Thursday, January 20, 2011

A photo update

Although we have been off to a very busy start at work, life has been peaceful.  I tried to think of a "clever" blog post to do...but decided to show you some photos I have taken since the beginning of the year.  On New Years day we still had Lukas with us so we went for a long drive to Van Stadens river mouth and then for a ice cream.
I am still amazed at the joy grandchildren bring to your life.  Having the children for a few days provides us with so much laughter and pure joy.  Sometimes I wish we were so relaxed and easy going with our children when they were small...I guess somethings just comes with age:-)
Lovable little Lukas was so glad to see his Mamma after five days.
What these two cousins get up to when they are together!  Here they climbed up the little waterfall next to the lapa to check on the neighbours.
Two dirty little faces looking back at us.
She is such a happy little thing.
I always know exactly where she is in the garden...she sings non-stop as she whizzes around the garden on her scooter. She changes clothes at least 3 times a day...and sometimes layers three sets of clothes over each other...a real girl!
Nestled comfortably against Oupa's chest.
Funny faces!
Wynand and Nadia drove to East London to buy a Ridgeback for their boys.  Lukas named her she gets her first bath.
Here you can see Leane with two outfits layered one over the other...and both children with cheesy smiles
This beautiful child (Dewan) is becoming such a little honey.  He wants to do everything Leane and Lukas does and he is such an obedient little man.
In December Wynand became the proud owner of his own piece of land.  He bought a 2 hectare plot in Colleen Glen...about 3 kilometers from our home.  The house is basically only a shell and needs lots of work.  The previous owners built the house and lived there for the past 5 years without electricity and in absolute squalor.
We went to go and take these photos before they moved out.  This huge pig was more often than not inside the house.  The tall bush you see to the right of Big Fat Pig is a marijuana plant...they grew their own stash...and obviously took it with them when they moved out.  Not one of the doors have locks...they are closed by putting a huge stump in front of it.  
I find it amazing that people can live like this.
Wynand was told that this water is a fountain on the land...and even in this drought it never dried up.  When Wynand took possession this week we found that municipal water has been running non stop...and after we removed the pipe the "fountain" started drying up remarkably quickly.  There is no water meter on the property and the previous owner made an illegal connection.  That got me wondering how many other places have water running non stop.  No wonder our city's dams are drying up.

I will show you in a next post what the house looked like inside before they started demolishing walls and throwing out disgusting cupboards.  I am now off to the hairstylist...wish me luck!  I just hope the colour turns out better than last time:-)


  1. Stunning photos and wonderful memories. Your son's new home looks so so full of potential and I can't wait to see what it looks like when you are all finished working your magic on it. Scary how some people live isn't it xxx

  2. Lynette, I love posts like these...your Grandchildren are so beautiful!

    Love the piece of exciting!

  3. yes the grandbabies look so very adorable & what joy they really must be too !

    That sounds like Wynand and fam will be living pratically next door to you? Hope he got the property at a steal then ...

  4. What wonderful memories and photos!
    I just need to say that the pictures you chose for that post are stunning!

    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Love, love, love those cuties!!!

    Have a great day!

  5. it is always gives me a lot of joy to look at your wonderful family Lynette! thank you for sharing it!
    my husband would be very envious of your son if he would see the property they bought :-))))) only one thing stops me from doing something like that - me! :-)))))))

  6. Love the photo blog and seeing your grandkids again..the are all so beautiful and special in their own little way.

    Wow how interesting is that house, cant wait to see more and how you get to change it into a home.

  7. Wonderful photos, so many memories.
    This year has started with a bang, hasn't it?
    Can't wait to see the new hairdo.

  8. Your photography is wonderful Lynette!
    You so often capture priceless moments.
    And you sure have great photo fodder with your grandchildren around :-)

    So nice to see Wynand doing the stuff - new dog, new project with his land. All good stuff.

    Thanks for a lovely post.
    Look forward to pics of hair - had mine done yesterday.
    Turned out pretty good.


  9. These are GORGEOUS photos!!! I love love love love the new home/land...amazing they lived like that... wow... I could never do it! In the US...marijuana is sooooooooo illegal...makes me wonder if people had it growing like that right out their front door if anyone would notice!!! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  10. Hi Lynette - I love your blog...Your photos are always so gorgeous - Indeed your pictures are worth a thousand words...Also makes me think - my children are not yet grown up (sometimes I wish they were) and you make a really valid point - we are so busy when our children are growing, it is really difficult to take time to really appreciate them - Perhaps that is why we are given a "second chance" with grandchildren - and yours are absolute treasures..Lots of love

  11. Wow, and I thought our new house was dirty! Love the pictures of your grandchildren - they're so beautiful!

  12. Hi Lynette - these are great family pics!! I hear you on the way people live - totally amazing I tell you that they do this kind of stuff!

  13. Wow - I can't wait to see the tranformation of the house. The pig and marijuana plant cracked me up. Love the pics of your beautiful grandchildren :)

  14. Your grandbabies are so cute! I agree, can't believe people could live like that! Can't wait to see what they do with the house and land!

  15. Wow...wonderful photos of your grandchildren and it is a great place where you live.

  16. What beautiful photos. I love the one of baby snuggled on Oupa's chest. it is gorgeous.

    Good luck to Wynand & Nadia with their new house! Will follow the process xx

  17. Wow you have had a busy year so far. Those grandbabies just keep getting cuter and cuter. Some of my favorites that you shared was

    missing mama
    snuggling on grandpas lap
    at play
    pig and the pot

    Happy to see you could take some time away to share. I know you have been so busy.

    hugs my friend.

  18. You have absolutely gorgeous grandchildren! What a treasure for you xx
    And the house/ barn..... when you smoka da weed, you donna care about mucha else ;)

  19. wow! There is so much to comment on but I will leave it simple!
    Your grandbabies are beautiul
    And I find the pig/pot story pretty funny!!!

  20. Your grandchildren are SO adorable. It is wonderful you get to spend time with them. What a treat for all of you :)

    The land looks pretty amazing . . . lots to do to fix it up but I'm sure it will be fabulous when they are done.

  21. Wow - unbelievable about the house & the "fountain!" - hope Wynand doesn't get slapped with the bill for that! And the weed right outside the front door???!!! love the photos of your grandkids - they always come out so well. When you have your own kids you raise them alongside the pressures of daily life but you can just bless your grandkids & not worry about the stuff you worried about when you were raising your kids. I really hope I can be close in proximity to my kids when they have children. Our kids have grown up almost 100% grandparentless & it definitely takes away a dimension.

  22. Lynette, the grandbabies are adorable! Love your photos, they are growing up so fast. Congrats to Wynand on his new purchase, that pig was HUGE! Great pictures to scrapbook soon!

  23. Thanks for the update - the kids are so cute and now that I have met little Lukas I can actually "see" him growing.

    My word, how do people live there? And I have to ask, what about the poor horse?

  24. gorgeous photos:-) and wow to the house, Im sure it will be perfect once its fixed up.

  25. I just loved seeing new pics of your precious grandchildren. The one of the two peeking over the wall at the neighbors is too cute!
    Sounds like Wynana and Nadia have quite the adventure in front of them with the house renovation. I look forward to seeing the progress.
    The pig and marijuana plant...REALLY???

  26. @ my American friends...pot is very illegal here in South Africa too...and yes they did grow a bush right at their front door.

  27. @Helen - they slapped the previous owner with a mere R2000 fine - and she was SO unhappy with it. Imagine only paying R2000 for water you used over a 5 year period. Eish!

  28. Can't wait to see the transformation of this piece of land ... soooo exciting.

    It is amazing how the previous owners did make a living, but then on the other hand, the less material things one have on earth, the less there is to worry about.


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