Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hide away?

Picture borrowed from the talented Elizabeth Gatlin.
There is lots going on right now, some of which I will prefer to share on my private allow me bullets...okay?
  • It was the end of our financial year at the mission last month.  Things have been hectic and due to computer upgrades, missing software and frequent distractions, I only managed to close my books off yesterday.
  • Which means that I have one week to catch up on my bookkeeping for March and do the month end.
  • In our line of work you can't just close your door and get stuck into your work.  There is frequent distractions, new people in desperate need, and there is always somebody that have a heavy burden that has to be shared NOW.  Tears that have to be dried NOW.  Somebody that needs to go to the hospital NOW.  A hug that is needed NOW...and so it goes.
  • A reality of life is that when you work with broken, rejected and traumatized people on a daily basis, you need to have a good break every 3 months....or else you will simply not make it.
  • We haven't had a decent break since September last year...and at this stage I am praying for the 10th of April to come...then we will be going to Plettenberg Bay for a week.
  • I normally handle the emotional stress well, but my emotional tank is now overflowing and I am struggling. 
  • Yesterday I would have stayed home, but as these things go, duty called.  So I locked myself in my office, not wanting to face anybody.  
  • I learned this week that we all have a "moer meter"(place where enough is enough)....I think mine is running in the red. (Don't you just love these new Afrikaans words?)
  • Today Kobus Jr (my oldest son, who has lived with us for the past year since his divorce last) is moving out to share a house with his business partner and best friend.  I am happy for him, it is good to see him moving forward again.
  • Wynand, Nadia and the boys were living in a rented house until their house has been renovated.  The rented house was sold and they have to move guess where they are moving to?  Yeah right!  It will be a couple of months before I will have the bliss of having an empty nest:-)  Anyone out there offering me a place to hide away?


  1. Sorry that you are having a rough time. I know too well that feeling of wanting to run away. Holding thumbs that 10/04 rolls around quickly for you.
    Sending you hugs and lots of love.

    ps...I just LOVE the word "moermeter"


  2. Lynette, in the USA we call this time of year March Madness, and it sounds like that would also describe your life right now! Hang in there my friend!

  3. I'm no good with people - I offer them a place to stay for a couple of nights - and fortunately we have no spare room - well now we have Dhelsea's during her semesters - (oh dear...) & more than that I can't handle. Even friends sleeping over for the kids get a 24 hour limit. I don't look at it as selfish - just as my space & my time - I love my kids at home but I guess once they are older it is different - and when they have kids & spouses. You are a great mum/gran & I'm sure you have an open house policy, which I'll have for mine when they're older too...thank Goodness you have the Plett week to look forward to! I haven't had a break for sooooooooooo long too....gosh, I could do with one - our trip to Zambia & JOburg both staying with friends & family is never your own time...Love the "moermeter" expression!!

  4. Eish... I can just hear your desperation for some 'chill' time. I'm so sorry to read that things are so hectic right now - the 10th will be here before you know it - time is flying. I shall trust with you that your holiday will be everything that you have dreamed, longed for and needed. x

  5. Moermeter! Great word! ;-)

    Good luck there, Lynette!
    Sending the photo! Thanks!!

  6. Hugs to you for today and days ahead. An end will come to the craziness- I know it will!

  7. Praying that your much needed vacation comes sooner than later! I am in the process of moving soon... so I can't offer you a sanctuary right now as every empty space is occupied with a box! lol! {{{hugs}}} to you dear... I know bookkeeping is not easy as I have to complete month end also! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  8. Hi Lynette.. coming by to read your updates.. seems you have lots in your hands.. but not to worry, you can manage.. Someone up there will help you too.. there is a worship song..Through It All.. it is very nice.. whatever we face, He will make sure that we survive through it all..

  9. Lynette you are always invited - a bit far but worth it :-)))) it is just..... I don't know if I can offer you peaceful place :-))

  10. Ai tog, kry jou dramas dan nooit end nie? My ousie sou sê: 'Mies, moet ek die agterdeur oopmaak lat die dybel kan loop?' Maak oop jou agterdeur en sê die dybel moet loop, dalk help dit.
    Ek hou van daai moermeter, probleem is. mynie is deesdae maar baie sensitief.
    Die 10de April is my verjaardag, so jou vakansie gaan baie lekker wees.
    Jy kan natuurlik altyd vir my kom kuier as dinge heeltemaal te erg raak.

  11. Go to the farm and take some time out with Shayne:-) even if its just a weekend?
    thoughts are with you, Lynette xxx

  12. Hi Lynette, thanks for your visit. I didn't realize how much I have missed my blogger friends.
    Hope your break is totally peaceful and relaxing. You SO deserve it.

  13. wow - you do have a lot on your plate. Sterkte bok. Remember, that you need to be running at 100% in order to help others, so if need be, take a break, cos if you get "broken" then no-one will get help. 1 day for Lynette alone would be ideal :)
    Empty nest......... seems light years away for me. And to be honest, the thought of my kids leaving one day scares me... yes! even now with a 3, 4 and 7 yr old at home. :0

  14. You are too awesome - being there for all your kids the way you do ! Do take the breaks as necessary ! ;)

  15. Sigh - Lynette I would sit in the cupboard and hide. A trip to Shayne sounds just what you need - but how you do that and still get the books done I am not sure. x x x

  16. Moermeter - wat a great woord.
    Sorry you are having such a tough time - honestly I would not manage what you do my friend. And a smile about the family arrangements.

  17. I sure hope that doing the paperwork flies by for you! I also know what its like to need time away. It's one of the reasons why I have a blog counter counting down the day until my girlie vacation! I can't wait!!!
    Hope your week is peaceful!

  18. Oh you poor sweetie, you sound like such a kind, generous soul who looks after everyone else before yourself. The 10th will soon be here, hang in there until then xx

  19. You are in need of a winter my friend. A retreat. A time to be still and know that He is God. I can not think of a better place to retreat than his pure word. Dip deep into His well and drink up. There is nothing more refreshing.

  20. i am praying for you and your always welcome here. Although with all our little ones you might be running back home as fast as you came :) love and prayers

  21. I so enjoy coming to visit your blog and so I save it for a Sat night. But it's only when I see posts like this that I think I need to rethink my plan because I would have loved to encourage you earlier this week.

    Love that word!

    I would gladly offer you some hideaway space so if you're wanting to hide out in Jhb, it's all yours :)

    You are such a good mom and grandma


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