Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Life right now

My year have started at quite a pace. 

I am currently very busy organising my 50th.  I designed a very simple card that I just tread a ribbon trough...simple and quick.  So now it is deciding on menus, draping and flowers.  Very exciting but also very exhausting.

We took a break from work the week between Christmas and New Year...that has a knock-on effect and I am totally snowed under with administration and financial matters.  During our break I fell into the awful(ly) lovely habit of taking a snooze in the afternoon, so to get used to working full day again is quite something;-D

Where the Mission is concerned, there has been some amazing developments and we are excited about what is happening.  We have prayed for and about this for the past 13 years...and now it seems to be happening!  The Mission is going to go into a new phase and it is so BIG that only the Lord could have done is humanly impossible to have all these puzzle pieces coming together. I will share more on this in another blogpost soon.   Promise.

But now I am so tired and need a snooze.



  1. WOW! You are a busy lady! Those afternoon power naps are an essential part of my day. Getting back into the swing of things is not easy, I was exhausted when I got home this afternoon.
    Hope you have a fantabulous birthday, wish I could have been there with you.
    Send me your snail mail address and I will send you a card (I promise it won't be a store bought one)

    Hope this is a great year for your family.

  2. I love afternoon snoozes, and I think work should have alloted snooze times to enable better functioning...:-)

  3. Sounds like great stuff happening, can't wait to hear more!

  4. All sounds great!!
    I like the card, it looks ver sophisticated:)
    you thinking about the flowers and menu,me thinks: What are you going to wear???lol!!!
    enjoy your day and if you must,take another nap today:)

  5. WOW this is such a beautiful invite L - you are far to talented!!

  6. Very elegant looking invite! sounds like a very exciting time for you, start of a few new chapters, hope you have time to BREATHE in between all of this. x

  7. wow I LOVE the invite!! Can I come?? Hehe JUST kidding!! Oh the snail pics in the previous post are so cute! You totally have to scrap those :)

  8. Oh Lynette....that is BEAUTIFUL! You are so creative....I love that design!
    I'm with Tania...can I come?:)) What a party...can't wait to see how it all turns out!

  9. Hello my dear,

    Yes thank you, we received your beautiful invite - so so gorgeous. I have diarised the date and am very excited. Will we be able to stay at the Inn for the night or should I organise other accom?

    Shout if you need any help see?

    Very excited - and a whole new chapter is about to start in your life - YAY!

  10. Love the invite its so sophisticated & so you ! Enjoy all the planning. Congrats on the exciting Mission year hope its wonderful.

  11. Oh, love, love the invite!

  12. LOVE the look of that card Lynette - did you do the dress illustration? If so you would make a great fashion designer! Sounds like you are going to have a great year starting with a wing-ding partaaaaay to celebrate your half-century! You should be very proud of how much you have packed into your lifetime! I am so happy to be back online after 2 weeks in the bush with no connection!

  13. Gorgeous invite, Lynette.
    I love it! It's very elegant, too!
    You're so gifted.

    Looks like great happening. Looking forward to hear more!!

    B xx

  14. Sounds Grand! Can't wait to hear...

  15. Congrats on the Birthday coming up :)
    invitation looks pretty :)

    I know it will be grand :)

    happy friday

    Betty B x

  16. Oh it is beautiful -enjoy organizing it!

  17. The invite is lovely. And so are afternoon naps :)

    It sounds like you are really going to party-it up for your birthday . . . and you deserve it :)

  18. I love that invite it is simple but elegant, the dress looks like something you would wear!

    Enjoy planning your party! Enjoy the party more!

  19. Lynette that invitation looks SO classy, I love it, so you...cant believe you are turning 50, you are so young looking and so glam...
    You my hero girlfriend!!

  20. hullo my friend! catching up on blogs...been so out of touch. i am sure your 50th is going to be absolutely gorgeuos and glam - like you. :-)

    So exciting to hear about the Mission and I look forward to you unfolding that story for us.

  21. I love love love the seems so you, elegant and understated....simply GORGEOUS. Can't wait to hear all your exciting news, glad the year is off to a good (if busy) start xxx

  22. I just returned from a 50th birthday party tonight. I hope your party is fabulous. Have fun with the planning. Enjoy your naps, too!

  23. You look SO amazing Lynette!! Your party is going to be so much fun and beautiful too!!! I love your invite!

    And what huge blessings with how the mission is going, praise God!

  24. How exciting Lynette... can't wait to hear the new step the mission will be taking :)
    Your 50th is going to be fabulous - absolutely love the invite. So sad I can't make it

  25. Thats so wonderful celebrating your 50th in style ! & the year is off to a roaring start at the Mission from the sound of things !

    Way to go , hun !!!!!!!!!

  26. the invite looks CHIC!u are so in style ! =) and the good Lord works in great and marvelous way looking forward to hear what is in store !

  27. Wow! I love your invitation - so pretty! Congrats on all your puzzle pieces for the Mission coming together. Can't wait to hear more about it!


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