Thursday, February 3, 2011


Yesterday was Wynand and Nadia's wedding anniversary.  He was planning something special and asked that I pick up Christian and Lukas from school and that they stay overnight at our home.  It was also Kobus Jr. night to have Leane and Dewan.  I first picked up Christian from his school and then the three little ones from the creche.  With a boy on each hip and Leane clutching the hem of my top, I was stopped by another little girl asking me "hoekom het jy so baie kinders."  (Why do I have so many children?)  That made me giggle!

We got home and all 4 children were hot and bothered so we jumped into the pool to cool down.  I decided it was the perfect photo opportunity....don't I always think that?
Dewan is becoming such a stunning little man.
Beautiful, even if I say so myself, and such a good little boy.
Lukas fell against a door this weekend and has a huge bruise on his forehead.
Just look at those gorgeous dimples.
Christian is in grade 2 this year, he swims well and continually hit us with water bombs.
I love to use my zoom lens when I photograph the children, that way I am not so "in their face".  
She is a wild one...just like her father when he was a little boy.
...and she falls often...and then acts very sheepish.
This is not a perfect photo, but I like the movement that I captured in it.
For Christmas we bought each of the little ones a motorbike that remains at our home.  The best gift we ever bought.
You can buy them the most expensive gifts...but in the end they enjoy bubbles and balloons most of all.
Blowing bubbles.
Dropping the container of bubbles.
...and "snot en trane".  Very sad after dropping her bubbles.
This morning was pretty hectic.  I had to get 4 children ready for school.  Last night Lukas was feverish and ended up sleeping between me and DH.  He tossed and turned all night, so when Leane and Dewan crashed into our bedroom at 6:30 demanding coffee, I was not ready to get up yet.  DH went and made coffee and the two of us crawled back into bed with the three little ones...each of us sipping coffee and  cuddling before the big rush.  Then it was dressing the four of them, making them breakfast and filling their lunch boxes.  During this time Dewan decided to mix the dog pellets with water and he needed to be dressed again;-D  By the time I greeted them and they left for school I was exhausted.  So hats off to all the mommies with 3+ children.

Soon after I decided on my word and scripture at the beginning of 2011, I came across the Etsy shop of the "noisycricket" and I ordered myself a handmade pendant.  It arrived on my birthday...
What do you think?  I love wearing this reminder.



  1. Oh Lynette, how special, aren't you lucky that you get to do this.
    I met a man on Monday, and three of his four kids have immigrated, and it kills him that he cannot spend time with his Grandkids, he was very angry and sad.
    This is how life should be :-)

  2. You are an amazing mom/granny!
    You must be a strong contender for a gold medal, girlfriend :-)

    No wonder you were exhausted - even without the sleepless night that was a tall order.
    But its fabulous to have family close, isn't it?!

    Lovely lovely pics - and your pendant is so original.

  3. Gosh you are a wonderful granny my dear! Your kids are very honoured to have you so involved in their children's lives. But you wouldn't want it any other way, would you?

    Absolutely stunning photographs. Dewan is a beautiful little boy. Love the one of Leane lying in the sand, it's gorgeous!

    Pretty pretty pendant.

  4. I lived every moment you had with your beautiful grandchildren through your words....I felt envious wishing it as me with mine...:(

    Love the photo's you captured of them playing...

  5. love the pendant!
    would love to have a granny so involved in my childs life:-)
    and your photos are just stunning. I love the perspective you get from them, its like I am right there.

  6. Exhausting but worth it :) Such a great grandma!

    Love the pendant too, simple and beautiful.

  7. These photos are just amazing! i loveeeeeeeeee them! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  8. Jy lyk meer soos die mamma as die ouma!! Ek is bly om te sien Leane se neusie lyk soveel beter.

    Pragtige kinders. Pragtige ouma.


  9. Gorgeous photos, gorgeous children, gorgeous necklace! You're a saint for taking on so many kids. Hats off to you!

  10. Lynette! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of these photos. Your grandkids are so adorable. And I love hearing about your afternoon/night with them. Life is busy with children--but so wonderful :)

  11. Oh I love that pendants and your pics are stunning as always. Oh yes, hectic times indeed. Wish I had a gran like you nearby.

    And I too like to use the zoom lens.

  12. hello Lynette, that was a lovely gathering.. such adorable kids and dimples! lol... and i like the chain, yes... it is very nice...

  13. I love the pics, oh and I am so envious too of your wonderful relationship with your grandchildren. I love your pendant, I am off to have a look at the range :)

  14. You are so blessed to have this amazing time - exhausting but you are so incredible. I wish my children could have had that relationship with their granparents. Photos are wonderful & your pendant fantastic. Hope your weekend is gorgeous.

  15. Wow... I felt exhausted just reading that. Sounds like a lovely time even though it was busy. Your photo's are really great!

    What a nice surprise having your jewellery arrive on your birthday - must be a good sign! :)

  16. Great post with beautiful photos.
    Celebrating all the goodness of your life, that's what it should be like, with a latte'.

  17. Your grandkids are so adroable and are getting so big. I love all of the things that you were able to capture in each of them.

  18. Hoe geseënd is ons nie om soveel kleinkinders te hê nie. En kinders wat hulle so af en toe vir ons leen.
    Hoop jy het 'n amazing verjaardag gehad. So jammer jou persentjie is laat, maar hy is darem nou uiteindelik op pad na jou toe.

  19. Wow Lynette - you took some awesome photos of the kids!!!! It's so special that you get to spend some time with your grandkids. I always feel so sorry for people when their grown-p kids live abroad and they never get to see their grandchildren!

    I'm so in love with your necklace!!!! Absolutely stunning!!! I'll go have a look over at the shop just now to see what they have.

  20. Your grandkids are soo blessed to have a Nana like you for sure !!! wonderful pics !

    the handmade necklace is a great reminder surely for the year ahead !

  21. Love the pendant and the pictures of the lil one's are just awesome. My sister is a granny to three boys, although one is just a few months old, but she spends lots of time with them - such a priviledge.

    Hope your weekend is just fabulous.


    p.s. - I too am a Jodi Picoult fan and was wondering if you're read any of Anna Quindlen's book yet?

  22. you are such a GREAT *BeautiFUL* gorgeous and wonderful grandmom! Such a great example =)

  23. Beautiful photos of the children! Smiled ast the question of the many children :D
    Love that pendant!

  24. those pictures are amazing! I love the first one and it truly speaks such amazing joy to have you surrounded by a your beautiful children and grandchildren! Your quiver is full! God is good!

    p.s. i awarded you on my blog!

  25. Lovely pics of the bambinos. I am sure they all enjoy grandmas playground/backyard.

  26. Beautiful pics! I love the pendant too, it is gorgeous and I know you will love wearing this reminder of 2011!

  27. STUNNING so so so in love with it, may have to order myself a birthday present. Wonderful photos of your grandbabies.

  28. LOVE the necklace - I have seen them on Lizzy K's blog a number of times & considered ordering one but now I have thought of the perfect thing. My birthday is not too far off so maybe...


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