Monday, December 13, 2010

The weekend that was

  Dewan being his usual cute self
The photos I am posting today was taken a year ago...but I only got my hands on them this past week. 
This past weekend was very quiet in our household.  My DH was very sick and you know how men are they don't listen when you tell them to go to the doctor. 

Aren't they too gorgeous...
I spent Saturday making Christmas cards.  I have been one of the guilty ones that never sent out cards...this year I decided to pick up the old tradition again.  I love receiving I had better start sending some.  I made some gorgeous cards and it is going to be hard to part with some of them.
 She adores her little brother.
Over the past year or so I have built up some real life relationships with some of my blog buds...please don't let my cards land in the dirtbin:)

 I took DH to see the doc yesterday.  He is on the right medication I hope that he will be well soon.
At the moment we have a hectic time at work.  For our people on the program at the mission, it is the dangerous time of the year.  They miss people that they have lost, don't have their family anymore and it is the time of year they resort to their old coping the alcoholic and the drug addicts have to be given a lot of extra love and care.   

This past weekend two of our people fell back into heroin.  The amazing thing is that they lie about their use.  They have become so clever.  They know that if they used and they test positive they can use the excuse of using codeine for some sort of pain.  The sad thing is that they need to admit their problem or else we cannot help them. 
So if you are one of those lucky ones that take a holiday to spend time with your loved ones...please take time to think of those who are not so fortunate to have family around them at this time of the year.

I will post photos of the Christmas cards I made later this week.



  1. oh so pretty photos:)
    gorgeous lynette,they are for sure your joy:)

  2. Lynette - these photos are absolutely beautiful! Who took them and how come you only got them now? Your grandchildren are gorgeous! x

    I hope you receive your christmas card from me... I posted it last week x

  3. These photos are beautiful!

    Oh I love the tradition of sending Christmas Cards. I missed last year, and felt terrible. I think a lot of people don't do it anymore.

  4. Wonderful Photos!!!
    I miss getting Christmas cards like I used to....and I'm slowing down in that department too....
    need to get a move on I guess:)

  5. Ag those children are te pragtig!
    Gorgeous pics -

    Hope DH is back on his feet now?

    It must be so hard for you guys to see people at the mission falling back at this time - and frustrating when they lie and your hands are tied.
    Keep the faith. You do really what Jesus did in that you offer help - people are free to receive it or reject it.
    Its never easy to watch people you care deeply about make wrong choices.

  6. Lovely photos you are so lucky having grandchildren - I live in hope !!! Your work is amazing & it must be so difficult to I do admire you guys for doing it very scarey but really so needed. Have an awesome Christmas & be very blessed.

  7. beautiful photos, wow!
    and i hope things go well at the mission, I cant even imagine how it must be. sending prayers and thoughts both your way and to the people who are in your care.

  8. Wow Lynette beautiful photos...such sweet kiddos...and dying to see your card creations...Sorry you are having a hard time at work - not an easy job...

  9. Gorgeous gorgeous pics. How cute is the one of him with the bauble?

    I send out Christmas cards everyear, to my family. Love doing it.

    I can only imagine how life must be at the Mission right now. You and K are definately the right people to be heading it up. Have faith and you will be fine - but you know that already.

    Much love xxx

  10. GORGEOUS kiddos! Glad to hear your dh is on the mend. Take god care of yourself. The folks at the mission are lucky to have you and your big heart.

  11. Gorgeous photos, they look so sweet...

  12. These two are such cutie pies! It's always fun to come across old adorable photos :)

    Glad to hear your DH is getting better--hope it continues.

    It must be so hard to see the people in your mission make these choices. You have a very strong will to not get disappointed and give up on them. Thank you for the reminder to count my blessings.

    Can't wait to see your cards!

  13. The children are beautiful! Stunning photos!
    Christmas cards are a great tradition! We should start the tradition again...

  14. Oh my Gosh!
    The cutest little ones ever!!

    Thanks soo much for sharing these precious photos with us, dear Lynette!
    B xx

  15. Really really beautiful photos. May you and your family have a very blessed christmas, 2010 has had some hard times for you and I wish you only joy and happiness for 2011.

  16. gorgeous pictures indeed , Lynette ! yeah do please others with your handmade cards which surely are Made with Love ! ;)

  17. These photos are just precious!!!

  18. Love love love the pictures, so beautiful. Those two looks so adorable.

  19. These photos are absolutely stunning and so natural. Your Xmas card creations are really yummylicious and a feast for the eyes.

    Wishing you and your loved ones everything good that life can offer for 2011.


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