Tuesday, May 31, 2011

When the going gets tough...

...and you can't stay home because you feel suffocated there, and you can't go to work because you may just not be able to keep it together...then you go shopping!  (not always such a good idea)

Those of you who read my private blog will know that today is not a good day...and to top it, Wynand took the boys to school with my car and some ignoramus reversed into my little car's vender!


So I decided to visit the mall and shop.  Something I normally hate with a passion.  But I shopped...and tomorrow when the guilt hits me and sanity returns I will just take it back to the store *sigh*

You know I learned a valuable lesson from the Dog Whisperer (TV show), the same thing that works with excited dogs also work with excited promotional ladies that want you to buy their products...the trick is:

S.E.R.I.O.U.S.L.Y.  It works.

But today I learned that you should never, ever shop when your resistance is low.  Those pretty Israeli girls that are promoting the Dead Sea Products in the mall...they are very good sales ladies, I kid you not.  This pretty young thing tells me....what are those things?..are they little baggies under your eyes?  (OH NO!)

Who wants baggies under their eyes?
So there she got me...hook, line and sinker.  I was suckered!  
I didn't want the darn products, but at the same time I am impressed with my bargaining skills... I walked out with it at 30% of the original price.

Onto something more exciting,  you can go and read about it HERE ;-)  I have always been a huge fan of Allison Davis of Sketch Support and her fabulous sketches. If you love using sketches for your scrapbooking go and check out her website, she has amazing double and single layout sketches and some pretty awesome card sketches.  I can't believe that I am now part of the creative team...I will have to pinch myself.

Thank you for all the kind comments after my previous post about the Mission.  I am planning to do a post once a week about the things that happen at the mission, the happy and the sad.

It is time for the sketch reveal for Sketch no 122 of The Scrappiest.  Here is my layout that is based on the sketch:
These DH and my grandson Lukas are inseparable.  He follows his Oupa around all the time and in the past few months while they have been living with is Oupa he sneaks off to at night.  I used MME Quite contrary papers for this layout.  The brads are MME Union Square.

Here is Liz' sketch:
You are most welcome to play along and upload your layout to The Scrappiest blog.

I could quite honestly not wait to scrap the photos of Lukas that I took of him while he was playing in the rain.  I used an Allison Davis sketch and Nikki Sivils papers and embellishments.
Have a great day.


Dashed hopes and shattered dreams

Three weeks ago my darling daughter started working for Vodacom and within two weeks they saw the potential in her and she received her first promotion and salary increase.  She sounded so happy and proud of herself.  She started getting her life in order and even saw a pastor to discuss deliverance.  I was actually allowing myself to get excited....serious mistake!

This weekend Deonella and Carl was away for the weekend. Yesterday D received a call from Vodadom, Bianca did not turn up for work and she has not phoned and cannot be reached on her phone.  Deonella was worried that B could have had an epileptic seizure and sent somebody around to the house to check on her.  She was not there.  It would appear that she spent the weekend with the new boyfriend.  When B eventually came home last night the rules were once again discussed with her.  She then decided she wanted to be free of rules, packed her bags and phoned the boyfriend to fetch her. Lots of hurtful words were said.

So here we are again.  Once again my dreams and hopes for my darling Bianca is shattered.  Last night she moved on... Making a statement, cutting ties.  Deonella's heart is broken and nothing I said could make her feel less of a failure.  I received this message from D:  " As she drove into the night, rain pouring down from the heavens hiding my tears.  Walking into her empty room nothing was left but a torn photo of the two of us!  It was like I saw my heart lying on the floor shattered.  I am so sorry.  I truely believed tht it would have all turned out better!" Again, I don't know where she is...and if she is going to be all right.

Isn't it weird?  In my life I touch so many lives and they can accept advice I give...and I can do nothing for my own daughter.  Last  night, for the first time in many months I found release in a sleeping tablet.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

About my "day job"

The entrance to the mission.

From time to time I mention that we are in full time ministry.  Today I would like to introduce you to the Mission that my DH and I started 13 years ago.  In a previous post HERE, I told a little about how we became involved.  I am not going to elaborate too much on the little details...but I am going to take you on a little of a tour of the Mission.
Another view from the play/school area.
Very early on we realised that people cannot be "uplifted" and helped to move on to a better future unless you look at ministry holistically.  You cannot just say "I will pray for you". and walk away.  Our ministry is based on the four major elements:
The rooms are small but clean and safe
  1.  SOCIAL SERVICE:  We have to provide safe shelter ,(a place they can call home) decent clothing and good food.  Our motto is " ...a place to belong...a place to become..."   When a homeless person comes to us, they complete a three month life skill program and are allocated a work area.  They are also encouraged to spend time with the social worker and the counselours. At present we have approximately 200 people on our program and a total of nearly 600 people living on the premises.
  The kitchen provides three meals per day to 260 people.  
We have seen how the Lord provides in every need...and not second best either.  We are on the social responsibility program of a large retail company that supply us with their "sell by" food on a daily basis.  There is no shortage of fruit, vegetables, jogurt and even luxuries.  Our Lord is not poor;-)
2.   HEALTH:  Our people are seen to by a doctor, dentist and optometrist.  These medical professionals give of their time to assist the precious people in our care.  

3.  EDUCATION:  This is a very important part of what we do.  We have an ABET (Adult Based Education and Training) school on the premises where our people are assisted to complete their schooling which will enable them to find work where they would be able to provide for their families.
The ABET computer literacy classroom
Computer literacy is also a very important component.
Shortly after we started the Mission we saw the need for a creche to care for the little ones.  They need to be safe while their parents are working.  We also found that people that are struggling to survive don't have the energy to spend quality time with the children.  The children are not stimulated and are way behind other children in their development. We now have a remedial teacher that owns her own creche that allows our children that have to enrol for Grade R next year to attend her pre-school free of charge.
The baby room. (We have 17 babies/toddlers in this area)
The "bigger" class;-)
Adorable little things!

4.  JOB CREATION: This have become a very important component of the Mission.  THERE IS NO WORK out there, so we had to create work.  Two very important reasons for this.  Firstly the people on the program have to learn that they have to work for what they want.  Life is not about hand outs.  It builds their self esteem when they work and it gives them worth.  Secondly, the Mission needs an income to survive.  We don't apply for funding and are self sustained.  When we started out we only had a few people and our job creation side of things started small.  
The prefabricated pillars and posts or vibracrete panels - this was the first project we started.  People with addiction problems are put to work.  They need to be so tired at night that they would not even have the energy to think about getting the next fix.
Welding works are also done.  We try to allocate people to "positions" where they have knowledge and feel happy to work.
Recycling the posters that are put on lamp posts with daily news headlines.
Recycling PVC products.
Every work area has a leader that have to care for his workers.  Very much like a shepherd would care for his flock;-) 

We are tremendously blessed.  The work we do is not easy but it is SO very worthwhile and so very rewarding.  We fall in love with the people that are placed in our care and our joy is when they overcome their problems and move on and back to society.  Some people are able to do this in a short space of time and some have had such traumatic lives that it takes longer, and sometimes a few years before they are healed.

If you made it to the end of this post...thank you for reading;-)

Happy weekend.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's raining, it's pouring.....

...and just hearing the rain makes me SO very happy.  We have had a drought in our area for the past two years.  Water restriction were imposed in October 2009, whereby we are only allowed 15 kiloliters of water per household per month...that is 500 liters per day.  We end up paying heavy penalties each month for using more than this.  Our garden has taken a serious knock in this time.

This little man has not seen much rain in his lifetime and when he saw the puddles this morning he wanted to go splashing.  
So there he was in his pj's and gumboots...splashing and running and sure doesn't take much to bring him happiness.

Let me show you what I have created over this past weekend.  The first is the layout based on The Scrappiest sketch no 121:
...and my interpretation:  You and Me always together.
My youngest son Wynand and his pretty wife Nadia.  This photos were taken in Sedgefield last year, the day before he had the brain bleed that left him with hardly any vision. I can't look at these photos without a feeling of deep gratitude for what the Lord has done in his life this past year...and to marvel about the fact that today he can see again.  I used Echo Park "For the Record" papers and embellishments.  The doilies are by Maya Road and the flowers are by Prima...I chopped up a vine and used the little flowers.

Golf is life!  (our so my DH tells me.)  I was very inspired when I saw a layout done by Carolyn Wolff  who is part of the design team at Sketch Support . I also made my circle with brads and used Karen Foster stickers for embellishing the layout.  I found the golf border stickers at Crazy Store.

This layout celebrated DH's very first hole-in-one.  He was playing in a match at the Plettenberg Bay country club when he scored the hole-in-one on the 11the hole. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

She called it a "blind date";-)

I have been following Pamela's (An Ordinary Life) blog for the past two years.  We live less than 10km from each other and yesterday we met (in real life) at last.  She jokingly refered to it as a "blind date" (her DH's words for it)  I found it amazing that we could chat as if we have known each other forever and I came away realising just how much we reveal about ourselves and out lives on our blogs.

I have been so excited about meeting her since we set the date last week. I was on my way and driving on the freeway when I noticed that the fuel levels in my car was seriously low.  I phoned my DH and told him that I don't think I am going to make it to the restaurant and the words were hardly uttered when my little car gave a shudder and I had to move over to the pavement.  My darling man was there in minutes, picking me up and driving me to the restaurant.  We recognised each other immediately and was soon chatting like old friends.  After a while DH returned with my car keys....having filled the tank.  It was so funny when he got to us and realised that Pamela recognised him from my blog too.  I joked with him last night saying I am sure he came to check if it was REALLY a girl I was meeting.  I am really hoping that we will have many more coffee/lunch dates.
 (photo by Pamela)

I was really impressed with the food at the Deli on Stanley Street and love how quaint and artsy the interior is.  These photos hardly do it justice.  Hayley would have done a fab photoshoot that would have captured the mood of this little restaurant.  Here is a few photos:

Just another reason why I love this thing called blogging...the fantastic people you meet.

Then onto some "toots" on 2Peas.  LOL!  I have really come into my own style (at last) where scrapping is concerned.  If I have to describe it, it would be cleanlined and focusing on the photo.
On 18 May "Silly Playful Happy" was most liked on 2Peas.

On 19 May "Cool Dude" was most liked and second in most bookmarked.

Happy weekend!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This music video touched me so very deeply.  It must be the most beautiful love song of all time. Please take a moment to listen to it.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend roundup

I can honestly say that today....for the first time in more than a week, I feel my old self.   My poor DH must have wondered what happened to his even tempered wife and who was this argumentative, difficult woman that was suddenly living with him. The worst part (for me...not DH;-) was the brain zaps...  On Friday afternoon I had to do a bit of shopping and ended up phoning DH to come and fetch me, my head was spinning and I was too afraid to drive myself home.

We have a church celebration service at the mission on Sunday evenings and this week was my turn to bring the message.  I kept it simple.  I prepared a salvation message and spoke about "solid foundations".  We often sing a beautiful song called:  ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.  The first verse goes like this:

Almighty God my Redeemer, my hiding place, my strong refuge
No other name like Jesus, no power can stand against you
My feet are planted on this rock and I will not be shaken
My hope it comes from you alone, my Lord and my Salvation
Your praise is always on my lips, your Word is living in my heart
And I will praise you with a new song, my soul will bless you Lord

We see how the storms of life come and knock them off the Rock, and how easy it is for them to be shaken.  If only these word can become a reality in our lives.  Last week I was so frustrated with people that just don't and can't rely and hope and trust in the Lord.  I said to my DH...."Some days I wish that people come with a little box on their backs that we can open and then push a button that will reset them to factory settings."  I know it sound silly and I know that the Lord has created us with a free will and He doesn't need puppets to worship Him.  But then I started thinking about were not factory manufactured....but we were created for a reason.  That reason is to worship Him and have a relationship with Him.  If only we can be "reset" to do what we were created for;-)   My dream is for these precious people of God to know the promises He has for them.  That they will cling to Him when the going gets tough and not fall back into their previous coping drugs and alcohol.

Onto things creative.
I created these layouts of my gorgeous grandchildren.  They are my favourite subjects to scrap and I just adore them.

Some photos of Lukas and Christian playing with Nina.  What a stunning puppy she is!  They can sit on her, pull her ears and lie on top of her...and she just comes back for more.  I used some MME Stella and Rose papers and embellishments for this layout.
A two page layout of little cupcake baker.  She has been asking for ages to please bake with her.  Don't laugh Shayne!  I am a firm believer that those ladies that bake for the home industries also need to make a living. I bought one of those boxes of cake mixes and Leane did most of  it all by herself.  She mixed and licked and mixed some more.  Ouma had to help her pour the mixture into the cupcake papers and push it into the oven.  She stood in front of the oven and watched it rise and turn light brown.  Then I had to mix the sugar icing and she meticulously placed each brightly coloured icing star on the cup cakes.  Her fingers would get all sticky and she would need to lick then before carrying on:-)  Her little face was filled with such delight when she tasted the first cupcake she made herself.  I combined some Imaginice and MME Fine and Dandy papers for this. 
Last, but not least...a layout of little Dewan. He is such a charming little boy and those baby blue adorable.  I look at him sometime and I wonder what is going through that little mind... I used Basic Grey and MME Fine and Dandy papers and embellishments for this layouts.  All three the layouts are based on sketches by the very talented Allison Davis.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Would you....if you knew?

In October last year I blogged about my visit to a rheumatologist and the new medication I was put on for Fibromyalgia.  You can read that post HERE   Suffice to say the miracle drug was not a miracle after all and a second option was tried with the words "it is not addictive and if it doesn't work you can stop taking it."   
Over this last weekend I made the decision that it is not working and I am no longer taking it.     
NO WEANING OFF. (after all it is not addictive;-)           
Yesterday morning I woke up feeling like crap.  (Sorry there is NO nice name for how I am feeling).  This morning I decided to google the withdrawal symptoms of this medication...and I was appalled.  It seems that the only reason to continue with the medication would be fear of how bad you're going to feel.
If a doctor prescribes a new medication and tells you what the symptoms are going to be once you stop...will you still take them?:  This is what DR GOOGLE told me:
******* Withdrawal Symptoms may include but not limited to:
Cymbalta taperingaggression ( that explains why I want to bite anyone who gets to close) anxiety, (thank heavens that one skipped me) balance issues (when I turn my feels as if my brain is loose inside and I get severe vertigo), blurred vision , brain zaps,(Yikes...they actually have a name for it...Every time I glance in one direction or the other, or swivel my head too fast, it's like a pressure drop and momentary, barely audible effect -- yes, like an electrical zap in my ears. It's accompanied by a slight dislocated feeling, like what you get in your stomach when you're falling -- but in your head) concentration impairment, constipation, crying spells, depersonalization, diarrhea, dizziness. electric shock sensations, fatigue, flatulence, flu-like (hot and cold) symptoms, hallucinations, hostility, highly emotional, indigestion, irritability,(very) impaired speech, insomnia, jumpy nerves, lack of coordination, lethargy, migraine headaches / increased headaches, nausea, nervousness, over-reacting to situations, paranoia, repetitive thoughts or songs, sensory & sleep disturbances, severe internal restlessness (akathasia), stomach cramps, tremors, tinnitus (ear ringing or buzzing),(last night the buzzing kept me awake most of the night) tingling sensations, troubling thoughts, visual hallucinations / illusions, vivid dreams, speech visual changes.  (NOW MY QUESTION IS....why did the doc not tell me this beforehand...there is no way I would have taken the meds if I knew.)  Fortunately I only have some of the above symptoms.

I can tell you one thing for certain...the pain of fibromyalgia is nothing compared to these withdrawal symptoms.  For a moment this morning I was very, very tempted to go out and have my script filled a real junkie;-)  I went to Dischem instead and got some natural supplements to help me.
How do you feel about medication and how easily it is prescribed without warning?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

For now....I will stick to my day job!

My goodness...what a weekend!  On Saturday we had craft workshops at our church and my darling cell leader volunteered me to teach scrapbooking.  Last Monday I was told that I have to prepare for 65 ladies and that I will be having a morning and afternoon session with the ladies equally divided between the two classes. did not work out quite like that...I was swamped in the first class with about 40 ladies attending.  It was chaos, everybody wanted help at the same time and it was impossible to get to everyone.  The second class was so much easier but it was only about 25 people and I could help everyone without getting to flustered;-)  Where is the photos...I hear you ask.  Well I took all of 3 photos, things just got so hectic that I did not even think of taking photos.  BUT I HAVE MADE A FIRM RESOLUTION...I WILL STICK WITH MY DAY JOB THANK YOU!!!!!

On Sunday morning DS Wynand and DH made us the most devine breakfast and in the afternoon Kobus Jr and Lache (yup....sigh!) took us out for I really felt loved and spoiled this Mothers Day.  

It is also time for Sketch #119 over at The Scrappiest .  This is the layout I did of little Luki with his Buzz and Woody.
 He loves these toys!  I used some Scenic Route Sonoma papers for this layout.  The felt embellishment is by Basic Grey Wander and the title was bought at a local scrapbook store.

Here is Liz Chidester's sketch:
It would be great to see your take on this sketch.  There is some wonderful prizes to win.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sense of humour

LOL!  I do believe these photos are proof that you are either born with a good sense of humour or're not:-)
Little Luki started teasing even before he could talk. He has a quirky sense of humour and is highly entertaining.  Definately his Oupa's child;-)


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The long weekend

I am loving all the public holidays. On Saturday Nadia went to a kitchen tea and pamper party and Kobus Jr and Wynand went to a bachelor's the grand parentals stayed home and looked after our little ones. 
Later it was 3 babies and 3 teddies in bed with their milo...which obviously did not work out:-) They all sneaked away and the five of us ended up in our king size bed.  Later when they were asleep we carried them back to their bed. Yesterday morning they woke us at the crack of dawn and then it was just go...go...go.  They all want the same toys at the same time and at this age they don't share.  Needless to say that last night when Leane and Dewan left with their parents we welcomed the silence returning to our home.  I was totally exhausted but realize that a lot of that was due to the emotions that went along with Nala's death.

Last week I found some time to do some projects.  This is sketch #116 by Liz Chidester of The Scrappiest.
I made this layout of Karen's (Momagain@40) daughter Mieka.  
I flipped the sketch and used Sassafras Lass Indie Girl papers.  I made a bling circle instead of a paper circle and the flowers are Prima.

This is The Scrappiest Sketch #118
I thought that this photo was perfect for this layout.
I cut the felt stars with my Revolution die cutter.  The paper and trims are My Minds Eye Fine and Dandy and the little sheep EK Success Jolie's.  The alphabets are American Craft.

Then I have been roped into a Scrapbooking workshop at our church next Saturday.  I was told this morning that I will be doing two classes with a total of 65 ladies.  Oh, my shattered nerves...I have never done this before! The budget is R40 per person and if you do scrapping you will know that I will have to do a lot of fancy footwork to be able to make up a page-kit for that. Tomorrow it is "a shopping I will go":-)

This is the inspiration prompt for the latest challenge  at Get Picky.
My layout
I just couldn't resist putting in a dash of red. I used papers from My Minds Eye's "Love me do" range. I used a sketch by Allison Davis

I have just noticed how perfect the colours of my layout for the Scrappiest sketch 118 is also fitting into the Get Picky challenge.  I decided to enter both of them in the Get Picky Challenge.

A word I want to take with me today and this week is:  2 Corinthians 5:7 - We walk by faith, not by sight.
If we keep waiting on inspiration from the Lord before we act, then nothing will happen.  Get up and "do it" with or without inspiration and let the Lord bless you after the fact.  Unless and until we get active in the Lord's work, we most likely will drift away from Him.  Inspiration will most likely come during or after your "work" not before.

Happy Day.