Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Lukie (Updated)

Today is Lukas' third birthday.  This weekend while they were away for the weekend, Oupa built a stable and brought home the 4 month old Shetland pony that we got him as a gift for his birthday.  Early this morning we took him out to the plot, without telling him or his parents what to expect.  The joy on his face was thank you enough.
The birthday boy
The colt is very skittish and is still missing his mommy.
HE is afraid of all of us, but seem to have taken to Lukas...maybe because he is small?
Within a few minutes he was taking apples out of his hand.

Does anybody have a good idea for a name for the colt?    The she is a he....bwahaha!!!!!



  1. This is so special and I am sure any little boy's dream birthday gift. Luke is a lucky little boy.

  2. Ag mommy!Absolutely adorable.I think a colt is a young boy horse. A young girly would be a filly.

    What about "Sunshine"?

  3. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww that is sooooooooooooo sweet! I loveeeeeee the photos and Happy Birthday to Lukie! He is ADORABLE! :):):):):):):):):):)

  4. So precious that was an incredible surprize ! Wow what a birthday .The look on his face is too gorgeous.What name did Lukas think of ?

  5. ah, that is so cute! He must have been over the moon. What an awesome gift.

  6. so sweet! Wow - do you want to be Grandparents to my kids too? LOL
    I think you should call him....
    Mr fluffy pants. hahahaha

  7. Oh, how adorable! Happy birthday to Lukas!! Love his birthday present. Gorgeous!! :)

  8. PS - have just asked my kidlets what to call the baby pony:
    Ryan says: Mr Cool Boots
    Emily says: Poncho
    Luke says: Weaver

  9. What a fun time!!!! These photos are so sweet!! Can't wait to see them in LO's!!!

  10. oh wow!! what an incredible gift, i cant possibly ask my children for name ideas cos they will be on my neck for a filly of their own!

    beaut pics, I love the one of the two wee ones together, very special.

    What about Blossom or Cleo?

  11. Oops, just saw its a HE not a names suggestions are

    What about Fudge, Mocha or Bulletjie. ;-)

  12. ag happy birthday to the little man!! oh i like fudge!! that sounds good:) what a lucky little boy he is, plenty photos and lots of memories...xx

  13. Happy Birthday Lucas!!

    So sweet!!
    LOVE the photos!

    betty xx

  14. just wanted to let you know that i am now re-following you via my gmail profile.

    have a happy week!

  15. Great present! A boy's dream come true!
    LOve that face!

    Funny about being a colt! :D

  16. Happy Birthday to Lukie and what a lovely gift!
    Sweet pictures.x

  17. Oh Happy Birthday to the birthday boy! ANd what a WONDERFUL gift! A dream gift:)))

  18. Oh my goodness! These are the sweetest photos EVER! How fun to have a pony!

  19. How cute, it is just delightful to see 2 cutest babies on earth, Happy birthday (belated) Lukie!!!

  20. Aaaw he looks too adorable! So furry!! I had a little pony similar looking to him when I was a kid & he was called Sparkle! What a wonderful gift!!

  21. How adorable ... happy birthday Lukie, hope your day was stunning and that you have a magnificent year and enjoy your little pony. So cute - looks sweet and cuddly.

  22. WOW! What an amazing gift! That is so sweet to see how excited he is for his pony. Animals truly have a special effect on children and prove to be the best friends they can sometimes have.

    Name, hmmm . . . how about BOY? Or Sonny? :)


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