Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Laughter is the best medicine:-D

Canadian Speed  Controls
Speed controls  being used in  Canada ..  How's this for effective  speed control? 
I don't know  about you, but this would certainly slow me down!  People slow  down and actually try to "straddle" the hole.    
This is an  actual speed control device that is currently in use.  It is MUCH  cheaper than speed cameras, radar guns, police officers,  etc.
Pretty clever  -- especially when they move them around every day.  
In  SA we’re NOT sissies we use the real  ones!!!!
Have a happy day:-)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It seems that I have a bit of artistic talent after all.

I was sad to see Kobus move out on Saturday...but he was moving out at the same time that Wynand and Nadia started moving there was not much time to think.  If you thought that a formal lounge has no use, I have news for can most certainly double up for a storage room, so can the garage and the lapa:-)  We have all settled in and it is such a pleasure having them here.  The greatest of all is that Nadia and I will be sharing cooking is going to be great to eat food somebody else cooked for a change.

I fortunately did my DT work for The Scrappiest last weekend and had my project sent off a long time ago. This is sketch 113.
Here is my take on the sketch.  I used some black and white photo of Kobus Jr. and his children.  The printed papers, most of the embellishments and title is My Minds Eye Stella and Rose (Mabel).  I love this line so much that I bought all 4 the lines with its embellishments.  I liked the idea of using the fiber for the circle, I have had it in my stash for years.  I love the dimension it gives the layout.

I am so excited.  I won my first challenge ever over at "Get Picky" with this layout:

I uploaded a few of my latest layouts to 2Peas and "Little ray of Sunshine" got lots of bookmarks:-)

Thank you for looking.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hide away?

Picture borrowed from the talented Elizabeth Gatlin.
There is lots going on right now, some of which I will prefer to share on my private allow me bullets...okay?
  • It was the end of our financial year at the mission last month.  Things have been hectic and due to computer upgrades, missing software and frequent distractions, I only managed to close my books off yesterday.
  • Which means that I have one week to catch up on my bookkeeping for March and do the month end.
  • In our line of work you can't just close your door and get stuck into your work.  There is frequent distractions, new people in desperate need, and there is always somebody that have a heavy burden that has to be shared NOW.  Tears that have to be dried NOW.  Somebody that needs to go to the hospital NOW.  A hug that is needed NOW...and so it goes.
  • A reality of life is that when you work with broken, rejected and traumatized people on a daily basis, you need to have a good break every 3 months....or else you will simply not make it.
  • We haven't had a decent break since September last year...and at this stage I am praying for the 10th of April to come...then we will be going to Plettenberg Bay for a week.
  • I normally handle the emotional stress well, but my emotional tank is now overflowing and I am struggling. 
  • Yesterday I would have stayed home, but as these things go, duty called.  So I locked myself in my office, not wanting to face anybody.  
  • I learned this week that we all have a "moer meter"(place where enough is enough)....I think mine is running in the red. (Don't you just love these new Afrikaans words?)
  • Today Kobus Jr (my oldest son, who has lived with us for the past year since his divorce last) is moving out to share a house with his business partner and best friend.  I am happy for him, it is good to see him moving forward again.
  • Wynand, Nadia and the boys were living in a rented house until their house has been renovated.  The rented house was sold and they have to move guess where they are moving to?  Yeah right!  It will be a couple of months before I will have the bliss of having an empty nest:-)  Anyone out there offering me a place to hide away?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Scrappiest sketch #112: So Sweet

It is time for The Scrappiest reveal of Sketch 112.  Here is my layout.
I turned the sketch on it's side and put my photos across the page instead of down the one side.  I used Echo Park Sweet Summertime combined with MME Fine and Dandy Elements.

The Sketch:
Go and check out what our other DT members did on The Scrappiest Blog.


Monday, March 21, 2011

The weekend that was

On Saturday morning we drove down to Nduna Lodge near Alexandria where we attended the wedding of the son of good friends.  I was not in the mood for playing photographer (R.E.A.L.L.Y.) and DH did the honours. While the ceremony was taking place:
This cute little guy tried his best to steal the show.
He is one of a pair of meercat that is totally tame and living in the guest lodge.
The gorgeous bride and groom.
These little ones seem to be the boss around here.
Thirsty?  Just knock over a can and help yourself.
When the playing gets TOO much...find a cozy lap to take a rest.
Totally at peace:-)
When we left at 6 'o clock we had this beautiful landscape.  I believe this was the closest the moon was to earth in 16 years...or something like that.

I also took some time to scrap.  I had to complete two layouts for The Scrappiest...which I can't share yet.  I also scrapped this layout of Lukas.
Such a cutie!

Then I want to share a little toot!
My layout "So Happy" was 3rd most bookmarked on 2Peas.


Get Picky: March Sketch challenge #6

Get Picky is having their March sketch challenge.  The sketch is a two pager by Becky Fleck of Pagemaps.

This is the Sketch...
...and this is my layout based on it.
The papers and embellishments are from the Little Yellow Bicycle Snuggle Bug range.  The trees and bugs are cut out of paper.  I have had the pink fiber in my stash for ages...and this was the ideal challenge to pull it out and use it.  The alpha is by Websters and the tag is MME Stella and Rose.


Friday, March 18, 2011

The Scenic Route

When we returned from Cape Town on Monday we decided not to take the coastal road as there is so many roadworks and can cost you an additional 3 hours on the road.  When DH told me we will be driving the Langkloof road, my first reaction was:  "How boring." I was pleasantly surprised with the scenic route and decided to do a photo post of our road trip...and show you some beautiful and some very funny scenes.

When we left Cape Town we drove through Stellenbosch and Franschoek towards Paarl....just look at these beautiful majestic mountains.
You can see the grape vines at the foot of these mountains.  This is the winelands of our country.
I would quite happily live here and just stare at the scenery all day.
We have never been to visit the Afrikaanse Taalmonument in Paarl and decided to make a detour.  I am glad we did because I am very proud of my Afrikaans roots.
Each of the pillars and every other element of the monument symbolizes the rich history of our language.
We then decided to drive over the Du Toit's kloof pass instead of through the tunnel...the beauty of these mountains are breathtaking.
The view over Paarl...on a clear day you can see Table Mountain from up on the mountain.

This is the quick way to the other side of the mountain.When entering one end of the 3.9 kilometre tunnel the other end cannot be seen. The southern tunnel was completed and on the 18th March 1988 the Hugenote Tunnel was opened. It has cut the distance travelled between Cape Town and Worcestor by eleven kilometres. 
 The route we took, took us through this old tunnel.

We drove through Worcester and on the road between Worcester and Robertson we came across this interesting farm stall.
I know my American bloggy friends are used to seeing massive pumpkins...but here where we don't celebrate halloween, pumpkin carving and Thanks giving it is still something we are not used to.
There was a very prominent sign that said you're not allowed to take photos unless you make a donation to the local we made a donation and snapped away.
Quite something don't you think.
Not much to buy inside and they had no massive pumpkin seeds for us to buy.
A few kilometers down the road we came across this....
...cute hay bale family.
Pear trees outside Ashton
The natural tunnel through the mountain towards Montague.
Looking back.
On the other side of the tunnel some more mountain ranges.
This donkey cart was standing outside the restaurant in Montague where we stopped for lunch.
A very unique "no smoking" sign inside the restaurant.
A typical Cape Dutch house in Montague.
Just outside of Montague we came across these grape pickers...we got some grapes from them and they were so sweet that they will probably be used as raisins or for port.
This area is well known for its soft fruits and a lot of dried fruit comes from here.  Here fruit is being dried on a large scale.
An amazing amount of dried fruit being processed. The road became a tad boring and the ground dry and arid...and we could not believe our eyes when we saw this.
I do believe a lot of people stop here just because they are inquisitive to see what is happening here.  It is a restaurant and bar in the middle of nowhere.
It seems that passersby are very keen to donate a bra or panty or thong to be hung in the bar.  I decided to hang onto mine;-)
Just before we got to Oudtshoorn this truck nearly lost its load in front of us.
Oudtshoorn is well known for its big Ostrich farms.
Can you imagine having so many children?
This beautiful stone house with its broekie lace is a typical style of home in Oudtshoorn.
In the Karoo many farmers farm angora goats for its hair that is exported to many countries.
When you leave Oudtshoorn you drive through the "Langkloof" where apples and pears are farmed.  The Langkloof is literally a long valley between two mountain ranges.
This sign is on a farm fence outside of Joubertina and probably put up by a very fed up farmer.

Thank you for coming with me on this trip...and good for you if you made it to here. 
Have a wonderful weekend.