a lovely lunch and warmed ourselves by this big fire place.
The weather was still a tad grey when we got there.
Up close and personal with a guinea fowl.
Oh yeah...I was there too.
If these sights don't make you feel good...nothing will.
Maybe I just don't have culture, but these sculptures in the gardens are not my cup of tea... such heavy and scary images.
B clowning around;-)
The biggest Tree Ferns I have ever seen...B is dwarfed by them.
A huge wild fig tree...with a scary sculpture at it's base.
I did manage to pull an angel to earth;-)
B captured this squirrel.
I was lucky enough to capture this little bird sucking nectar from the aloe flowers.
The most beautiful Aloe... I just love the colours of it's flowers.
By the time we got back to Blouberg...the cold had set in.  I love this photo of B...with Table Mountain in the background.
The Stormy Cape?
We were off to Moyo at Spier wine estate today to celebrate B's 22nd birthday.



  1. Very nice ambience.. glad that you enjoy yourself..

  2. BEAUTIFUL photos... loveeeee the one of B by the sea! GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)):):):)

  3. Very nice place and pictures...
    Greetings from France,


  4. Oh wow, such stunning photos! And agree Kirstenbosch is just beautiful!

    Sounds like you are having a fabulous time!

  5. I hope you two have a good time together - certainly looks like it.

    I also like the picture of B with the mountain behind.

  6. Most stunning pictures! It seems you had a great time! I also love that photo of B with Table Mountain in the bg.
    Hope you had a great bday for B!

  7. lovely pictures lynette, we also put off going to the gardens...but i also time:) enjoy the rest of your day with your daughter:) and happy birthday to her!!

  8. LOVE that pic of B with the grey skies. I am dreaming of grey, overcast beach pics!!!

    are you back in pe yet?

  9. Beautiful photos! Uuugh to the vold & the wet!! Looks like you had a good time nonetheless...

  10. Oh man, what beautiful images, So glad the weather did cheer up a bit for you. Looks like a special time was had with B.

  11. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing!!!!

  12. Thanks for sharing your trip. The photos are so beautiful.

  13. Stunning beach pic of B. Glad you had a special time. Next time, come in summer and enjoy a sunset concert in Kirstenbosch, magic!!

  14. What a wonderful recap of your trip. I LOVE your photos! The scenic shots and the close ups are gorgeous.

    I know what you mean about needing sunshine . . . :)

  15. WOWZA .... seriously, those photos are FAB!!! I cannot even begin to pick a fave, they are all amazing! Looks fun .. :)

  16. Cape town looks fabulous! Love your photos, they're GORGEOUS!

  17. I love Kirstenbosh - my fave!! so glad you got a little bit of sun while you were there!!

  18. That is a stunning pic you captured of B.... a picture speaks a 1000 words, ne? x

  19. I hope your visit turned out just as your heart was praying for it to. Your photos are stunning and the photo of B with Table Mountain behind her is just amazing.

    Hugz ... glad you're home safe and sound :-)

  20. Love the pic of you on the beach. (Photoshop that guy in the background) and blow this pic up!!
    You remind me of Susan Saradon. Has anyone ever told you - you look like her?

    Thanks for all your lovely comments by the way.

    Also, it appears you are a scrapbooker? Love your work. I am too, and have a room dedicated as my craft room.....alot of unused supplies and everything else but have not scrapped like I should. I have sooo much invested it is not even funny and to not use it? I buy and buy bc I think I have to have it!!! I have a lot of ideas but no time! HA!


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