Saturday, May 28, 2011

About my "day job"

The entrance to the mission.

From time to time I mention that we are in full time ministry.  Today I would like to introduce you to the Mission that my DH and I started 13 years ago.  In a previous post HERE, I told a little about how we became involved.  I am not going to elaborate too much on the little details...but I am going to take you on a little of a tour of the Mission.
Another view from the play/school area.
Very early on we realised that people cannot be "uplifted" and helped to move on to a better future unless you look at ministry holistically.  You cannot just say "I will pray for you". and walk away.  Our ministry is based on the four major elements:
The rooms are small but clean and safe
  1.  SOCIAL SERVICE:  We have to provide safe shelter ,(a place they can call home) decent clothing and good food.  Our motto is " ...a place to belong...a place to become..."   When a homeless person comes to us, they complete a three month life skill program and are allocated a work area.  They are also encouraged to spend time with the social worker and the counselours. At present we have approximately 200 people on our program and a total of nearly 600 people living on the premises.
  The kitchen provides three meals per day to 260 people.  
We have seen how the Lord provides in every need...and not second best either.  We are on the social responsibility program of a large retail company that supply us with their "sell by" food on a daily basis.  There is no shortage of fruit, vegetables, jogurt and even luxuries.  Our Lord is not poor;-)
2.   HEALTH:  Our people are seen to by a doctor, dentist and optometrist.  These medical professionals give of their time to assist the precious people in our care.  

3.  EDUCATION:  This is a very important part of what we do.  We have an ABET (Adult Based Education and Training) school on the premises where our people are assisted to complete their schooling which will enable them to find work where they would be able to provide for their families.
The ABET computer literacy classroom
Computer literacy is also a very important component.
Shortly after we started the Mission we saw the need for a creche to care for the little ones.  They need to be safe while their parents are working.  We also found that people that are struggling to survive don't have the energy to spend quality time with the children.  The children are not stimulated and are way behind other children in their development. We now have a remedial teacher that owns her own creche that allows our children that have to enrol for Grade R next year to attend her pre-school free of charge.
The baby room. (We have 17 babies/toddlers in this area)
The "bigger" class;-)
Adorable little things!

4.  JOB CREATION: This have become a very important component of the Mission.  THERE IS NO WORK out there, so we had to create work.  Two very important reasons for this.  Firstly the people on the program have to learn that they have to work for what they want.  Life is not about hand outs.  It builds their self esteem when they work and it gives them worth.  Secondly, the Mission needs an income to survive.  We don't apply for funding and are self sustained.  When we started out we only had a few people and our job creation side of things started small.  
The prefabricated pillars and posts or vibracrete panels - this was the first project we started.  People with addiction problems are put to work.  They need to be so tired at night that they would not even have the energy to think about getting the next fix.
Welding works are also done.  We try to allocate people to "positions" where they have knowledge and feel happy to work.
Recycling the posters that are put on lamp posts with daily news headlines.
Recycling PVC products.
Every work area has a leader that have to care for his workers.  Very much like a shepherd would care for his flock;-) 

We are tremendously blessed.  The work we do is not easy but it is SO very worthwhile and so very rewarding.  We fall in love with the people that are placed in our care and our joy is when they overcome their problems and move on and back to society.  Some people are able to do this in a short space of time and some have had such traumatic lives that it takes longer, and sometimes a few years before they are healed.

If you made it to the end of this post...thank you for reading;-)

Happy weekend.



  1. Thanks for the tour my friend. I will definately have to see it 'IRL' when next i'm in town.

    You are an amazing woman.


  2. I loved reading this post. Wow. You and your DH are amazing and so very blessed.
    Do you have a blog/website for the mission?

  3. I was so, so blessed to read this post. Do you know as I sat down to have tea and toast I thought, "I hope Lynette has posted" and here it is, and WHAT a post!

    Yes, our God is able to provide far more than we can even ask or think.

    I am so excited and humbled by your faithfulness (we were in part-time ministry for 13 years and it's not easy) to serve.

    It's exactly the type of project I love - empowering vs giving handouts.

    Next time I'm in PE I would love to come see, if you're keen.

    ANd if I stayed there, I'd have volunteered to do some teaching/ training in your ABET.

    Big hugs to you!

    PS really, I am so blessed to read this today!

  4. @Shayne...that my friend, is a date;-)

    @Julia - the website is and is very outdated.

    @Marcia - I know you would have been involved and I love essays;-)

  5. Lynette, what blessed work you are doing.. God will surely be pleased..

  6. I loved reading all about your mission, and seeing the pics. Loved the added details too. The lady sitting on her bed has made her room so personal - made my heart glad to see that too. Sweet children.

  7. Thanks for the tour, Lynette. You are a blessing :)

  8. Thank you for sharing this story. What a great mission!

  9. Lynette, enjoyed the tour, what a blessing you have given to those in need! My heart was warmed, especially by those faces, you are changing their family tree- God is GREAT!

  10. From time to time, I have read snippets of your work here on your beautiful blog...and today, I am blessed to have the full tour!! What wonderful things you are doing! I love the photos (the kids are ADORABLE!) Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing work that you and your husband do... you truly are children of God! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  11. Thank you for sharing your mission, Lynette. I totally enjoyed learning about what it is exactly, that you do. What an amazing program! How do you find time to scrap?? I'm sure the escape of it is much needed at the end of your week.

  12. Thanks for sharing, Lynette! It is amazing work you do! I would love to hear about some of the stories.
    Thanks for doing such great work!

  13. It was me leaving the previous comment. Trying to do it from my cell - apparently not a good idea :-)

  14. Lynette thank you very much for sharing with us! you ARE very blessed! great are your rewards!

  15. Thank you so much for sharing. It makes thinking about and praying for your work so much easier.

  16. This was so interesting Lynette it was such an easy read. This is so fantastic & so much more impressive & organised than I had imagined. What a fantastic worthwhile cause & it is so clear that you are doing it with your whole hearts!! Fantastic - you must feel so great to have got this all organised for so many & made such a tangible change in their lives! And it is wonderful too that they are of all races!!

  17. Beautiful post! Thank you for sharing the ministry and the call the Lord has given you and your DH. I know that the creator is proud of your his daughter! Truly the heart of JESUS!

    So true that He always provides! He is so faithful!

    I pray the mission, the individual lives, and leaders are filled with the strength and love of the savior!

    thanks so much for sharing!

  18. WOW! This is incredible! you are def an amazing woman:-)

  19. Amazing! In every aspect - the rehab, the shelter, the job creation... it really is mission with purpose!
    You are such a blessing - and yes, I know its rewarding to see the results, but you also need to be told what a blessing you, and the mission are!
    If I can help in any way, please let me know x x I mean it... not just saying it, please ask :)

  20. Wow! Just finished reading your post! Wish I could see it all IRL!! You are amazing!

  21. Awesome post - love the pics too! TFS!!!

  22. Wow Lynette, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this to help people. It is clear thet you are makig a difference and what you do is really worthwhile.

    I am amazed you find time to scrap as well, but I guess you feel the need to wind down when you get home. I know I do , even with an 'ordinary' job.

    Take care!!
    Hugs from Sweden!



  24. Oh my word, I am totally stunned and humbled by what GOD has achieved through you and your wonderful husband....INCREDIBLE, may you all continue to be blessed in what you do xxxxx

  25. Interesting post Lynette, so glad to know more about you and your real job!

  26. I so enjoyed reading this...and yes, I read to the end, how could one not?
    It was so inspirational and I so admire what you are doing and what you have done. Awesome. x

  27. Finally Anon is me! Doesn't work to be lazy and trying to comment from my phone :-)

  28. Thank you soooo much for sharing a little "peek" inside your world - I think I learned a heap of what it takes to run a mission from this post - thank you for that L!

  29. This post moved me to tears. What joy you bring to the lives of these people you help. Amazing how you bless the lives of those that stay in your care. I am in awe of your work.

  30. Thanks so much for sharing this post and the photos. Whenever you mention the mission, I try to picture what it's made up of etc. and it's wonderful to 'see' it.

    You guys are amazing and yes yes yes, we don't serve a little god, we serve a Mighty Amazing God who gives without reserve.

    Hugs, jys sommer meer wonderlik as gister.

  31. You truly make a difference in your community! The inspiration that oozes out of you leaves me speechless! May god continue to bless you as you bless others.

  32. Wow Lynette, what a wonderful thing you and your family do! The world could do with many more people like you! I hope you are really proud!

  33. Thanks for this Lynette - it is amazing to see the work you do out there.

  34. You are an amazing woman Lynettte! Thank you for sharing with us friend!

  35. oh my ! what an awesome BIG mission in every way you have here , hun ! I'm not sure if we have anything like this at all in our country !!!

    Keep up the wonderful work !!!

  36. wow! That is an absolutely amazing mission you have. God bless you.


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