Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A little bit of this and that

Tonight we are going to celebrate a birthday with some friends.  This is the first "male" card I have ever made and I am very pleased with the results.  The papers are from Fab Scraps and Graphic 45.

This past weekend was quite a busy one.  There was a rugby day for the "old boys" of the various schools in the city.  Kobus Jr. played for his old school Framesby and we were there to cheer him on.
It was interesting to see some of the old faces of days gone by...and to see how many men have developed "beer barrels" where there were once flat muscular stomachs...and how many have become bald. 
It was also interesting to see that my DS still had a lot of speed in him and he scored some tries.
The lovely Felecia was there to "stand by her man".
This is Kobus Jr's best friend and business partner.  I am afraid he was not so lucky.  He broke his wrist in two places and spent Friday night in hospital after surgery to put in pins in his arm.  Kobus Jr. picked him up from hospital on Saturday morning and it was back to the field to cheer on their crazy can you get?
After the final match...battle scars were shown.  Oh don't roll so well with the punches when you are older.  I wonder how many of these "young" men could get out of bed on Sunday morning:-D

A few weeks ago I saw a very interesting thing on Julie Tucker Wolek's blog.  They had a Christmas Train running under their Christmas tree.  I told my DH about this cute idea and we were off to Toys R Us on Sunday to see if we could find a train...and guess what...we found the North Pole cute is that?
It has 5 carriages and is just perfect.  DH had it up and running in no time.
  Have you seen anything like this?  It makes the sound of a train, blows it's whistle....
...and it plays Christmas Carols too.
...the little ones just sat their...staring at the little train...going round and round the tree.

Things have been pretty hectic at work.  This is always our busy time of the year...also a time that we need to give the people at the mission a lot of love and care as this is the time of the year when they miss family and loved ones...and it is also the time of the year that is incredibly dangerous for the addicts in our care.



  1. I loveeeeeeeeeeeee that card!! The tags are AWESOME!! And loving the GORGEOUS photos....and those ouchie photos...I hope he feels better soon!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Oh my...I love the train...I have being dying to get one for the bottom of my tree for years now. Love the one you got...its perfect!

    And the card is gorgeous! Love the pics of the rugby!

  3. Gorgeous.
    I'd also be sitting there, staring at the train.
    Fabulous Christmas memories in the making.

  4. Mal oor die trein!! Wat 'n goeie idee :-)


  5. Your card is lovely! I've been wanting to get a train for our tree. My parents have had one since I was a kid.

  6. That train is precious! Love your card, I really struggle with cards for men.

  7. That is lovely Lynette - i've also seen it and thought about doing it. My cats would have a field day tho!

    Glad your DS wasn't hurt in his rugby escapade.

    Lovely to have a peek into your life again. Much love xxx

  8. Awwwwh!! That train is just too cute:) Sure the little ones will be having fun over Christmas.
    Wow to your son and his match!! Love Felicia's little tunic, beautiful:)
    You sound happy:)
    Stunning card!

  9. I love the card. I am in love with that super cute train...♥ That is my fav movie...

  10. Oh my word! Just look at that train. My boys will possibly not leave it alone. Maybe later.

    So much fun for the "old boys"!LOL!

  11. Cute card!
    I can't believe all those scrapes and bruises after the game...
    And your train is so cute! My son wants one really bad (and he's 13!). I saw them at Toys R Us also - such a great idea!

  12. GREAT card & LOVE the Polar Express! Absolutely inspired idea!!

  13. gorgeous train! My kiddies would just luuurve it! x-x
    Sounds like you needed a physio at the rugby ;)

  14. lovely your masculine card with G45 !!!

    the latest G45 Springtime has landed on our shores would you believe it ( & having a hard time trying not to think about it ! lol)

    TFS your lovely family pics , hun !!!

  15. wow what a game they had there! That's a lovely card you made Lynette. Cute train! we have several Christmas trees outside and real train just 50 meters away and with loud whistle even in the middle of the night.

  16. love the card, its great:-)
    As to the rugby, rather them than me, thats for sure;-)
    and i love the train, its a gorgeous idea.

  17. That's a gorgeous card Lynette! I am sure that the guy you gave it to loved it!

    You sure took some great photos of everyone playing rugby!!!

    Hope you are well. Take time to breathe during this busy month!

  18. ADORE the train, think Nick is still too young to resist trying to touch it but something I am def going to have to invest in in years to come xxx


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