Tuesday, May 31, 2011

When the going gets tough...

...and you can't stay home because you feel suffocated there, and you can't go to work because you may just not be able to keep it together...then you go shopping!  (not always such a good idea)

Those of you who read my private blog will know that today is not a good day...and to top it, Wynand took the boys to school with my car and some ignoramus reversed into my little car's vender!


So I decided to visit the mall and shop.  Something I normally hate with a passion.  But I shopped...and tomorrow when the guilt hits me and sanity returns I will just take it back to the store *sigh*

You know I learned a valuable lesson from the Dog Whisperer (TV show), the same thing that works with excited dogs also work with excited promotional ladies that want you to buy their products...the trick is:

S.E.R.I.O.U.S.L.Y.  It works.

But today I learned that you should never, ever shop when your resistance is low.  Those pretty Israeli girls that are promoting the Dead Sea Products in the mall...they are very good sales ladies, I kid you not.  This pretty young thing tells me....what are those things?..are they little baggies under your eyes?  (OH NO!)

Who wants baggies under their eyes?
So there she got me...hook, line and sinker.  I was suckered!  
I didn't want the darn products, but at the same time I am impressed with my bargaining skills... I walked out with it at 30% of the original price.

Onto something more exciting,  you can go and read about it HERE ;-)  I have always been a huge fan of Allison Davis of Sketch Support and her fabulous sketches. If you love using sketches for your scrapbooking go and check out her website, she has amazing double and single layout sketches and some pretty awesome card sketches.  I can't believe that I am now part of the creative team...I will have to pinch myself.

Thank you for all the kind comments after my previous post about the Mission.  I am planning to do a post once a week about the things that happen at the mission, the happy and the sad.

It is time for the sketch reveal for Sketch no 122 of The Scrappiest.  Here is my layout that is based on the sketch:
These DH and my grandson Lukas are inseparable.  He follows his Oupa around all the time and in the past few months while they have been living with is Oupa he sneaks off to at night.  I used MME Quite contrary papers for this layout.  The brads are MME Union Square.

Here is Liz' sketch:
You are most welcome to play along and upload your layout to The Scrappiest blog.

I could quite honestly not wait to scrap the photos of Lukas that I took of him while he was playing in the rain.  I used an Allison Davis sketch and Nikki Sivils papers and embellishments.
Have a great day.



  1. Hubby last year bought the body scrub and mousse for me and I have to tell you that I am seriously impressed with it. Using it very very scarcely.

    I really hope that you will find calm and peace my friend. Lots of love.

  2. Those dead sea products are divine. I was givine the mask & hand cream, they really do work.

    I thought you were going to show us your purchases ;)

    As usual, love you LO's. Always lovely. In particular the boots one.

    Thinking of you today my dear - i'm a phone call away xx

  3. Congrats.
    Love both LO's I knew I would be seeing those photos in a LO soon and you did not disappoint.
    Loved the double the most - but then I will admit to being a trifle biased.
    Love the dog whisperer advice, does it work on car guards too?

  4. Hee Hee Love your shopping story. I too dislike shopping. Well, unless it is scrappy shopping. Otherwise, I am in to get what I need and then I get out. Congrats on your new DT! Very exciting and you do such lovely work with the doubles! Loving your take on Liz's sketch! Sweet photos and I LOVE your paper choices!! :)

  5. Sorry to hear that you didn't have the greatest day. On a brighter note, your layouts are fantastic! I loved the photos in the rain and seeing them on a layout makes me love them more.

  6. I hope Julia doesn't see my comment (teehee) as I said I wouldn't ask for access to private blogs but ... if you feel led, I would like to read. I really like to pray specifically instead of just "God you know what she needs" :)

    LOVE the red rainboots - too gorgeous. This might be the only time I am sad I'm not enjoying rainy winters :)

    hope your day improves and I'm going to remember your dog whisperer advice. I think you're amazing for knowing you'll take the stuff back!

  7. Lovely layout, Grandpa and grandson picture are especially precious!!!!
    Tomorrow will be better, my friend, sending hugs......

  8. Congrats on sketch support news!!! btw: shopping always makes me feel better- until the credit card statement comes in :)

  9. Sooooo sorry that you had a bad day :( and I can't tell you what I want to tell you about the Dead Sea this is the internet and wellllll you know... anywho... I have been working in the same industry for the past 16 years... and ohhhhh I could tell you stories :( Anywho... on to brighter things!! I just loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee both your lo's!! I love love love love your Nikki Sivils one!! I would BE HONORED to showcase that on her blog on the 18th of this month if you would let me!! I just need you to email me your name/blog addy and an image of your lo!! It is AMAZING!! I love it! Hope to hear from you! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  10. LOL - shopping can be dangerous!!! Love both of the layouts!!!

  11. great tips on the retail therapy ! definitely avoidance of the sales people is a key factor ! lol

    Great take on this week's Scrappiest sketch - interesting that most takes are mostly masculine this time .

  12. Nothing wrong with retail therapy! ;-)
    Hope you are feeling better today!
    The scrapping is awesome! Both with Oupa and the rain photos! Congrats on being on the design team.

  13. hugs to you for your bad day yesterday... hope today is much better.... nothing a little retail theraphy can't fix.

    Love your two layouts... that tortoise is tooooooooooo cute. Congrats on the new design team too.

  14. I do love those red rain boots. And I am so going to try and get myself those products. You have got me sold!

  15. Stunning both LO's, those oupa photo's are very special.
    Thinking of you!

  16. Hi Lynette!! Me again. Regarding the hand stitching. I bought a Sew Easy and found it really hard to control and would not recommend it. The stitching on the circle is just eye balling it and if you look really close it is not perfect. Shh hee hee The straight stitching was done by using a ruler for spacing help. I have a Tim Holtz ruler that helps with the spacing of piercing but I get lazy and don't always use it. I often try to use the patterns on paper to help with spacing.

  17. FANtastic page! LOVE it! :-)


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