Friday, April 29, 2011

New beginnings

I do believe that the break from the blogging world was good for me.  I missed you all but I also had time to rethink this whole "blog" thing.  When Allie mentioned that she thought I might be "signing off" permanently from blog land, I must admit I was contemplating it.  I was so "over it".

So where to from now.  After all the drama and trauma of last year my wish was to BREATHE deeply this year and my dream was a lovely boring year.  With our line of work life would NEVER be boring, but my wish was granted in my personal life, I now have a time of peace and I believe that finding my joy in the Lord daily is making me content. 

Only problem is....I decided to keep things light and fluffy on this blog.  So light and fluffy in fact that it bores me to tears when I read back on my posts:-) 

I believe that with the work we do with the down and out people of the world...the ones discarded by family, friends and the world at large...I have so much to share.  I want to come at the end of a long day and put pen to paper (fingers to and share my life with you. 

Life is not always pretty.
In fact it is very seldom pretty.
Life is not always just black and is mostly shades of grey.
Daily we see the ugly side of this life.
We see the dirty.
In the mud and dirt we often find gems and beautiful flowers spring forth from filthy mud.
That is what I want to share.
For you living in this wonderful, crazy, cruel and beautiful country of ours (South Africa)....I want to tell you about things you do not know. 
Things that will  make you want to look the other way.
Things that happen daily just around the corner from you home.
I want to share how our walk in the ministry ties in with my walk with the He has drawn us close to His heart and has given us His unconditional, unending love for these dear people.
I want to be able to look back and remember times of tears, times of laughter, times of gratitude and times of deep peace and contentment.

So we begin anew.



  1. So glad you are not going any where. You are a inspiration to me and so many with the work you do.

  2. Since I have 'found' you I have been are an amazing woman and glad to hear that you will still be around! :):):)

  3. I love all your posts, the details, the family photos and the gorgeous scrapping ones.

  4. We missed you. And you are so right - i went through a period where i only shared the light stuff and fact isnt light hey?

    I look forward to reading your heart at the end of a long day.

    Welcome back lovely lady.

  5. I love your blog entries, the only one's I dont comment on are the scrap booking ones as I have no knowledge and have no idea what goes into it...
    So keep telling us all your light and fluffy....but keep sharing your story.

  6. am also v glad that you are going to continue blogging, and I have to say that I want to hear about your life. so often, we do keep our lives seperate from our blog, but after much thinking of mine too, i think that real is good. it makes us realise that there is more to life than just the 'good'. if that makes any sense?

  7. Thanks for sharing your feelings. I have been having similar feelings and often have the thought during the day "I should blog this" but then I don't because I'm not sure how it will be taken. But, I guess I need to decide what I blog for and why.


  8. Life can be hard... but reserve a lot of sweet gifts and very good surprises....
    Trust in life,
    Trus in you !
    Enjoy all the small smiles and gifts life offer us !
    Regards from France...


  9. I think breaks are good, maybe even necessary.
    But I believe that for us as women who love to write, blogging is a way we can vent, find clarity, find meaning, relate to others, share things that might help -

    Here is a place we can pour out pain or joy or questions without interruption, without needing to even make sense really . . .

    In other words, we NEED this.
    And for that reason we keep coming back to it.

    Glad you did.
    Come back, I mean

  10. :) hugs
    looking forward to all you share!

  11. So been there (am still there??)
    I think we need to remember that we write our blogs for ourselves.... and we pick up readers along the way, which is a bonus. however - we are writing for ourselves, not them. Thats what we lose sight of, I think.

  12. I hear you ... been blogging since 2002 and there have been lots of blogs, lots of changes, lots of everything ... I love that we have the choice to read someones blog and if it doesn't appeal, we can move on and much the same, if someone does not like what you're sharing, they have the choice to no longer visit/follow.

    I think Kristy has it spot on ... it's OUR story, our log - write about what you feel comfortable with ... I like the meat and bones stuff and look forward to 'reading' your post.

    God bless, have a fabulous week ... ps. love the photos.

  13. So glad your time away has brought you back refreshed & anew - often we need to get away from something to come back with fresh eyes & a new perspective!

  14. I say go with your heart & share with the world what you're comfortable with ! It will be inspiring I'm sure !


  15. I know..... life and its ups an downs.
    Love that photograph.

  16. Huge sigh of relief here! Gosh, I would have missed you if you decided to stop. And share - I read the light and fluffy, but it is the heart stuff, the true stuff that I treasure most.

  17. Glad you are staying I really am amazed at how you cope & enjoy life hard or not. You are an inspiration.


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