Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Photographic meme

I have been tagged by Robyn to do this meme.

How old are you? I am 49 and find it hard to believe that I will be half a century in a few months. 
What does your name mean? In Celtic it's meaning is "grace" and in Spanish "little beauty".

Where do you live?  Port Elizabeth on the east coast of South Africa.  I love living is a laid back kind of life where peak hour traffic is exactly one hour;-D
What career would you have if there were no obstacles? I had many dreams as a young girl.  I wanted to be a big shot attorney that fights for the rights of women and children.  Then I ended up in the insurance industry for 10 years, in this time I studied and obtained my Associateship in the insurance industry.  Then we were called into full time ministry to help and uplift the poor of our city.  The problem is finding a balance in life.  I want to be good at what I am called to and I want to be good at caring for my family.

Your fave meal?  Lamb shank stew cooked with potato and carrots and served on rice with a thick rich sauce.  This is my favourite food in the winter time...real comfort food that make you feel so good.  In summer I love grilled meat with salads.
What are you afraid of? I can't really say I am afraid of anything in particular.  I know that generally I like my life to run smoothly and as you also know life seldom runs smoothly.  I get unsettled when curve balls are thrown my way...the challenge is to handle them correctly, and I don't know if I do.

What makes you laugh?  I have a wonderful husband that always see the funny in every situation, after 32 years together he still catches me out.   I have also found that our grand children give me a lot of pleasure and make me laugh a lot.
What is your strongest talent?  To keep a level head when things go wrong...and they often do.  Coming in a close second is my ability to handle finances well.
What do you desire most?  My greatest desire is that my children will have a personal relationship with the Lord.  Other than that, just to see them happy and financially secure.
How do you see yourself?   I often care too deeply, protect too fiercely.  It hurts me to see children and vulnerable elderly people being abused and will do anything in my power to protect them.
Two weeks ago my aunt passed away.  This image reminds me of what my uncle said about her at the memorial service.  He said that when he thought of her, her thought about love, because she was always so loving to everyone that crossed her path,  and  he sawher hands.  He said that with her hands she cared for their babies (my cousins) and with her hands she cooked them meals and did everything a mother and wife does for her loved ones.

I am not going to tag anyone...but if you feel like doing're tagged.


  1. I love your list and pics Lynette! Don't ever forget just how special you are! :)

  2. Beautiful one Lynette!You are so right in saying what our dreams and wishes for our children are.And so true about PE's rush hour.

  3. Lovely sentiments & great pictures! I agree with it all!!

  4. What a great post.
    I think I might just consider myslef tagged for a little later in the week.
    Sending you blessings,

  5. This was such a lovely post....thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks for sharing, what a special post. Am left with a warm fuzzy feeling.

  7. The others have really said it all - beautiful post Lynette!

  8. Gorgeous post - so heartfelt and real. Just like you are.


  9. always great to know u a little better Lynette :) Thanks for the post!xo

  10. thanks for the lovely comment on my blog

  11. Hi Lynette!!! what a great idea to catch up about life right now with some beautiful pictures!!! Glad you are well ;-)

  12. A beautiful, hearfelt post. I loved the images you chose to convey your emotion.


  13. Pragtige blog - ek is diep geraak deur alles wat jy geskryf het, maar veral deur Oom DAnie se beskrywing van Tannie Doreen - ek sal altyd haar liefde, omgee en drukkies onthou.

  14. thanks for your comment on my blog about the post - love is a choice - I have started a new blog today called and decided cause it is brand new to put the post in my betty bake blog too
    and then caouldn't decide if i should leave it there or not. thanks for the encouragement - i have put it back at betty bake blog.
    thank you for your comments - i really appreciate them - ALOT!!


  15. Great post, great insight, great pictures!
    Love it!

    Big hugs!
    B xx

  16. Catching up on all your posts!!! And I love this! It is always so interesting getting to know everyone out "there". Thank you for sharing about was beautiful!!!

  17. wow, Lynette, thats beautiful. thats the beauty with some of these tags, you can really get to see the inner workings of people. I love your photos and the story about your aunt just made me smile. What a beautiful memory:-)


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