Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Willowtree birthday gifts

I want to show you some of the gifts that I got for my 50th birthday.  I always admired the Willowtree figurines and always promised myself that this is a collection that I would "one day" start.  My "heart sister", Shayne gave me the "Loving Angel" for my birthday. This figurine will always remind me of the love and caring hearts of my blog friends.  It will remind of all the times when I have come here, distraught and heartbroken and how many of you picked me up, dusted me off and set me back on my feet.  You know who you are....I love you dearly and you will always have such a very special place in my heart.

Then I opened my sister Ansie's gift and it was this lovely piece, it is called "Heart and Soul":
Despite an age gap of 10 years, my little sister and I have always been close and for me this is a picture of our relationship.  I remember so many 5 girls sharing one room (two double bunks and a single bed).  Me being the oldest and sometimes wanting to sleep a little while longer.  You can just imagine how impossible that was with 4 other little ones wanting to play and make a noise.  When I was in grade 10 I was moved into a room that I shared with my littlest sister Ansie.  I loved spoiling her and putting little treats under her pillow. When we get together after months of not seeing each other, we just pick up where we left off before.  We share so much, we don't need to entertain each other, just sitting quietly together leaves us content. I love her so very, very much.

I received so many gift vouchers and I wanted to buy something that I will remember as 50th birthday gifts. I could get some of the figurines I have always dreamed of having....first I wanted this one:

It is called "The Promise" and to me it is a picture of my relationship with the love of my life.  It looks as if the man and woman is dancing...something that we love to do.  It reminds me that we made a promise 32 years ago and it was a promise of "forever". I also remember the difficult times, the early years of marriage with its financial difficulties. The month always lasted longer than the salary cheque.  I remember eating toppers on rice and selling cooldrink bottles to buy bread.  I remember the times when the bonus was spent even before we received it.  The 12 hour days DH worked to be able to give us a good life.  I remember our joy when our children were born and how each difficult circumstance and each happy event brought us closer and closer together.  I am so thankful to the Lord for giving me a godly husband, a man that showed me what a good father is.  Without him in my life, I would never have understood the Father heart of God.  I love him so very much.
This figurines are called "brothers". :-) and is a picture of my boys.  As children they were close and I believe that even today they are best friends too. The figurines also remind me of the joy and the love they give me.  Make no mistake they gave me many, many gray hairs too!  Quite a few of my wrinkles have their names:-)
This one is called "Child of my heart".  When I saw it and the name...I knew that I "needed" it.  I have always called Bianca the child of my heart...because she was not born from my body.  She was 6 months when we saw her for the first time and and 16 months when she became part of our family. She was such a delightful little thing and she made our family complete.  She will always be the child of my heart.
This one is called "grandfather" and speaks for itself. This figurine is a picture of DH's patience and love for the little ones.  They follow him around, climb all over him, pull his hair and nose....and he just laps it up.  I never realized the vital role a grandparent plays in the lives of their grandchildren.
If there is a grandfather, there must be a complimenting "grandmother"...don't you agree? Nothing gives as much pleasure and laughter as these little ones. Last night DH and I sat outside, it was such a balmy, warm evening and we chatted and laughed about what the little ones got up to this weekend, the funny things they say and how they understand things.  We have decided that one day when Kobus Jr. moves on, Wednesday nights will remain "Oupa and Ouma" night.  I think we deserve visiting rights, don't you?

Will show you some of the other birthday goodies soon.



  1. As you know I have 5 already, but looking through your pics today there are many more I would love to add.
    Maybe I have something to forward to when I turn 50?

  2. Oh Lynette, I love all of these. You are going to have quite a collection!

    I have the Nativity set and then only one other - me thinks I need to shop some more!

    I just love giving these as gifts as they really are gifts from the heart and mean so much.

    Much love my friend xxx

  3. I am sitting at the hairdresser, reading this post and it made me smile from ear to ear.
    I love how each one represents something so dear.

    Beautiful, beautiful post!

  4. OH wow, I am speechless, beautiful post!

  5. Beautiful. They are so meaningful.

  6. I just can't belive it! I love these figurines so much! but I never have got to bye any because I can't make a choice which one should it be :-)))

  7. Oh these are beautiful! Absolutely heart-stuff.

  8. I absolutely loveeeeeeeee these!! And I love love love each story you tell about them! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  9. I have 2 but yours are just beautiful I love your choices.

    Wow Toppers! i had forgotten about that I think we had it a couple of times a week growing up xxxxxx

  10. Love them all... really special collection.

  11. I have never heard of the Willow Tree collection, but they are just beautiful figurines. I can see how each one you shared has such a special meaning. Love them all!

  12. I LOVE the willow tree collection as well.... sadly, I own none! :(
    But I have bought a few as gifts before - one was "baby angel" - for my friend who lost her precious Isabella, born too soon. And another was for a friends 30th birthday.

    I NEED to have some of these in MY house too. I just LOVE the ones you've chosen.... so special. x

  13. These are gorgeous, have also admired them from afar, think I must start my collection too...

  14. Oh how I love these too. I have a little mom and baby that reminds me of when I had my last daughter. I love each and every one of these as well as the story that makes it special for you. I could relate to each one from stories from your blog and I must say my heart swelled and my eyes were misty.

    Also I think an Oupa and Ouma night is a must. When my older girls were little they used to go with grandma once a week. Now that they are older they don't do this and I think grandma sure does miss it.

    Hugs and smiles

  15. they are gorgeous and you chose such perfect ones to represent your life!

    Also the post on the missions - I love that we serve a BIG and AWESOME God who knows just what we need. I can't tell you how excited I get when I read things like this.

  16. What a lovely post and isn't it amazing how much they all mean in your life. I love the husband and wife one the most. Very very special.

  17. They are very gentle, touching pieces Lynette - I would love to see how you display them all together when you are done :)

  18. LOVE love love them as well, see them here as well, I started collecting the other range before this beautiful range came out.
    Enjoy all the memories they give you....

  19. I love and collect Willow Tree as well!!! Wonderful collection so far! :)

  20. I love love love Willotree angels ... and you just gave me an idea of a gift for my sister who is turning 50 this month - she'll love it. They are so stunning and when I went to Houston I was in a store that had so many of them it was impossible to choose just one.

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  22. I have a nice collection of these as well, although most of mine are Christmas ones.


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