Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The waiting game

My goodness....did I say I loved Mondays because it is a brand new week?  S.E.R.I.O.U.S.L.Y?  Did I really say that?  So here is my week so far:
  • Monday...feeling chirpy I decided to get cracking with the bookkeeping and paper work that got WAY behind over the past month.  So I decided it is best to work from home because there is less interruptions....good day all-in-all.
  • Tuesday morning I woke at 3 o'clock feeling decidedly under the weather, with throbbing ears, a postnasal drip and a terrible 8 'o clock I realised that I did not escape the annual cold this year.  But life goes on...and being wife, mom and financial manager at work...I was off to work.  When I eventually got back at 4 'o clock I crashed on the couch and asked DH to order in.
  • Wednesday....TODAY!  We left renewing our drivers license to late...AGAIN!  So at 8'o clock this morning( with my aching body and streaming nose and eyes) we were in queue at the traffic department.  Initially we kept the spirits up, chatted with other people that were waiting.  No moans! Two hours later I failed my first test EVER.  My eye test...I can't believe it.  So there we were off to the optometrist that did my eye test a month ago to get a certificate that I can actually see enough to drive.  No such luck, he tells me I need another pair of specs...HELLO!   I just paid R2500 for a pair of specs a month ago...this was insane!  Why could he not tell me that then and just combined it into a multi-focal that I would wear when I needed it.  Seriously...that optometrist will never see me again!  Long story short...we found an optometrist one block from the traffic dept and for R10 he gave me an eye test and a certificate...yay!  So off we were, back at the traffic dept.  We walked into the hall to make payment and I remember saying to DH..."look no queue's".   We stood waiting for the next available cashier.  Something told me to look behind me....and I found more than 30 pairs of accusing eyes staring at me from the benches behind me.  The people were sitting in queue....  I said..."are you the queue?" and they nodded.  So we sat in queue for another hour and a half.  
I found this cartoon on line and it cracked me up.  One of the ladies in the queue gave me the business card of somebody that does all this queueing for pay him and show up when he gets to the front of the queue...I could live with that!  We need to get new passports soon.  He comes to your home with the forms, takes the photos and return it to Home Affairs (at a fee of R150 per passport).  His wife/girlfriend works at Home Affairs and two weeks later magically your new passport arrive.  What is there not to like about that?

Now I am going to crash and hopefully will be well by the time we leave for our week holiday in Plett on Saturday morning.



  1. Shame Lynette, I do hope you feel better soon.
    We have had our fair share standing in queue's too.
    Such an equaliser.
    the R150 seems a no-brainer to me.

  2. So sorry you are feeling poorly. Just typical to happen when you set out so positively on Monday. Oi it wasn't a great day for you today then...I hate the red-tape days but I just take in stuff to read & get on with the other choice - thank goodness it doesn't happen too often!

  3. Sorry you are not feeling good! I love love love that cartoon! And ummmmmmmmmmmmm yeah.. I could TOTALLY TOTALLY pay someone to stand in line for me! LOL :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. I HATE to stand in line for anything! I would so pay for somebody else to do it for me, but when will I have time to read an entire book in one go then?
    Hope you g feel better soon. Nothing worse than a cold.

  5. Oh no...hope you feel better soon!

    What is it about all of us..we always seems to leave getting these things done to the last minute :-) glad you got it sorted tho!

  6. Glad you could finally just crash and take care of you.
    Colds do not get nearly enough sympathy: they can make you feel shocking.
    Enjoy your week at Plett, my friend

  7. hope your flue takes a hike. standing in lines, i think that is what we can call good time "WASTED",but now you are all set for a while:)
    enjoy your day.

  8. How did I miss this post? I am so sorry to hear you went through all this while feeling so rotten. I throw tantrums and whine and cry and stamp my feet at the licencing dept even when I am well!!! Ask Allie, she was with me the last time we went.

    Well done for keeping your composure and your sense of humour.:-)

  9. I hate standing in line too! Love that cartoon and I do hope you're feeling better by the time you read this ;)

  10. Queues are the pits and this is one of those times living in a small dorpie has it's advantages!

    Hope you feeling better soon xxx

  11. Hope you feel better soon. Got a good email pic about Monday which I hope to be able to upload and share on Monady. Should give you a good chuckle. xxxxx

  12. Hi Lynette - Hope you feel better soon, Thank you for visiting my "NON-TUT" and commenting, even though you were feeling poorly - I have now done my TUT post - so when you feel up to it, pop back for a visit...Lots of love

  13. lol at the cartoon ! but certainly no fun for you at all !

    Hope you're much better in time for the hols !

  14. Sounds like a holiday is just what the doctor ordered! Love your life, your example and your walking testimony to all who happen to fall upon your sweet life. Laughing at this cartoon too!

  15. Oh Lynnette - that just horrible have to stand a queue for so long - especially when you're feeling sick! Hope you feel better already! :)

  16. Hi sister! Flu and mountains of accounting papers were my fate for the last two weeks too. Using assistance of queuing services is very popular by us, especially at the traffic offices. But I found that queue at the Home Affairs for the passports, is not that long to pay for it.
    Here is as well my answer to you, which I copied from my blog: Ek kan verstaan beie maar ek praat nie. I can’t pronounce some of the sounds correctly so I make people very confused when I try to speak Afrikaans :-))))


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