Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Peace and tranquility...

Yesterday we wanted to be alone...away from it all, with no noise and no people.  We went to the Keurbooms river and rented a canoe.  Then we started our trek up the river.
The river is wide and goes pretty far up to some picnic spots. 
Initially is was afraid to take my camera onto the river...but it was in a bag and though we got thoroughly wet the camera was safe...and I captured some nice images.
DH did most of the rowing...but I did contribute to it now and then:-)
Some huge trees were uprooted in a flood some time ago...we landed on this little beach.
Do you have any idea how good it makes you feel when you can act silly and giggle at yourself.
So I did the silly thing and posed for DH in the tree.
Seems I can still climb a tree at my age:-)
We sat for ages, enjoying the quiet, the bird song and nature in general.  We chatted about the things that we are concerned about and the things that have meaning in our lives.  This is what matters and what I want to cherish and keep close to my heart.


  1. Oh wow beautiful!

    Those pics of you in the tree are stunning!!!!

  2. wow! that place is soooo nice - we went on a boat trip there and we also camped right next to the river at Forever resort for a few days in Dec-09, it is amazing place!!!!

  3. What fantastic photos !!! Stunning.

  4. The last pic of your DH is stunning. Just stunning. And love the tree pics. I am always so scared to take my camera on trips like this.

  5. Pure bliss....and the photos are fab, I LOVE the ones of you in the guys are an inspiration!

  6. Lynette, u look very cool and sleek lying on the tree... very young too.. the pictures are very nice and clear...

  7. I've done that same thing - such a divine thing to do.

    Love the tree pics - you look beautiful. Love your new top :)

    And what a handsome husband you have xx

  8. Oh wow! Looks like a beautiful and relaxing day. You got some great shots!

  9. Just beautiful & looks so serene. Enjoy your time sounds like you are really making the most of it.

  10. You look amazing and beautiful! Great photos, love it!

  11. Lovely images! When I saw the picture of your feet in the canoe, I thought, you took your camera with you on a canoe? LOL! Glad the camera stay dry!!! other wise, we won;t have such beautiful photos to look at, thanks for sharing! : )

  12. what special moments. I'm all teary.

  13. I'm looking at this post at 2.16am. Its so quiet in the house and outside.
    I can almost feel the peace that is in these pics.
    You have such an eye for what makes a lovely picture, Lynette!
    Love the rock formations and colours.
    And yes, you look like a beautiful 20 something in those "tree pics" :-)
    And yes again, there is just something about a big strong man in pensive mood - and you've captured that beautifully also.

    Have a wonderful break, dear Lynette - you sure have earned it!

  14. Great pictures,


  15. Simply, simply gorgeous pictures...being silly is wonderful too, keeps us young.

  16. Wow you've been a busy lady - I've been a little slow with my reads. Love that you climbed the tree and the photos are divine and oh, I could do with a quiet spot myself. Your layout is fabulous, as always, and praise God your parents are okay. Things happen so quickly.

    Hope your week is just fabulous.


  17. GORGEOUS - your photos are wonderful & it looks like you had a great time...I could do with disappearing into the sunset right now :) Hope you are still having an awesome time away!

  18. WOW! the pictures speaks volume =) and did i tell u ... u really look Good!

  19. Amazing photos...amazing memories!

  20. love your pictures lynette, you are looking so beautiful:)

  21. You sure are beautiful Lynette! :)

  22. Love the tree poses! I could see it would work wonderful in a scrap... Please? ;-)


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