Sunday, October 31, 2010

Personal Scrapper Croptoberfest...21 to 31 October 2010

21 October 2010:  Then and now.
Bianca's album

22 October:  Family
Another Vicki Boutin design for CHA2010.  All paper and embellishments used are from the Basic Grey Curio line.  The photos were taken on my birthday in January this year when we were having breakfast with our children.

23 October: Use a punched border or a sticker border.
Another Vicki Boutin design for CHA2010.  This is from the Basic Grey Jovial line.  Snow paper is very hard for me to use and I used it for winter photos.  Here is Lukas with his first shiner sleeping happily on my lap.

24 October:  use at least one tag on your layout
I used three sticker tags...matted them and added a ribbon to each one.  The paper and embellishments are all from the Bo Bunny Love Bandit line.

25 October: Use popdots, buttons or chipboard.
I used pop dots behind the flowers.  These are papers from the Basic Grey Marjolaine line.

26 October: Use scraps on your layout
This layout were made from the scraps of the Basic Grey Marjolaine line and I cut flowers from some of the scraps.

October 27:  Scraplift another member's layout
I started off scraplifting Barbara's layout that was a lift of Carrie Postma's layout...but it quickly went downhill and does not look anything like her layout.  The paper is from MME Lost and Found.

28 October:  Use a ribbon border
This is a total lift of Christie Bryant from The Scrappy Gourmet.  When I saw her beautiful layout I knew I wanted to copy it.  The paper and embellishments used are all MME Lost and Found Market Street.

29 October:  Use eyelets or brads
Another Vicki Boutin design.  The paper used are Basic Grey Marjolaine.  This line of paper was my favourite line to work is just gorgeous and the colours work well with boys and girls.

30 October and 31 October
I did not follow the last two day's challenges.  These layouts were of my sister, Herlien's wedding to Mark.  I used Basic Grey Cappella for these layouts.

Sjoe!  I made it...31 layouts in 31 days...and amongst that was a 20 page mini album. 

Thank you for looking


Friday, October 29, 2010

Dare to Share

Shayne posted this on her blog and it is just the "light and fluffy" stuff I need to post on my blog right now....and light and fluffy is what you will be reading from now on...I have had it with drama!

What are you currently hiding from your partner ? 

I am one of those fortunate ones that don't feel the need to hide anything...if I have gone "slightly" overboard with a shopping spree...the clothes will be all laid out on my bed to show to my darling husband.  Lately I have even been vocal about my scrappy spending...and that takes a lot of guts I promise you;-D

What is the most sinful thing you've done recently ?

On Wednesday I bought the most beautiful dress...a dress that just spells happiness with it's rich beautiful colours.  It was quite pricey...but then...can you put a price to happiness:)

What are you looking forward to today ?

Do any of you know how well the Eastern Cape Kings have done this year?  If they win their match at our new stadium tonight they will be part of the Curry Cup next year.  Tonight we are donning our red and going out to support our rugby team.

What are you wearing at the moment ?

I just finished my workout sweaty, stinky gym clothes.

What are you reading ?

Climb the Highest Mountain by Gene Edwards (spiritual journey)
Praying for my Prodigal Daughter by Janet Thompson (for leading and inspiration)
The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls (an autobiography...and very good and thought provoking)

What is irritating you at the moment?

My hair.  It is far too long and needs colour again.  I have to make that appointment today.  I have been wearing my hair up for the past two weeks.

What are you hoping for ?

I am hoping and praying for peace in my life...and a little boredom on top.
What do you regret?

No way am I falling for that is staying light and fluffy remember?

What are you stressing about ?

Enough of does me no good!

What are you looking forward to ?

This weekend I am going to lock myself in my scrap room and I am going to try and finish the last few layouts for the Personal Scrapper layout a day challenge.  I will just escape from the room to watch the Western Province/Sharks rugby match.

Which reminds me...I must still share pictures of my gorgeous scrap room.  I will do that in my next post.

Happy weekend to all of you.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Big Scare

Some of you might remember that I posted this in April this year.  Well, with all the excitement in my life I clean forgot about the appointment I had with the rheumatologist on Tuesday this week.  Fortunately the doctor's rooms phoned to remind me about the appointment.  My first reaction was to cancel it, but I decided that I have waited since April, so I might as well go.  You know...what do I have to lose anyway.

I must admit I was pleasantly surprised with this lovely lady doctor.  She thorougly examined me, checking all my joints, pushing on all the tender points related to fibromyalgia and sent me for blood tests.  The seratonin levels of fibromyalgia sufferers are generally way lower than it is supposed to be.  Then we sat down for a long talk and for the first time in the past eight years I got answers to my questions.  NOTHING LIKE LADY DOCTORS...THEY THINK LIKE US:-)

She told me that I am the first patient that she has come across that have been living with this syndrome for so long and do not suffer from depression.  Apparently the bad sleeping and constant pain usually pushed people into depression   YAY ME!  When I feel so bad that I just want to pull the blanket over my head and feel sorry for myself, I push myself out of bed, get on the treadmill and walk until the good endorphins kick in...then I get ready for work and it is life as usual.  It is an act of will and the grace of God.  I know that this is not something I can do in my own strength and I thank the Lord that I don't suffer from depression.

Anyhow,  she has changed my medication and I am now on what some call the miracle pill for fibromyalgia.  Lyrica is an antiseizure medication that also have the properties of relieving nerve pain.  She also prescribed some tablets that will help me to sleep.  On Tuesday night I only took the Lyrica...I don't like meds and wanted to start slow.  All was well, until we were woken by Marc at 3 o'clock yesterday morning.  Bianca had a seizure, he freaked out and took her to the hospital where she was stabilized.  Yesterday was spent running around and organising that she gets her meds in Johannesburg.  Bottom line is that I was stressed and tired from broken sleep.

Last night I decided to take the sleeping meds with the Lyrica.  Immediately after taking the meds my mouth and lips started tingling and then my chest closed up totally and I could not breathe.  I get asthma when the seasons changed so my immediate reaction was to grap my Symbicort and inhale.  I had to take four doses before I could breathe again.  The overdose of Sybicort got my heart racing...I thought it so funny at the time. By then my DH was seriously worried.  Next thing my hands began to itch and turned blood red and I started getting hives in all the warm places of my body and it ITCHED.  I recall very little after this.

DH got me dressed as I was already in pj's and rushed me to the emergency room.  By now apparently my face and body was covered in a red rash, my lips had ballooned and I looked pretty much like a turkey.  The emergency team put me on a drip and started administering cortisone and phenerghan.  By that time I was so sleepy and totally stoned from the meds that I don't know how I got home and into bed.  This morning when I woke up at 7 o' clock I could not understand why I felt tired when I got into bed before 10 last night.  My memory is like a piece of cheese with huge holes in it. 

I am shaky, tired and totally "dof" and I am staying in bed.  The doc will phone me later to tell me how to proceed with my medication.  My hope is that it is not the Lyrica but the ambian in the sleeping meds that affected me.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Goodbye gift to Bianca

On Sunday Bianca told us that she was flying to Johannesburg on Monday night.  To say I cried my eyes out would be a bit of an understatement.   Monday I stayed home to complete this album to give that she can remember that we had some good times.  I used a album kit that I purchased from The Scrappy Gourmet .  The beautiful kit was designed by Katie Watson. The product used is Pink Paisley Bayberry Cottage, the album is 6 x 12 inches and there are some stunning acrylic pages in the album. 
This photo was taken on my niece, Corney's wedding in January this year.  The photo is covered by an acrylic page and fastened with brads.
 Photo's taken in the first year of her life...before she became part of our family.
 In Dec 1989 at the age of 6 months we saw her for the first time...and it was love at first sight.
 One of the first photos taken after we adopted her.  She has always done things her way.
 She loved watermelon as a she is with her adoring daddy.
 At two years of age
 She loved running around naked and she found the most unconventional places to in a drawer.
She has always loved animals...these kitties were lured to our home and we had trouble getting them back to their owners.
 Flower girl on my sister Ansie's wedding...on her 4th birthday.
 With our two border collies when she was 6 years old.
 With me at Ratanga Junction, Cape Town in 1999.
 We got our Sharpei, Nala in 2004...she has always been Bianca's baby.
 On holiday in Mapumalanga in July 2004...with her brother Wynand.
 So beautiful on her Matric Dance (similar to a prom).  She has always been such a reluctant model.
 With little Leane in 2008
 Playing with the white lion cubs at the Seaview Game Park.
 With Marc during 2009.  She is now living with him in Johannesburg.  I trust that he will look after her.
 During a weekend away at Eerste Rivier in October last year.
 January this year.
 On the second last page I put photos of all of her loved ones.
 On the last page I put a prayer taken from "Praying for your prodigal daughter" by Janet Thompson

I needed to do this album.  It was not easy...but therapy seldom is:(

Thank you for visiting.  I know I have not been visiting many blogs lately, there is just so much going on in my life right now.  I will visit you all soon.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Personal Scrapper Croptoberfest...October 14 - 20

I am still hanging on...this month alone I have done more layouts than I have done this entire year...scary hey?

October 14:  Machine or handstitch on your layout
I adore this boy.  I stitched at the edges of the aqua paper.

October 15: Use an old Personal Scrapper kit.
These photos of Christian was taken outside the church where Wynand and Nadia married a day before their marriage.  I used the Personal Scrapper September 2008 kit...Fancy Pants All Fall.

October 16: Put on the glitz (glitter paper, rhinestone, bling)
This photo of my son, Wynand and his family was taken in Plettenberg Bay.  I used two glittery papers from WeR Memory Keepers Tiffany line, some glitter embellishments and a chipboard heart, painted white and glittered.

October 17: Do a school layout
I scrapped a photo taken of Christian on his first day in Grade 1.  I used the last of my Fancy Pants All Fall papers...yay!

October 18: Use pumpkins and leaves on your layout
Photos taken of Leane on an outing to Garden Lovers.  I used Basic Grey Pyrus papers and an Allison Davis sketch.  I used leaves as trees and I have pumpkin yellow printed paper...that counts...yes?

October 19:  Scrap a pet or animal
Here Lukas is hugging our Sharpei, Nala.  I used some beautiful Scenic Route paper.  I am going to miss that paper company...they did not make it through the recession.

October 20:  Scrap a Christmas tradition
I am loving these last I am scrapping last years photos.  Our family tradition is to get as many as the family together for Christmas Day and then we have a feast..and eat, and eat... Last year we were in Somerset West and on this layout is my mom and dad, me and Kobus and three of my sisters with their husbands.

Thank you for looking.


Team Up Thursday: Silhouettes

I chose the topic this week:  Silhouettes.

Here is Stefanie's photo:

I was sitting in Cape Gate at the house of coffees and took a second look at their menu.
When I realised that their menu showcased a “negative” silhouette with the coffee beans playing the background to the white space as the image I knew I had my shot for this week.

Here is my photo:
"On our way back from my aunt's memorial service we took the old road through the Van Stadens Pass and took this photo of the Van Stadens Bridge from the lower bridge at the bottom of the valley.  You probably know that this bridge has an awful reputation and is also called the Bridge of Death because of the many people that have committed suicide here."

Thanks for looking;-D

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Photographic meme

I have been tagged by Robyn to do this meme.

How old are you? I am 49 and find it hard to believe that I will be half a century in a few months. 
What does your name mean? In Celtic it's meaning is "grace" and in Spanish "little beauty".

Where do you live?  Port Elizabeth on the east coast of South Africa.  I love living is a laid back kind of life where peak hour traffic is exactly one hour;-D
What career would you have if there were no obstacles? I had many dreams as a young girl.  I wanted to be a big shot attorney that fights for the rights of women and children.  Then I ended up in the insurance industry for 10 years, in this time I studied and obtained my Associateship in the insurance industry.  Then we were called into full time ministry to help and uplift the poor of our city.  The problem is finding a balance in life.  I want to be good at what I am called to and I want to be good at caring for my family.

Your fave meal?  Lamb shank stew cooked with potato and carrots and served on rice with a thick rich sauce.  This is my favourite food in the winter time...real comfort food that make you feel so good.  In summer I love grilled meat with salads.
What are you afraid of? I can't really say I am afraid of anything in particular.  I know that generally I like my life to run smoothly and as you also know life seldom runs smoothly.  I get unsettled when curve balls are thrown my way...the challenge is to handle them correctly, and I don't know if I do.

What makes you laugh?  I have a wonderful husband that always see the funny in every situation, after 32 years together he still catches me out.   I have also found that our grand children give me a lot of pleasure and make me laugh a lot.
What is your strongest talent?  To keep a level head when things go wrong...and they often do.  Coming in a close second is my ability to handle finances well.
What do you desire most?  My greatest desire is that my children will have a personal relationship with the Lord.  Other than that, just to see them happy and financially secure.
How do you see yourself?   I often care too deeply, protect too fiercely.  It hurts me to see children and vulnerable elderly people being abused and will do anything in my power to protect them.
Two weeks ago my aunt passed away.  This image reminds me of what my uncle said about her at the memorial service.  He said that when he thought of her, her thought about love, because she was always so loving to everyone that crossed her path,  and  he sawher hands.  He said that with her hands she cared for their babies (my cousins) and with her hands she cooked them meals and did everything a mother and wife does for her loved ones.

I am not going to tag anyone...but if you feel like doing're tagged.