Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hugs and Kisses and Love is all you need

I LOVE my grandchildren, but I am sure you know that:-)  They bring me so much pleasure and often times my heart want to burst when I just look at them.  Have you ever thought about why children need their Oupa and Ouma so much?
  • We are always up for an adventure and make time to go for a walk, take them to the beach or park.  We like to be outside as much as they do. 
  • We know lots of stories, and some of them are even true.
  • We grow things and they just love to help and get their hands dirty. ( The one day one of them did not want to go home, because "mommy doesn't have sand)
  • We are great guides and know our way around libraries and book shops.
  • We are not afraid to be silly. Did a grandchild make a mask or a funny hat? We know who will try it on. Is no one at home willing to listen to kids' knock-knock jokes? Guess whom they should call? 
  • We let them take their time.  They don't ever need to rush to get dressed or bathed or into bed. They know we will wait for them.
  • We make a wonderful audience, when they learn a new poem, or fancy dance moves they can count on us to watch, listen and applaud. 
  • We knew their parents when they were kids and we have the photos to prove it.  We can tell the little ones stories about their parents that their moms and dads will never tell them.
  • We always have their favourite snacks in a cupboard.
  • We know lots of good songs and we love to sing along with them.
  • We are always thrilled to hear any news they want to tell.
  • We are walking history books...we remember times before television and when phones still had cords.
  • We collect and display our grandchildren's art and we would never trade our grandchild's first painting for the Mona Lisa.  (I remember when Leane brought her first painting home, I sat looking at it and wanted her to tell me what it was...she looked at me funny and then said...."Ouma!  It is yellow, and blue and green and orange".)  
  •  We believe all their stories, even when we can't stop laughing as the kids tell them.
  • When our little ones are feeling sick, we take off work and snuggle up on the couch and watch cartoons and CeeBeeBees.
  • We will read them their favourite books...over and over again.
  • We love them unconditionally, now, what could be better than that?

This layout was made using a Pencil Lines sketch.  Lukas was staying with us for 5 days and he was so happy to see his mommy and daddy when they came to fetch him. All the products used for this layout is from the Basic Grey Bittersweet line.


  1. Lovely layout and even a lovier tribute to Oumas and Oupas.

  2. Your layouts have been so marvelous lately!

  3. Love this post. I never understood the importance of Grandparents until my parents became Grandparents. And I know SO many Grandparents who don't have that day to day relationship, because the kids have moved away...I truly believe its one of the most important, and one of the big reasons we moved home.

  4. This is GORGEOUS! I love love love love love that photo and all the hearts!! And I loveeeeeeeeeeeee the Grandma & Grandpa list! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. What a great list.
    I can't wait to be a Granny - ok I'd better wait a few more years.
    Great LO.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Nice post. You captured the essence of grandparenting.

  7. Love it. Grand-parenting at its finest. How blessed all of you are to have each other in your lives!!!!

    You are an amazing lay-outter when it comes to this scrapbooking work.:)

  8. Amen to everything you said. Has your present arrived yet?
    Your LO is so very beautiful.

  9. I love everything about your layout! Just gorgeous. You write so eloquently about being a grandparent.

  10. Just gorgeous Lynette!!! What a great photo if a sweet mom and son moment. Your love shows through your work. Love it!!

  11. simply GORGEOUS! Love your layouts.... In this post and the prior one! Your pics and designs are amazing! Great work!

  12. My little tot was just this morning wanting to go to her Ouma! That's a great list, and it is so true! Nothing can replace Ouma and Oupa!

  13. Awww Lynette ... perfect. Yes, children sure do need ouma en oupa. My dd (aged 14) loves hanging out with my mom, because as she said, Nana teaches us stuff.

    Your layout is inspiring .. I've set up the printer finally, just need to sort the photos.

    THanks for your sweet comments on my blog ... jy is 'n wonderlike vrou :-)

  14. Great list and adorable layout!

  15. Loving our kids is unconditional... yes!!

  16. I think you guys would win gold medals for grandparenting!

  17. Grandparents are SO great! I love this LO - Super sweet! Love, love, love it!

  18. This layout is SO beautiful! I hope you submit it to the Pencil Lines DT call. :)

    Your list is so perfect! Grandparents are such a blessing to their grandchildren.

  19. WOW Lynette I absolutely love how you have showcased that stunning photo! I am very excited at the future prospect of being a grandparent & hope I will make a fantastic granny like you!

  20. This layout is so very beautiful - wow!!!

  21. LOVE this blog post - your grandma list is so cute and made me smile. YOur grandkids are VERY very blessed :)


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