Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fear in the night

In the middle of the night I woke up, my heart racing and overcome with fear.
Why the fear?
Was it just a bad dream?
I called out to the Lord and He answered..."Fear not my child...for I am with you."
My heart was still like a runaway train.
Then I remembered something my sister told me.
I snuggled up to my sleeping husband.
Instinctively he pulled me close to him.
We lay there...chest against chest.
I listened to his steady heart beat...and started to breathe deeply...imitating his breathing.
Slowly my heart started beating in rhythm with his and I drifted away.


  1. For He hasn't given us a Spirit of fear...
    I have those moments too, and the're horrid.

  2. I had that last night also....I am glad you are better now! :):):):):):):)

  3. Yes, our Lord is with us all the time.. fear now.. He sends you your husband to be with you...

  4. This post makes me smile, not because of the fear we sometimes have but the very fact that I do the same thing with D. I am so blessed by him that sometimes I don't think I'll ever be able to show him or tell him how much he means to me...

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I love this verse...and I needed it today. There's a lot going on lately that could shake me to my core, but it's a verse like this that keeps me.
    Thank you for posting this today,

    hugs from Canada.....

  6. Oh the relief of waking up!
    And of the strong accepting embracing arms of our "other halves"!

    They are surely His gift to us.girch

  7. How odd.
    'girch' was the word verificatin!
    how did it get up there?!

  8. Weirdly enough I got the same thing last night & it hasn't happened since we moved to SA but used to happen in Zim quite a lot. Isn't it wonderful having a strong man to snuggle when that happens?!

  9. Fear not, for he is always with you. And thank God for a partner who we can always count on to be there in time of need.

  10. that's a verse I can claim too ! TFS , Lynette !
    Thank God for Kobus by your side in times like these !

  11. God truly is a God of comfort! I have had to battle dreams with God's word too! I came across this verse in Psalm 4:8 I will both lie down in peace, and sleep for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in saftey. I now that through the Lord's power we have freedom to sleep in peace! Love that! Thank you for sharing it was a great reminder for me!

  12. It's so wonderful to know that God comforts us not only with his words but also by giving us the right person to comfort us. I love the verse.

  13. Really needed to be reminded of this today. Thank you.

  14. Not pleasant at all. Glad you managed to find peace and comfort so quickly.

  15. Beautiful verse and thank the Lord for our hubs:)
    You have a great day!!

  16. Fear can be a nasty thing, glad you found comfort in the beating heart and arms of your husband.

  17. Great way to chase the "ghosts" away! Thanks for sharing!


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