Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Weekend photo post.

We are getting to the end of this very eventful year and I thought that it would be a good idea to give you a quick update on how things are going and showing you how big the grand bambinos are getting.
Our little Leane is becoming big now...and so protective of her little brother...a real BIG sister.  I was amazed again this weekend at how the simplest of things give these little ones so much pleasure.  She loves bubbles more than toys.
It is so hard to get her to not hide behind her hands when I take the camera out.  She does not like the "oumarazzi";-D

Leane and Dewan on the trampoline.  Here she shows us his "eina".  This little one started climbing before he could walk.  On Friday night he fell against the cast iron fire place and now has a small cut above his eye.

My son Kobus with his son Dewan.  It is such a priviledge having him back in our home and seeing him with his children on his "on" weekends.

When they are here our mornings go something like this.  Shortly after six in the morning our bedroom door opens with a crash.  Leane comes and pokes either me or DH and when we open our eyes she orders coffee.  When the coffee is made we all return to bed for coffee and cuddles.
Helping Oupa clean the pool.
Felicia (Kobus jr's girlfriend) with her baby Jan-Hendrik and Dewan.
 They have managed to crawl into our hearts very quickly.
  • In my last post I told you that my hair turned out very blond after a recent visit to a new hairdresser.  Well...I lasted all of 4 days.  This morning I returned to my normal brunette status.  I realised that I don't do change very well.
  • In February many of you followed our roller coaster ride when our son, Wynand was diagnosed with a condition that is inoperable and badly affected his vision.  You can read one of the posts here.
  • When Wynand started driving again, we were very concerned about how much he actually sees. The good news is that he had to renew his drivers license and he passed the eye test with flying colours.  We can just praise the Lord for this as the eye specialist and neurologist did not have much hope of his eyesight being restored.  We truly serve a miracle working God.


  1. Did she not have blonde hair in the birthday pics (Felicia) that you posted?

    Your grandbambino's are growing up so quickly - i see a change since I saw them in July?

    Lovely pics m'dear!

  2. They are absolutely gorgeous!
    It must be wonderful to have them around!

    True miracle about Wynand, your son! Glad to hear!
    My brother Wynand is also visiting us from England, and our little one calls him "Mytand" :-)

  3. Beautiful children!! And I love the new color of your hair, I'm sorry you didn't like it Lynette! I am the same way though!!! :)

    I love all of your progression photos of you too!!!

    Hoping your Tuesday is going really well!

  4. Your family is just beautiful!!! Great news about Wynands eyesight...A true miracle!!!

  5. Great photos of those you love!!!
    Yay for miracles....
    (and yahoo for the ease in changing hair color back to normal;))

  6. Amen for Wynand!

    The kids are so cute and are really getting so big.

    I loved the blond...but I get it. I just dyed my hair Cherry Jubalee and it is dark...very dark and very red it looks a little purple at times. is normally blond. LOL everyone loves it but I am dreaming of when it fades out. It is a was out but I am afraid it will stain it. :)

    Hugs my friend.

  7. I always enjoy your photo filled posts. :)
    Good to hear that Wynand passed his driver's test!
    Thanks for posting on my blog. I always appreciate your comments. :)

  8. A wonderful catch-up post.
    They are growing up so quickly now.

  9. the grand bambinos sure are growing up fast ! & they are so blessed with all the fun equipment you have in your home for them !!!;)

  10. beautiful photos lynette, precious, they are:)
    happy to hear about your wonderful news about your son.
    about your hair, it is what you feel comfortable with, i am the same, stick to one thing and that is that!!

  11. Glad to see such a happy post!

  12. Such an AMAZING post!!! I loveeeeeee the photos!! You have a BEAUTIFUL family! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  13. Great photos, Lynette! Good news about your son xx

  14. Glad to hear that Kobus Jnr has someone special in his life - and am thrilled about Wynand!
    Your grandkids are lovely - growing so fast!
    Am bummed that you changed your hair colour - I think the blond looked fabulous.
    Maar anyway . . .

  15. Gorgeous pics GF, so happy about your son...

  16. Loved the update Lynette! Praise the Lord Wynand's sight is back 100%. A true miracle ;-D

  17. Awww those pictures are adorable!!!! And I'm so glad about your son! He must be really thankful!!! Hope you have a good night!

  18. Love the pictures. You have such a beautiful grandchildren they are growing up so fast. It has been a while since the last time you posted a pictures of them. Glad to hear that Wynand is doing well now. You son's girlfriend, her baby is a cutie too.

  19. Lovely to read your family your granddaughter has grown...and looks so much like her Dad as well...beautiful child.

    Saddens me to see a mom of a young child on her own and not with the child's father....I can see that happening in the near future with my daughter....but right now she has to live it out as poor baby is only 2 weeks old.
    I wrote a story in my blog today....

    Love the family updates as I am not into scrapbooking...well love scrapbooking but suck at it....I do it in my own pathetic way...LOL


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