Friday, February 18, 2011


I previously shared with you that my word for 2011 is "Breathe".  My wish for this year is to find pleasure in the simple and the everyday things.  To enjoy the journey that we call "life" and to Rejoice in the Lord Always irrespective of what crosses my path.   I came across this lovely poem by Jorena Lono and it spoke to me.  When something speaks to me...I love to share it.  I e-mailed the lovely author and she graciously allowed me to use it on my blog....thank you Rena.

I'm under water,
I hear a gentle voice say,
Drowning in the depths of my mind,
The gentle voice...
Still by my side,
Telling me to,
Tears running down my face,
I feel a warm embrace...
The gentle voice saying to,
The feeling of entrapment taking over,
My life...
The gentle voice telling me to,
Surrounded by the negative,
No where to escape...
The gentle voice telling me to,
Events un-fold in my mind,
Contemplating what to do,
The gentle voice telling me to,
I'm holding my breath,
Cause I'm really upset...
The gentle voice telling me to,
Pulling at my hair,
To let the frustrations out,
The gentle voice telling me to,
I'm in a box,
With no where to run,
It's so dark,
Can't see the sun,
My face is wet,
From the tears I cried,
My mind confused,
I feel lost inside.
Trying to hard to stay a float,
Almost like a tipping boat.
Cradled in fetal position,
I start praying,
For affirmation...
Father, help me please.
I need Your love,
To set me free,
I heard Your Angel,
Telling me to breathe...
I need You Father,
Oh... please help me.
Give me the strength,
That I will need,
For this journey,
That's ahead of me.
I promise Father....
I will breathe....
As long as I have You,
Beside me....
Thank You Father,
For bringing me through,
I was drowning there for a minute,
Without You.
I know now how to stay afloat,
Just by calling Your name,
And praying,
Will help to keep me sane,
Thank You Father,
I'm on my knees,
Thank You...
For helping me to breathe...

Written by: J. Lono
Sometimes life gives us such a blow that it takes our breath away and stressful situations make it hard to breathe.  When I am stressed my breathing becomes shallow and by the end of the day it feels as if there are bands  tied around my chest the way all the muscles had gone into spasm.  I think most of us have been there. 

So far this year I have managed to live in the moment, I have taken time to rest.  I sometimes don't do anything constructive with my time and I don't even feel guilty.  I am beginning to breathe deeply. I have made my peace with those things that have made me anxious in the past and that  I have no control over.  I have given it all over to the Lord, as He is the only one that can change it.  I can really say that this is working for me.  The peace of God, which transcends all understanding is guarding my heart and my mind.
With peace returning to me, I am slowly starting to scrap on a regular basis.  These photos of Lukas and the snail race was taken in November 2010.  I scrapped them yesterday...and I loved how it turned out. You can click on the picture if you want to see it in more detail;-)
I used Bazzil for the background, printed paper and embellies are from the Little Yellow Bicycle Snugglebug range.  I looked all over for snail stickers and in the end found this image of the snail with a crash helmet on the internet.  I printed it out in different sizes and coloured it in with watercolour pencils.  The layout is based on a sketch by Alison Davis.

If you made it to here, thank you for allowing me to share.


  1. A fantastic poem & post Lynette really lovely. You are such a balanced person I admire that. Your l/out is gorgeous.

  2. I love the LO, it resonates with me.
    Loved the poem too.

  3. The last two days have been tough for me as well....I have been so stressed and find myself trying to breath, but with difficulty as my body feels like jelly when I stress....
    I also have to start breathing. Today while in the shower I stood there feeling the water on my skin and told myself that there is nothing I can do....its out of my control...

  4. I LOVED those photos when you first showed them to us and I ADORE the layout you have created with them.

    Glad you are in a good place and finding peace around you, specially that you are taking time to breathe

  5. Breathe is such a fitting word. It's true . . . we need those deep breaths.

    I love your layout. Such a fun boy adventure :)

  6. What a wonderful and moving poem. Thank you for sharing that ... I have a few friends I'm going to pass it on too! And, your LO is spectacular. So glad your found your peace ...

  7. That layout is so cute Lynette! I am so glad to hear that your word is really helping you to live more in the moment, relax & feel more in control. That is wonderful! My word is also helping me make positive changes. I really think that having such a clear & simple vision in the form of one little word keeps us headed in the right direction & living consciously. Have a lovely weekend :)

  8. That poem is BEAUTIFUL and loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this post! So touching! I love love love love that lo too! I loveeeeeeeeeee the photos and the colors!! GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  9. the poem is very touching and beautiful and I just LOVE your page with those cute snail pics!!!

  10. darling pics & layout here! those LYB pps are just perfect here!

    Am glad to hear you're enjoying the year ! ;)

  11. This post (and that poem) gave me goosebumps. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Lynette, first of all that poem is so fitting on a lot of levels for many people. Thank you for sharing it. I am so glad that you are taking the time to breathe. Sometimes I think people, including myself tend to forgot to do this!! LOL. Or we take things like that for granted. And I am not talking about just breathing... :)

    And your layout? Amazing Lynette! I love your two-pager and how clean-lined it is! You know I love some clean lines!!!! I am so happy that you are scrapping more as of late, its very therapeutic!

    I am always amazed that there are people and where they live aren't in the same season as we are!!! LOL. Here I am ready for spring and you are in it not looking forward to fall!!! LOL. It makes me wonder if we are truly ever happy with the season we are in... Hmmm..?

    Have a blessed weekend friend and know that every time I come to you blog I am refreshed!!!

  13. I think this post resonates with us all. I dont know another woman who doesnt have times of severe stress/anxiety.

    Thank you for sharing with us -this post touched me deeply.


  14. Even though I did not pick a word this year, I have been trying to do the same thing, just enjoy what really matters most. I'm glad you're getting more scrapping done, I love your pages. Oh, and we are in Japan til the beginning of April (DH stays a month longer).

  15. What a wonderful poem! Thanks for sharing!
    And those photos....!! they are terrific!!! LOVE the double page you created!!!

  16. Beautiful poem and great layout. I love the snail photos - so cute!


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