Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Goodbye gift to Bianca

On Sunday Bianca told us that she was flying to Johannesburg on Monday night.  To say I cried my eyes out would be a bit of an understatement.   Monday I stayed home to complete this album to give that she can remember that we had some good times.  I used a album kit that I purchased from The Scrappy Gourmet .  The beautiful kit was designed by Katie Watson. The product used is Pink Paisley Bayberry Cottage, the album is 6 x 12 inches and there are some stunning acrylic pages in the album. 
This photo was taken on my niece, Corney's wedding in January this year.  The photo is covered by an acrylic page and fastened with brads.
 Photo's taken in the first year of her life...before she became part of our family.
 In Dec 1989 at the age of 6 months we saw her for the first time...and it was love at first sight.
 One of the first photos taken after we adopted her.  She has always done things her way.
 She loved watermelon as a she is with her adoring daddy.
 At two years of age
 She loved running around naked and she found the most unconventional places to in a drawer.
She has always loved animals...these kitties were lured to our home and we had trouble getting them back to their owners.
 Flower girl on my sister Ansie's wedding...on her 4th birthday.
 With our two border collies when she was 6 years old.
 With me at Ratanga Junction, Cape Town in 1999.
 We got our Sharpei, Nala in 2004...she has always been Bianca's baby.
 On holiday in Mapumalanga in July 2004...with her brother Wynand.
 So beautiful on her Matric Dance (similar to a prom).  She has always been such a reluctant model.
 With little Leane in 2008
 Playing with the white lion cubs at the Seaview Game Park.
 With Marc during 2009.  She is now living with him in Johannesburg.  I trust that he will look after her.
 During a weekend away at Eerste Rivier in October last year.
 January this year.
 On the second last page I put photos of all of her loved ones.
 On the last page I put a prayer taken from "Praying for your prodigal daughter" by Janet Thompson

I needed to do this album.  It was not easy...but therapy seldom is:(

Thank you for visiting.  I know I have not been visiting many blogs lately, there is just so much going on in my life right now.  I will visit you all soon.


  1. That is just lovely, I hope she appreciates it, I am sure she will. Thinking of you xxx

  2. What a Beautiful and thought gift!! I'm sure Bianca will treasure this!!

    It's always so difficult when our kids leave the nest, regardless of the circumstances.

    You've been in my thoughts a lot Lynette and I hope you are doing ok. ((Hugs))


  3. Aaaah Lynette - well done - it is truly beautiful. I love mini-albums just for this purpose - to make for people for gifts - you have done an amazing job in such a short time. I know how sad it must be for you & my prayer for you is that as you have brought her up in the way of the Lord she will come back to him eventually & your relationship will be restored ;-D

  4. Its so beautiful Lynette..she is going to treasure it!

    Thinking of you xxx

  5. and its journey.
    You did a great job on this and I can imagine your heart is in every page.
    Lots of hugs to you today.

  6. What an amazing mom you are. Ek het sommer gesit en grens terwyl ek gelees het. Hoe meer ek ven jou leer, hoe meer weet ek die dag toe ek jou blog ontdek het was geensins toevallig nie. Al weet jy dit nie altyd nie is jy vir so baie van ons 'n inspirasie.
    Sterkte, gee my e pos vir Bianca, as sy ooit iets nodig het hier in JHB, kan sy my gerus kontak.

  7. Oh Lynette my heart breaks for you but you are an incredible Mom & you have dealt with this so fantastically she will always know how much you all love her. Hugs & prayers to you & your family.

  8. this is absolutly stunning Lynette. I know she will cherish it always. I am glad you made it.
    Hugs & Prayers.

  9. I have so missed you.

    And yes, i can only imagine what you are going through.

    What a beautiful tribute to your daughter.

    much love

  10. I think You did A Gorgeous gift! She will really appreciate the memories you put together for her!

    And don't worry about visiting, we know how busy and some times difficult life can be.

    God bless your beautiful dd!

  11. Yes , such a beautifully created gift, Lynette !!! I can't imagine what you're going through ...

    I've got a new song to share with you today ( again ! ) - by Josh Groban - my fave artiste from his new album -

    His songs got me through some of my darkest days ...

  12. *sigh* this is sooooooooooo touching and beautiful!!! Something she will treasure forever! {{{hugs}}} :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  13. Priceless captured precious moments. Such a beautiful album! You are so sweet Lynette. I wish her well and luck on her travels.

  14. Lynette it is so spetial!
    luv you!

  15. I can only guess at the emotions you went through while you put this together.

    The love and sorrow of it!

    I pray that she will, at some time, have eyes to see the love that was poured out over her by you all.

  16. I am crying now! It is such wonderfull memories and I am glad that you are able to cherish it!
    Best of wishes to Bianca! We can see that is is loved very much!

  17. This is such a beautiful creative album Lynette - and such a touching story! You are right, therapy is never easy and so glad that you have scrapbooking as a means of release ;-)

  18. I am tearing up, Lynette. This album is sooo beautiful. Scrapping is good therapy. Hang in there xx

  19. That is such a lovely album, gorgeous really!

  20. What a beautiful and heartfelt symbol of your love. (aka Bubba29 from PS)

  21. A priceless and most beautiful gift Lynette. Bianca will treasure this, even if she doesn't show you that she does.
    I wish her well in Joburg.... maybe it will give you an excuse to come up here and visit me too?? x-x-x

  22. Oh Lynette, this must be terribly tough. A beautiful gift from the heart and I hope all goes well with her.

  23. That is such a beautiful and moving gift. I have lived away from my parents before and it is hard at times. This will help her get through the tough times. You are an amzing woman and mother!

  24. now i see. . .it is a album:) only saw the first page you posted on today, this is beautiful lynette and something straight from your heart:)

  25. this is beautiful Lynette, I do hope that the 'therapy' worked:-)

    you are such an amazing woman.

  26. That is truly beautiful!!
    And precious as well!

    Well done, Lynette!
    You're inspiring me! :)

    B xx

  27. Beautiful album, I am sure she will treasure forever, loved your story...


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