Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The things that make me happy.

 50?  Not yet...well not for another two days...and yup...I can wait.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of my birth, I have decided to come up with my “Top 50” list – a list of things that make me happy to be who I am and where I am in this journey through life.
  1.  My husband. God raised up a wonderful man for me. We met each other when I was 17 and still at school, you could say that he raised me.  Neither of us are perfect, but we are a good fit, perfect compliments to each other. Where I am weak, he is strong and vice-versa. I love him with all my heart, even when he is driving me crazy. :-)
  2. My children.  More often than not they are such a delight to me, but they also often frustrate me. I see them as a gift from God and I will always be their biggest fan, in everything they do.  I will support them in following the dreams the Lord give them.
  3. My grand children.  If you think that children are parts of your heart that is walking around outside your body, you haven't got grand children yet.  They are a constant source of laughter and love.  My heart aches when I think of them.
  4. My sisters.  I am so lucky to have the gift of 4 sisters.  We don't always understand each other, but their is nothing like the bond that binds us.
  5. My brother.  He is the oldest, never takes sides, are always there when we need him.  I must also include his wife Gail, who is like a sister to us...a real lady.
  6. My parents.  They gave me life. My mother's life of putting our needs before hers is something that will always stay with me.  Remembering her sitting in front of the sewing machine, making 5 dresses for 5 girls.
  7. Music.  This helps me to dance through life.  It can fire me up and calm me down.  I can lose myself in worship music when my stress levels gets too much.
  8. Flowers.  Who can look at a flower and not feel better.  I love their colours, textures, scents and variety.  Most of all I love them growing in the wild or in the garden.
  9. Coffee.  I love being woken in the morning by my darling DH with a steaming aromatic cup of coffee.  There is nothing like the first cup of coffee of the day.  Sitting in coffee shops with friends and loved ones, chatting over a cup of coffee...what can beat that?
  10. Babies. The miracle of birth and the innocence of babies never fail to bring me hope.  
  11. Girlfriends.  They do for me what my husband cannot.  They understand what it means to be a woman.  With them I can share the joys and frustrations of being a woman.
  12. Books. They are a means of escape when they are fiction and of understanding and knowledge when they are non-fiction.
  13. Computers.  A marvelous tool of communication...and many of my friends live there.
  14. Cameras. How else could you so perfectly capture a memory? 
  15. Trees. They provide oxygen for us to breath.  The provide shade on a hot summers day....and I just love the green and the shade.
  16. Chocolate.  Dark, milk, white...I love them all! 
  17. Hugs. They speak when words cannot.
  18. Swings. They make me feel that I can fly.  No matter how old I am, when I see a swing I want to get on and soar through the air.  A lawn swing invites me to slow down, relax, contemplate.
  19. Christmas.  A time to celebrate the giving and receiving of the greatest gift God has given us.  Also the gift of memories and traditions we make with our family.  It is the time of the year that brings people together.
  20. Sunsets and sunrises.  There is something magic about them...they remind me that each day is a gift.
  21. The night sky. Just seeing the moon and the small we are in comparison, makes me realise how big Father God is.
  22. Campfire. The perfect way to enjoy the night sky with family or good friends...and roasted marshmallows.
  23. The Sea.  My happy place...the place to reconnect with nature and become quiet.
  24. The dog.  Nobody greets me with such delight and abandon when I get home.
  25. Clean laundry.  I love the smell, so fresh and clean.
  26. My washing machine and dishwasher.  I cannot, for the life of me, image what it would be like to wash clothes by hand. 
  27. Freedom.  We all complain about the crime rate, taxes and the way the government is running our country.  I love this crazy country of ours.  I can worship where and how I want. So many people is living in places where life is harsh, women are oppressed, commodities are scarce, disease is rampant and freedom is non-existend.  Life is fragile and precious...there is so much to be thankful for.
  28. Sore muscles.  Not the kind that comes with Fibromyalgia!  Sore muscles reminds me that my body still functions well and allows me to do some good, hard work.  Exercise is something that always leaves me feeling so good.
  29. A handwritten letter or card.  They are becoming so rare, that when I get one, I cherish it.  It means that someone has taken time out of their busy life for me.
  30. Water.  For the past year and a half we have been under water restrictions due to the drought...this made me realise just how precious this commodity is.  We can swim, bath, clean clothes and dishes.  We can drink and be refreshed.
  31. My DH's hands.  For the 32 years that we have been married, he has always provided well for us as a family.  He can do anything, build a pool, fix a car, give a good back rub.  When he holds my hand in his, I know how much he loves me.
  32. Singing.  No, I don't do it well and usually sing off key, but it still brings me joy.
  33. Hot aromatic baths.  This is my favourite thing in the winter months...and can be combined with a very good book.
  34. Dancing.  I love dancing....real "langarm" and even "sakkie-sakkie".
  35. Watermelon.  Red, sweet, yumm!  
  36. Watching the grand bambinos grow. We have seen this with our children, but it does not reduce the delight of seeing the "firsts" of the grand children. 
  37. My MP3.  To have so much music on  such a little device...and always being "wired for sound."
  38. Caller ID.  That way I don't need to talk to tele-marketers and can choose who I want to speak to and when.
  39. My Blackberry.  I know I can be reached in the case of an emergency and I know that I can reach my children at any time.  I hated texting until I got my it is a breeze.
  40. Wednesdays.  Then my DH is off to the golf course and I can vegetate, procrastinate or become creative in my scraproom.
  41. Eating out.   Lovely to get a break from the cooking and the cleaning.
  42. Worship. Food for my soul.
  43. Perfume.  I love the beautiful containers they come in and I love how a fragrance can make you feel so happy,pretty and sexy.
  44. Reading glasses. These, nearly 50-year-old eyes can't get by without them.
  45. My treadmill.  One of the best gifts my DH ever bought me.  I can roll out of bed and hop on the treadmill irrespective of the weather conditions.
  46. My home.  The house I have lived in for the past 25 roots go deep.
  47. Prayer.  Talking to the Lord and listening for His response.
  48. Church and cell life.  My community of faith.
  49. Service.  The way in which I give back for all that I have been given.  My delight.
  50. God.   Creator, Redeemer, Comforter, Provider, Guide, Best Friend, Heavenly Father.  All I have comes from Him, all I do is for Him.  Without Him, my life and this list is pointless.  I live by His amazing grace.


  1. :) I {heart} your list. Maybe I will do a post like this for my birthday this year.

  2. wow..Lynette.. I wish you Happy Birthday wishes in advance first!!

    I was 50 in November last.. and I should have written my 50points too! lol...

  3. Happy Birthday Lynette! Love your list, we share a lot in common thanks for sharing!

  4. Happy , happy blessed 50th , Lynette !!! way to go showing the way how to celebrate life , hun !

  5. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your list!!! And Happy BIRTHDAY!!! I will be at CHA on your actual birthday... so I won't get to say it to you on your actual I am HOPING you HAVE A FABULOUS ONE!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  6. Lynette...this list made me smile, love it. You have a wonderful life xxx

  7. Fabulous list & such lovely thoughts. Hope you have a wonderful birthday & enjoy this season in your life - its great.

  8. Wow, such a fabulous list.
    I trust that you will have a wonderful birthday.

  9. What a fabulous list and if I forget to come back in 2 days' time, happy 50th!

    I love this idea and will do on my next birthday.

    Love your word of the year too :)

  10. Lynette, you are an inspiration - I love reading your posts! Thank you for reminding me of so many wonderful things in my own life.

  11. Great list!

    I'm so curious - what is so different about texting on a Blackberry?

    I hope you have the most wonderful party celebrating this milestone of life.

  12. What a wonderful list! Hope you have a fantastic birthday.
    Ek moet my kop in skaamte laat hang. Jou verjaardagkaartjie is gemaak, maar jou geskenkie nog nie heeltemaal klaar nie (geen verskonings nie, maar my lewe is maar mal hierdie laaste twee weke) Ek hoop om dit teen die naweek in die pos te hê, dan hou jou verjaardag ook sommer 'n bietjie langer.

  13. Great list. 50 is quite a number to count for happy things ;-)
    Totally agree with you with regards coffee and the BB!

    I hope you enjoy your special day on Friday! :D And the rest of the Bday weekend!

  14. Beautiful list Lynette - think I agree with every single one of them - we are almost twins! Have a very special day & party ;-D

  15. I love this list! Thank you for sharing! Happy Birthday my friend! May the Lord bless you with 50 more! I love your cute invitations! Just beautiful! I pray it will all come together and that you will enjoy a night of celebrating the 50 years the Lord blessed you with. He is good!

  16. Happy "almost" 50!!! What a brilliant list...just stopping by to say Hi...I've been such a terrible blogger! Hugs!

  17. What an inspired post! Your life is full of beauty and joy - what a gift.

  18. Happy Birthday Lynette!! I am only reading your list now! So many blessings in you life. Enjoy your SPECIAL day and dance the night away on your party!!

  19. My dear friend, happy happy Bday. I wish I was there tomorrow, but alas, it is the time in my life that has other priorities.

    I so love your list and agree with all (apart from the treadmill I think) and that grandbaby stuff, but know I will agree too in future. And I also love to swing - I do it regularly to the disgust of my princess.

  20. Happy Birthday for the near approaching day :)

    thanks for the comment on my blog :)

    yeah sorry we live far apart so that us ladies can't help you
    but there is email so if you want any tips or ideas :) just email away :)

    Betty B x

  21. Wow, Lynette, that is a beautiful list, and what a perfect way to remind ourselves of our daily blessings!

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday, get spoilt rotten and blessed abundantly:-)

    much love to you

  22. Happy Birthday Lynette! I hope you have had a wonderful day!

  23. What a lovely post!
    Wishing you an awesome party tonight... party like a teenager... rock on, chick ;)

  24. Just got caught up! Happy 50th (you don't look 50)

  25. What a wonderful list, so many of them would be on my top 50 as well. Glad your birthday was so special xxx

  26. Another incredible Blog post..And the most wonderful list I have ever read. I must remember to do this next month on my 50th...You are an incredible woman Lynette, and I hope one day to cross paths with you. You speak with your heart, and that is wonderful...Happy 50th, and here is to 50 more...


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