Thursday, April 21, 2011

The next chapter:-)

I am really hoping that this will not become a book!  Just a quick update. At the beginning of March, Kobus and I took Bianca to go and live with Deonella and Carl in Cape Town.  The night before we left, we invited her brothers for supper to say goodbye, but Bianca did the disappearing trick again, leaving before they arrived and staying out till the early hours of the morning....needless to say I was not charmed!

When we dropped her off, Deonella took us through to the room that they have prepared for B and we had a few moments alone, me, Deonella and Bianca.  I told Deonella that if it is true that Bianca wants to start her life anew, it would mean her coming clean about the past and that she is to tell Deonella the whole truth and if she does not, that Deonella would let me know and I would then tell her the truth about everything Bianca got into.  My DD was so angry with me that when we left a while later, she did not greet me.  During the following weekend I received a SMS from her and she eventually got up the courage and told Deonella everything.  I was relieved and my hope was once more rekindled.  

Deonella is a lovely girl and for a few years she was like a daughter in our home.  She is very special, always chooses to be happy and her happiness is infectious.  When you are around her you can't be anything but happy.  Under her direction Bianca changed her hair colour from  black to redish brown and even went horseriding.
To our surprise she even managed to get Bianca to take part in the Spar Ladies challenge and I am proud that Bianca completed the race, albeit moaning and groaning all the way.
As she got used to Deonella and Carl she has started pushing the boundaries and the manipulation started up again. She still have not found a work position, and quite frankly I don't know how hard she is looking.  The result was that Carl gave her until 18 June to find something.  It is obvious that unless she is pushed hard, she is not going to make an effort.

Last week was a challenging week for Deonella and Carl where Bianca is concerned and I decided to allow her to read this blog.  I feel that she is sticking her neck out for my daughter and deserves to know "it all".

After reading the blog, I received the following comment from this dear girl:

"I am the friend to whom she has moved to. Reading this blog was very hard to see how much hurt and pain she has caused her family, a family I considered my own. Reading this has also given me a more clear mind of what to expect from Bianca and to see the red light when it appears. I have a love for this girl which I cannot explain and fear the day that she may hurt me as she has hurt so many people before. Last night we spoke about the legacy that she will leave behind one day and that the current picture is not a pretty one. Bianca seems to listen to me and I will never stop trying and never stop praying for the day that she WILL step into the light and embrace Gods gift to be alive. I HAVE FAITH. I hold on to my word, JER 29vs11. For I know the plan that God has for me (and Bianca) and it is a plan for us to prosper and not to harm us. Everyday I wake up is a gift, a gift to breathe, a gift to see Gods wonders one more time. Aunt Lynette, my heart is crying to have read that this is what you had to deal with. The time that you have been a mother to me has been wonderful and I cherish those times forever in my heart. Bianca knows that you are the best mother she could have asked for, I think she had such bad friends that influence her with hate, anger and all the wrong thoughts. SHE knows what is wrong and what is right, she is just very confused and is scared to take the first step. But God lives within me and my light will shine forever more and she will see it. My joy will rub off on just has to. She will start to long for the same joy that I have and when that day comes we will all be there, to pick her up. I will not loose my FAITH and will always have HOPE."

I will be asking Deonella to send me an e-mail from time to time with updates and will then update this blog.  Thank you for still keeping this situation in your prayers....because that is all we can do....pray and give this situation to the Lord.



  1. Oh Lynette, How lucky we are that God sends us Angels in the most unexpected ways and places. Donelda seems to be Bianca's ( and your) Angel. I have never stopped thinking about Bianca and you and the rest of your family. Now I will thank God for answering all our prayers and sending His Angels to help where we can not.
    Donelda should know that there is an army of friends praying with you and her for Bianca.
    Sending you lots of hugs.

  2. I believe you have an extra "daughter" whom God has blesses you with... my heart feels for you, though I do not know what to do, but your post does give heartwarming and encouraging words to those who are in the same dilemma... God puts us in difficult positions sometimes so that what we experienced and felt, will be a testimony for those who are feeling the same way as we did...
    God Bless!

  3. I just want to give praise to our wonderful Father that He gave Bianca THIS friend at this moment of her life! Go, Deonella, shine your light and joy into her life!

  4. I'm sitting here crying buckets, what a wonderful friend she has in Deonella!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Every time I read your updates, I marvel at what God can enable us to get through!

    We believe with you for a good ending to all this.

  6. I am thankful to hear too , about Deonella . I am glad that Deonella is listening to you too and that she is gonna be a light in Bianca's life.

    Hang in there , Lynette , you've been thru so much and you'll get through it all !

    hugs, Pearl

  7. She is at the perfect place and friend in time! I am sure your prayers have been answered already! Thanks for keeping us updated!

  8. that scripture comes to mind....the steps of a righteous (wo)man are orded by Him...

    How wonderful that as you sowed into D's life so now she can sow into B's.

    We continue to stand with you.


  9. I will continue to be in prayer about this Lynette. Deonella seems to be making a difference albeit a slow change it is a change. Sending hugs as well.

  10. Thank you Lord for people like Deonella, wish it were that we all had such a friend! What a blessing she is to so many and I will continue to lift you all up in prayer. May the Lord continue to make his face to shine upon you all and grant you peace!

  11. WOW that is wonderful Lynette - you must be so relieved to know that she has chosen to be with her dear old friend who I'm sure will show her the right path & I do pray that this will be the beginning of the end of this whole chapter!!! Sounds very promising & I'm sure you are sleeping easier at night knowing that she is safe & surrounded by love. As a mum of 2 daughters myself I can well imagine your pain & really wish for it to end for you xx

  12. It all does sound very promising but my heart still goes out to you because this is so undeserved. You are the best Mom in the world dont ever forget that and one day she will realise it. xxx

  13. Bianca is very lucky to have someone in Doenella in her life....with the family and friends that she has all pulling for and supporting her I do believe it is just a matter of time before she turns the corner, sees and embraces the light.
    Lots of love

  14. Deonella sounds like an angel the Lord has placed in your life right now (and Bianca's). We can continue to pray for the best, keeping our faith that He will hold us up through everything and every challenge we are given.


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